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The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a large financial institution is seeking a solution that will block a predetermined set of data points from being transferred or downloaded by employees. The CISO also wants to track the data assets by name, type, content, or data profile. Which of the following BEST describes what the CIS wants to purchase?

A.    Asset tagging.
B.    SIEM.
C.    File integrity monitor.
D.    DLP.

Answer: D

The majority of a company’s employees have stated they are unable to perform their job duties due to outdated workstations, so the company has decided to institute BYOD. Which of the following would a security analyst MOST likely recommend for securing the proposed solution?

A.    A Linux-based system and mandatory training on Linux for all BYOD users.
B.    A firewalled environment for client devices and a secure VDl for BYOO users.
C.    A standardized anti-malware platform and a unified operating system vendor.
D.    802.1X lo enforce company policy on BYOD user hardware.

Answer: D

The help desk is having difficulty keeping up with all onboarding and offboarding requests. Managers often submit, requests for new users at the last minute. causing the help desk to scramble to create accounts across many different Interconnected systems. Which of the following solutions would work BEST to assist the help desk with the onboarding and offboarding process while protecting the company’s assets?

A.    MFA
B.    CASB
C.    SSO
D.    RBAC

Answer: B

A developer is working on a program to convert user-generated input in a web form before it is displayed by the browser. This technique is referred to as ____.

A.    output encoding
B.    data protection
C.    query parameterization
D.    input validation

Answer: D

A vulnerability scanner has identified an out-of-support database software version running on a server. The software update will take six to nine months to complete. The management team has agreed to a one-year extended support contract with the software vendor. Which of the following BEST describes the risk treatment in this scenario?

A.    The extended support mitigates any risk associated with the software.
B.    The extended support contract changes this vulnerability finding to a false positive.
C.    The company is transferring the risk for the vulnerability to the software vendor.
D.    The company is accepting the inherent risk of the vulnerability.

Answer: D

A security analyst needs to provide the development learn with secure connectivity from the corporate network to a three-tier cloud environment. The developers require access to servers in all three tiers in order to perform various configuration tasks. Which of the following technologies should the analyst implement to provide secure transport?

A.    CASB
B.    VPC
C.    Federation
D.    VPN

Answer: D

A cyber-security analyst is implementing a new network configuration on an existing network access layer to prevent possible physical attacks. Which of the following BEST describes a solution that would apply and cause fewer issues during the deployment phase?

A.    Implement port security with one MAC address per network port of the switch.
B.    Deploy network address protection with DHCP and dynamic VLANs.
C.    Configure 802.1X and EAPOL across the network.
D.    Implement software-defined networking and security groups for isolation.

Answer: C

While monitoring the information security notification mailbox, a security analyst notices several emails were repotted as spam. Which of the following should the analyst do FIRST?

A.    Block the sender In the email gateway.
B.    Delete the email from the company’s email servers.
C.    Ask the sender to stop sending messages.
D.    Review the message in a secure environment.

Answer: D

A company has alerted planning the implemented a vulnerability management procedure. However, to security maturity level is low, so there are some prerequisites to complete before risk calculation and prioritization. Which of the following should be completed FIRST?

A.    A business Impact analysis.
B.    A system assessment.
C.    Communication of the risk factors.
D.    A risk identification process.

Answer: D

A security learn implemented a SCM as part for its security-monitoring program there is a requirement to integrate a number of sources Into the SIEM to provide better context relative to the events being processed. Which of the following BST describes the result the security learn hopes to accomplish by adding these sources?

A.    Data enrichment.
B.    Continuous integration.
C.    Machine learning.
D.    Workflow orchestration.

Answer: A

A software developer is correcting the error-handling capabilities of an application following the initial coding of the fix. Which of the following would the software developer MOST likely performed to validate the code poor to pushing it to production?

A.    Web-application vulnerability scan.
B.    Static analysis.
C.    Packet inspection.
D.    Penetration test.

Answer: B

Forming a hypothesis, looking for indicators of compromise, and using the findings to proactively improve detection capabilities are examples of the value of ____.

A.    vulnerability scanning
B.    threat hunting
C.    red learning
D.    penetration testing

Answer: A

Which of the following BEST explains the function of a managerial control?

A.    To help design and implement the security planning, program development, and maintenance of the security life cycle.
B.    To guide the development of training, education, security awareness programs, and system maintenance.
C.    To create data classification, risk assessments, security control reviews, and contingency planning.
D.    To ensure tactical design, selection of technology to protect data, logical access reviews, and the implementation of audit trails.

Answer: A

Which of the following types of controls defines placing an ACL on a file folder?

A.    Technical control.
B.    Confidentiality control.
C.    Managerial control.
D.    Operational control.

Answer: A

A code review reveals a web application is using lime-based cookies for session management. This is a security concern because lime-based cookies are easy to ____.

A.    parameterize
B.    decode
C.    guess
D.    decrypt

Answer: A

A consultant evaluating multiple threat intelligence leads to assess potential risks for a client. Which of the following is the BEST approach for the consultant to consider when modeling the client’s attack surface?

