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A user wants to configure a smartphone to save all attachments from an email to a cloud-based service. Which of the following would be BEST to use to accomplish this?

A.    Google Drive
B.    iCloud
C.    One Drive
D.    FTP

Answer: C

Joe, an end-user, reports that the PC he uses periodically logs off his user account and displays a message that updates are being installed. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A.    Time of day restrictions are enabled on the machine
B.    Scheduled antivirus scans and updates are enabled on the machine
C.    Remote desktop is enabled and an administrator has logged into the machine
D.    Automatic Windows Update is enabled on the machine

Answer: D

A user reports browsing the Internet is slow and an icon with a picture of a person with a headset keeps asking them to “click here for help.” The user has clicked on the icon to try to resolve the slowness but all that happens is the computer redirects them to a website to purchase software. Which of the following should be performed FIRST to resolve the issue?

A.    Create a restore point
B.    Run O/S updates
C.    Train the user of malicious software
D.    Identify the type of malware

Answer: D

A user wants to be able to access email from all devices. Which of the following formats should be used to allow this synchronization?

A.    SMTP
B.    iCal
C.    POP3
D.    IMAP

Answer: D

Virtual machines provide users with the ability to do which of the following?

A.    Extend 32-bit machines to 64-bits
B.    Share hardware resources
C.    Increase the network download speed
D.    Use less memory in the machine

Answer: B

A technician is configuring a new Windows computer for a home office. Which of the following steps should the technician take to secure the workstation? (Select TWO.)

A.    Rename default accounts
B.    Disable Windows Update
C.    Configure single sign-on
D.    Run gpupdate tool
E.    Disable guest account
F.    Disable Action Center pop-ups

Answer: AE

A network administrator notices a new WiFi connection has appeared as a wireless network choice and is always at the top of the list. As a result, users are constantly trying to connect to the wrong network. Which of the following should the administrator do to correct this issue?

A.    Adjust the wireless router antennas to 90 degrees clockwise from the current position.
B.    Ask the new wireless network owner to adjust the radio power level so it is listed below the company’s network.
C.    Set all of the WiFi users’ wireless profiles to automatically connect to the company network.
D.    Change the company’s channel to a lower number than the new network’s channel.

Answer: C

A company has subscribed to a cloud service, paying monthly for a block of services and being billed incrementally when they exceed the monthly fee. Which of the following cloud concepts does this represent?

A.    Measured service
B.    Rapid elasticity
C.    On-demand
D.    Resource pooling

Answer: A

A user recently purchased a video card for gaming purposes. The user installed the appropriate drivers and validated they work using vendor-supplied test tools. However, while gaming, the speed of the case fans increases, the entire system locks up, and the user must hard boot to restart the computer. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A.    Unsupported operating system
B.    Unacceptable CPU type and speed
C.    Insufficient airflow and cooling
D.    Inadequate video RAM amount

Answer: C

A user calls the help desk because a folder containing critical business files is missing from the local drive. The user is adamant that the folder was there the previous day, and cannot understand why it is gone. The technician views the properties of the parent folder and sees a back up listed on the “Prior Versions” tab. According to the theory of troubleshooting, which of the following is the technician’s NEXT step?

A.    Establish a theory of probable cause
B.    Establish a plan of action and implement the solution
C.    Document findings, actions and outcomes
D.    Verify full system functionality and implement preventive measures

Answer: A

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