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[25-July-2018] New Network+ N10-007 Dumps with VCE and PDF from PassLeader (New Questions)

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NEW QUESTION 1 A technician must determine if a web page user's visits are connecting to a suspicious website's IP address in the background. Which of the following tools would provide the information on TCP connections?

A.    netstat B.    tracert C.    arp D.    ipconfig E.    route

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 2 An administrator is moving to a new office. There will be several network runs through the ceiling area of the office. Which of the following is the BEST to utilize in these areas?

A.    Single-mode fiber-optic cabling B.    Cat 5e-rated cabling C.    Cat 6-rated cabling D.    Plenum-rated cabling

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 3 A network technician receives a spool of Cat 6a cable and is asked to build several cables for a new set of Ethernet runs between devices. Which of the following tools are MOST likely needed to complete the task? (Choose three.)

A.    Wire stripper B.    Cable crimper C.    RJ-11 connectors D.    RJ-45 connectors E.    Multimeter F.    Punchdown tool G.    Tone generator

Answer: ABD

NEW QUESTION 4 As part of a transition from a static to a dynamic routing protocol on an organization's internal network, the routing protocol must support IPv4 and VLSM. Based on those requirements, which of the following should the network administrator use? (Choose two.)

A.    OSPF B.    IS-IS C.    RIPv1 D.    BGP E.    VRRP

Answer: AB

NEW QUESTION 5 A telecommunications provider has just deployed a new OC-12 circuit at a customer site. While the circuit showed no errors from the provider end to the customer's demarcation point, a network administrator is trying to determine the cause of dropped packets and errors on the circuit. Which of the following should the network administrator do to rule out any problems at Layer 1? (Choose two.)

A.    Use a loopback at the demark and router, and check for a link light B.    Use an OTDR to validate the cable integrity C.    Use a pinout tester to validate the cable integrity D.    Use a multimeter to validate the cable integrity E.    Check for any devices that may be causing EMI on the cable F.    Clean the cables to be sure they are free of dust and debris

Answer: AB

NEW QUESTION 6 A single PRI can deliver multiple voice calls simultaneously using which of the following Layer 1 technologies?

A.    Time division multiplexing B.    Analog circuit switching C.    CSMA/CD D.    Time division spread spectrum

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 7 A network technician is diagnosing a time-out issue generated from an end user's web browser. The web browser issues standard HTTP get and post commands to interact with the website. Given this information, the technician would like to analyze the entire TCP handshake of the HTTP requests offline. Which of the following tools would allow the technician to view the handshake?

A.    Packet analyzer B.    Port analyzer C.    SNMP traps D.    Spectrum analyzer

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 8 Which of the following MUST be implemented to share metrics between routing protocols within the same router?

A.    Routing loop B.    Routing table C.    Route redistribution D.    Dynamic routes

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 9 Which of the following would be the MOST efficient subnet mask for a point-to-point link?

A.    /28 B.    /29 C.    /31 D.    /32

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 10 Which of the following wireless connection types utilize MIMO on non-overlapping channels? (Choose two.)

A.    802.11a B.    802.11ac C.    802.11b D.    802.11g E.    802.11n

Answer: BE

NEW QUESTION 11 A network technician is creating a new subnet for 488 host machines. The technician is told to use a class B address scheme when making the subnet and is instructed to leave as much room as possible for additional subnets of the same size. Which of the following subnets would fulfill these requirements?

A. B. C. D. E.

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 12 A network engineer is designing a new IDF in an old building. The engineer determines the equipment will fit in a two-post rack, and there is power available for this equipment. Which of the following would be the FIRST issue to remediate?

A.    Air flow and cooling B.    UPS capability C.    Circuit labeling D.    Power redundancy

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 13 Which of the following DNS records needs to be configured for SMTP traffic?

A.    MX B.    CNAME C.    AAAA D.    PTR

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 14 In which of the following ways does a DDoS attack differ from a spoofing attack?

A.    DDoS attacks target multiple networks B.    Spoofing attacks originate from a single host C.    DDoS attacks are launched from multiple hosts D.    Spoofing attacks require physical presence

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 15 A user checks an IP address using an external website. The address is different than the one the user sees when opening a command prompt and typing in ipconfig/all. The user does not understand why the two tools show different IP addresses. This is BEST explained by the interworking of ____.

A.    network devices B.    packet flow C.    public/private networks D.    traffic-routing protocols

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 16 Which of the following communication media can carry many voice, data, and video channels simultaneously over multiple frequencies?

A.    Broadband B.    Baseband C.    Analog modem D.    CSMA

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 17 ......

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