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Which of the following routing protocols should be implemented to create a route between a local area network and an ISP?

A.    BGP
C.    RIP
D.    OSPF

Answer: A
BGP (Border Gateway Protocol): BGP is designed for routing between different autonomous systems (ASes) on the internet. It is used to exchange routing and reachability information between ISPs, enterprises, and other networks. BGP is well-suited for handling large-scale networks and providing policy-based routing control.

Which of the following attacks, if successful, would provide a malicious user who is connected to an isolated guest network access to the corporate network?

A.    VLAN hopping.
B.    On-path attack.
C.    IP spoofing.
D.    Evil twin.

Answer: A
VLAN hopping is an attack where an attacker exploits a misconfigured switch to gain unauthorized access to VLANs other than the one they should be in. In this case, if an attacker is on an isolated guest network and successfully performs VLAN hopping, they could potentially gain access to the corporate network, which is a security breach.

A new engineer at a company is working to understand the network. Which of the following diagrams should the engineer review to understand the paths traffic takes?

A.    Physical
B.    Logical
C.    Wiring
D.    Rack

Answer: B
To understand the paths that network traffic takes, the new engineer should review the Logical network diagram. The logical diagram provides an overview of how devices are interconnected and how data flows within the network, showing the logical relationships between devices, subnets, and network segments.

A network technician is attempting to increase throughput by configuring link port aggregation between a Gigabit Ethernet distribution switch and a Fast Ethernet access switch. Which of the following is the BEST choice concerning speed and duplex for all interfaces that are participating in the link aggregation?

A.    Half duplex and 1GB speed.
B.    Full duplex and 1GB speed.
C.    Half duplex and 100MB speed.
D.    Full duplex and 100MB speed.

Answer: B
The access switches are fast ethernet so only 100mb/full duplex. All interfaces would need to be set to the highest possible link speed of all devices, which is 100mb. The gigabit interfaces would need to be set to 100/full.

A junior network engineer is trying to change the native network ID to a non-default value that can then be applied consistently throughout the network environment. Which of the following issues is the engineer attempting to prevent?

A.    DDoS.
B.    ARP spoofing.
C.    VLAN hopping.
D.    Rogue DHCP.

Answer: C
VLAN hopping is a security vulnerability that allows an attacker to move from one VLAN to another without authorization. This can be done by sending a frame with a double VLAN tag. The first tag is the native VLAN of the attacker’s port, and the second tag is the VLAN that the attacker wants to access.
The native VLAN is the VLAN that is used for untagged frames. By changing the native VLAN to a non-default value, the engineer can make it more difficult for an attacker to send frames with double VLAN tags.

A network administration team for a medium-sized business has decided to segment the network, logically separating the finance and marketing teams in order to improve performance for both teams. The finance and marketing teams still need to access resources across the subnets, and the router has a single interface. Which of the following should the administrator configure in order to allow the traffic?

A.    Port address translation.
B.    Classless masking.
C.    IPv6 tunneling.
D.    Subinterfaces.

Answer: D
Subinterfaces: Subinterfaces are virtual interfaces created on a physical router interface, each associated with a specific VLAN or subnet. By configuring subinterfaces, the router can effectively handle traffic from multiple subnets, allowing traffic separation while still enabling communication between the finance and marketing teams. Each subinterface is associated with a different VLAN or subnet and can have its own IP address, allowing traffic to be routed between subnets while keeping them logically separated.

A network requirement calls for the network traffic of a specific department within a campus network to be monitored. The network has users from each department located in multiple buildings. Which of the following should be configured to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    MDIX.
B.    802.1Q.
C.    Jumbo frames.
D.    Port mirroring.
E.    Flow control.
F.    LACP.

Answer: BD
802.1Q is a standard for VLAN tagging, which allows the network administrator to segment the network traffic of different departments into separate VLANs. This makes it easier to monitor and manage the traffic of each department. Port mirroring is a feature that allows the network administrator to copy the traffic from one or more ports to another port for analysis. By configuring port mirroring on the ports connected to the specific department, the network administrator can monitor the traffic of that department in real-time.

A wireless technician is working to upgrade the wireless infrastructure for a company. The company currently uses the 802.11g wireless standard on all access points. The company requires backward compatibility and is requesting the least expensive solution. Which of the following should the technician recommend to the company?

