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A security administrator has generated an SSH key pair to authenticate to a new server. Which of the following should the security administrator do NEXT to use the keys securely for authentication? (Choose two.)

A.    Install the public key on the server.
B.    Install the private key on the server.
C.    Encrypt the public key.
D.    Encrypt the private key.
E.    Install both keys on the server.
F.    Securely wipe the certificate signing request.

Answer: CE

Which of the following describes the ability of code to target a hypervisor from inside a guest OS?

A.    Fog computing.
B.    VM escape.
C.    Software-defined networking.
D.    Image forgery.
E.    Container breakout.

Answer: B

A junior systems administrator noticed that one of two hard drives in a server room had a red error notification. The administrator removed the hard drive to replace it but was unaware that the server was configured in an array. Which of the following configurations would ensure no data is lost?

A.    RAID 0
B.    RAID 1
C.    RAID 2
D.    RAID 3

Answer: B

Which of the following is the BEST use of a WAF?

A.    To protect sites on web servers that are publicly accessible.
B.    To allow access to web services of internal users of the organization.
C.    To maintain connection status of all HTTP requests.
D.    To deny access to all websites with certain contents.

Answer: A

Which of the following would MOST likely be a result of improperly configured user accounts?

A.    Resource exhaustion.
B.    Buffer overflow.
C.    Session hijacking.
D.    Privilege escalation.

Answer: D

Which of the following encryption algorithms require one encryption key? (Choose two.)

A.    MD5
B.    3DES
D.    RC4
E.    DSA

Answer: BD

Which of the following should a technician use to protect a cellular phone that is needed for an investigation, to ensure the data will not be removed remotely?

A.    Air gap
B.    Secure cabinet
C.    Faraday cage
D.    Safe

Answer: C

Moving laterally within a network once an initial exploit is used to gain persistent access for the purpose of establishing further control of a system is known as ____.

A.    pivoting
B.    persistence
C.    active reconnaissance
D.    a backdoor

Answer: B

Which of the following is a valid multifactor authentication combination?

A.    OTP token combined with password.
B.    Strong password and PIN combination.
C.    OTP token plus smart card.
D.    Presence detecting facial recognition.

Answer: A

An employee opens a web browser and types a URL into the address bar. Instead of reaching the requested site, the browser opens a completely different site. Which of the following types of attacks have MOST likely occurred? (Choose two.)

A.    DNS hijacking.
B.    Cross-site scripting.
C.    Domain hijacking.
D.    Man-in-the-browser.
E.    Session hijacking.

Answer: AD

Which of the following attacks can be mitigated by proper data retention policies?

A.    Dumpster diving.
B.    Man-in-the-browser.
C.    Spear phishing.
D.    Watering hole.

Answer: D

A company employee recently retired, and there was a schedule delay because no one was capable of filling the employee’s position. Which of the following practices would BEST help to prevent this situation in the future?

A.    Mandatory vacation.
B.    Separation of duties.
C.    Job rotation.
D.    Exit interviews.

Answer: C

During a security audit of a company’s network, unsecure protocols were found to be in use. A network administrator wants to ensure browser-based access to company switches is using the most secure protocol. Which of the following protocols should be implemented?

A.    SSH2
B.    TLS1.2
C.    SSL1.3
D.    SNMPv3

Answer: B

A healthcare company is revamping its IT strategy in light of recent regulations. The company is concerned about compliance and wants to use a pay-per-use model. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

A.    On-premises hosting.
B.    Community cloud.
C.    Hosted infrastructure.
D.    Public SaaS.

Answer: D

Which of the following represents a multifactor authentication system?

A.    An iris scanner coupled with a palm print reader and fingerprint scanner with liveness detection.
B.    A secret passcode that prompts the user to enter a secret key if entered correctly.
C.    A digital certificate on a physical token that is unlocked with a secret passcode.
D.    A one-time password token combined with a proximity badge.

Answer: D

A preventive control differs from a compensating control in that a preventive control is ____.

A.    put in place to mitigate a weakness in a user control
B.    deployed to supplement an existing control that is EOL
C.    relied on to address gaps in the existing control structure
D.    designed to specifically mitigate a risk

Answer: C

Which of the following is an example of federated access management?

A.    Windows passing user credentials on a peer-to-peer network.
B.    Applying a new user account with a complex password.
C.    Implementing a AM framework for network access.
D.    Using a popular website login to provide access to another website.

Answer: D

An organization’s policy requires users to create passwords with an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol. This policy is enforced with technical controls, which also prevents users from using any of their previous 12 passwords. The quantization does not use single sign-on, nor does it centralize storage of passwords. The incident response team recently discovered that passwords for one system were compromised. Passwords for a completely separate system have NOT been compromised, but unusual login activity has been detected fc that separate system. Account login has been detected for users who are on vacation. Which of the following BEST describes what is happening?

A.    Some users are meeting password complexity requirements but not password length requirements.
B.    The password history enforcement is insufficient, and old passwords are still valid across many different systems.
C.    Some users are reusing passwords, and some of the compromised passwords are valid on multiple systems.
D.    The compromised password file has been brute-force hacked, and the complexity requirements are not adequate to mitigate this risk.

Answer: D


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