A.    802.11a
B.    802.11ac
C.    802.11ax
D.    802.11n

Answer: D

An employee walked into a secure facility and allowed a newly hired employee to walk in as well. Which of the following is the BEST solution to prevent this from happening again?

A.    “No tailgating” sign.
B.    Awareness training.
C.    Entry log.
D.    Camera.

Answer: B

Which of the following VPN types provides the highest security for a user who travels often but also has the highest bandwidth requirements to provide a satisfactory user experience?

A.    full-tunnel
B.    site-to-site
C.    clientless
D.    split-tunnel

Answer: A

A technician needs to map the path of a PC to the router. Which of the following tools should the technician use to accomplish this task?

A.    traceroute
B.    ping
C.    ifconfig
D.    netstat

Answer: A

A company is using a DHCP server with 12-hour leases for its device configurations. A user records the information that the DHCP server provides and uses the information to connect a device with a manual IP set. Over time, the user experiences intermittent connectivity and recurring connection timeouts. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A.    A duplicate IP address is on the network.
B.    The user’s device is pointing to an incorrect DNS server.
C.    The device is set to use an incorrect subnet.
D.    The device is set to use an incorrect gateway.

Answer: A

A technician is concerned about unauthorized personnel moving assets that are installed in a data center server rack. The technician installs a networked sensor that sends an alert when the server rack door is opened. Which of the following did the technician install?

A.    Cipher lock.
B.    Asset tags.
C.    Access control vestibule.
D.    Tamper detection.

Answer: D

An administrator is preparing an organization for a potential disaster. The administrator configures the network switches and turns off the equipment in a data center. Which of the following is this scenario an example of?

A.    Warm site.
B.    Cold site.
C.    Cloud site.
D.    Hot site.

Answer: B

Which of the following is used to require network devices to authenticate before gaining access to a LAN?

A.    802.1Q
B.    802.1X
C.    802.11ax
D.    802.3af

Answer: B

Which of the following routing protocols is BEST suited for use on a perimeter router?

A.    OSPF
B.    RIPv2
D.    BGP

Answer: D

Which of the following layers of the OSI model lies between the transport layer and the network layer?

A.    Application.
B.    Data link.
C.    Session.
D.    Presentation.

Answer: D

Which of the following describes a network in which users and devices need to mutually authenticate before any network resource can be accessed?

A.    Least privilege.
B.    Local authentication.
C.    Zero trust.
D.    Need to know.

Answer: C

A technician is setting up DNS records on local servers for the company’s cloud DNS to enable access by hostname. Which of the following records should be used?

A.    A
B.    MX
D.    NS

Answer: C
A CNAME record is a type of DNS record that maps a hostname to another hostname. This is useful when you want to use a different hostname for a server than its actual IP address. In this case, the technician is setting up DNS records on local servers for the company’s cloud DNS to enable access by hostname. This means that the users will be able to access the servers by their hostnames, instead of their IP addresses. To do this, the technician needs to create a CNAME record for each server. The CNAME record will point the hostname to the server’s IP address.

A network administrator responds to a support ticket that was submitted by a customer who is having issues connecting to a website inside of the company network. The administrator verifies that the customer could not connect to a website using a URL. Which of the following troubleshooting steps would be BEST for the administrator to take?

A.    Check for certificate issues.
B.    Contact the ISP.
C.    Attempt to connect to the site via IP address.
D.    Check the NTP configuration.

Answer: C

A network administrator is creating a subnet for a remote office that has 53 network devices. An additional requirement is to use the most efficient subnet. Which of the following CIDR notations indicates the appropriate number of IP addresses with the LEAST amount of unused addresses?

A.    /24
B.    /26
C.    /28
D.    /32

Answer: B

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company purchases a new phone that will be used while traveling to different countries. The CEO needs to be able to place outgoing calls and receive incoming calls on the phone using a SIM card. Which of the following cellular technologies does the CEO’s phone need?

A.    WDMA
B.    CDMA
C.    GSM
D.    SLA

Answer: C

Which of the following would be used to indicate when unauthorized access to physical internal hardware has occurred?

A.    Motion detectors.
B.    Radio frequency identification tags.
C.    Tamper evident seal.
D.    Locking racks.

Answer: C
A tamper-evident seal is used to indicate when unauthorized access to physical internal hardware has occurred. These seals are designed to break or show visible signs of tampering if someone tries to open or access a piece of equipment or hardware. This provides a visual indication that unauthorized access or tampering has taken place, alerting security personnel to investigate further.


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