A.    Ask for external scans from industry peers, look at the open ports, and compare Information with the client.
B.    Discuss potential tools the client can purchase lo reduce the livelihood of an attack.
C.    Look at attacks against similar industry peers and assess the probability of the same attacks happening.
D.    Meet with the senior management team to determine if funding is available for recommended solutions.

Answer: C

Which of the following, BEST explains the function of TPM?

A.    To provide hardware-based security features using unique keys.
B.    To ensure platform confidentiality by storing security measurements.
C.    To improve management of the OS installation.
D.    To implement encryption algorithms for hard drives.

Answer: A

A manufacturing company uses a third-party service provider for Tier 1 security support. One of the requirements is that the provider must only source talent from its own country due to geopolitical and national security interests. Which of the following can the manufacturing company implement to ensure the third-party service provider meets this requirement?

A.    Implement a secure supply chain program with governance.
B.    Implement blacklisting lor IP addresses from outside the county.
C.    Implement strong authentication controls for at contractors.
D.    Implement user behavior analytics tor key staff members.

Answer: A

A company’s application development has been outsourced to a third-party development team. Based on the SLA. The development team must follow industry best practices for secure coding. Which of the following is the BEST way to verify this agreement?

A.    Input validation.
B.    Security regression testing.
C.    Application fuzzing.
D.    User acceptance testing.
E.    Stress testing.

Answer: D

Which of the following are the MOST likely reasons lo include reporting processes when updating an incident response plan after a breach? (Choose two.)

A.    To establish a clear chain of command.
B.    To meet regulatory requirements for timely reporting.
C.    To limit reputation damage caused by the breach.
D.    To remediate vulnerabilities that led to the breach.
E.    To isolate potential insider threats.
F.    To provide secure network design changes.

Answer: BF

Which of the following is MOST dangerous to the client environment during a vulnerability assessment penetration test?

A.    There is a longer period of time to assess the environment.
B.    The testing is outside the contractual scope.
C.    There is a shorter period of time to assess the environment.
D.    No status reports are included with the assessment.

Answer: B

Which of the following is MOST important when developing a threat hunting program?

A.    Understanding penetration testing techniques.
B.    Understanding how to build correlation rules within a SIEM.
C.    Understanding security software technologies.
D.    Understanding assets and categories of assets.

Answer: D

Which of the following are considered PH by themselves? (Choose two.)

A.    Government ID.
B.    Job title.
C.    Employment start date.
D.    Birth certificate.
E.    Employer address.
F.    Mother’s maiden name.

Answer: AD

Which of the following BEST describes HSM?

A.    A computing device that manages cryptography, decrypts traffic, and maintains library calls.
B.    A computing device that manages digital keys, performs encryption/decryption functions, and maintains other cryptographic functions.
C.    A computing device that manages physical keys, encrypts devices, and creates strong cryptographic functions.
D.    A computing device that manages algorithms, performs entropy functions, and maintains digital signatures.

Answer: B

A threat hurting team received a new loC from an ISAC that follows a threat actor’s profile and activities. Which of the following should be updated NEXT?

A.    The whitelist.
B.    The DNS.
C.    The blocklist.
D.    The IDS signature.

Answer: D

An IT security analyst has received an email alert regarding vulnerability within the new fleet of vehicles the company recently purchased. Which of the following attack vectors is the vulnerability MOST likely targeting?

A.    SCADA.
B.    CAN bus.
C.    Modbus.
D.    loT.

Answer: D

After examining a header and footer file, a security analyst begins reconstructing files by scanning the raw data bytes of a hard disk and rebuilding them. Which of the following techniques is the analyst using?

A.    Header analysis.
B.    File carving.
C.    Metadata analysis.
D.    Data recovery.

Answer: B

A help desk technician inadvertently sent the credentials of the company’s CRM n clear text to an employee’s personal email account. The technician then reset the employee’s account using the appropriate process and the employee’s corporate email, and notified the security team of the incident According to the incident response procedure, which of the following should the security team do NEXT?

A.    Contact the CRM vendor.
B.    Prepare an incident summary report.
C.    Perform postmortem data correlation.
D.    Update the incident response plan.

Answer: C

A developer downloaded and attempted to install a file transfer application in which the installation package is bundled with acKvare. The next-generation antivirus software prevented the file from executing, but it did not remove the file from the device. Over the next few days, more developers tried to download and execute the offending file. Which of the following changes should be made to the security tools to BEST remedy the issue?

A.    Blacklist the hash in the next-generation antivirus system.
B.    Manually delete the file from each of the workstations.
C.    Remove administrative rights from all developer workstations.
D.    Block the download of the fie via the web proxy.

Answer: D

After detecting possible malicious external scanning, an internal vulnerability scan was performed, and a critical server was found with an outdated version of JBoss. A legacy application that is running depends on that version of JBoss. Which of the following actions should be taken FIRST to prevent server compromise and business disruption at the same time?

A.    Make a backup of the server and update the JBoss server that is running on it.
B.    Contact the vendor for the legacy application and request an updated version.
C.    Create a proper DMZ for outdated components and segregate the JBoss server.
D.    Apply visualization over the server, using the new platform to provide the JBoss service for the legacy application as an external service.

Answer: C

An incident response team detected malicious software that could have gained access to credit card data. The incident response team was able to mitigate significant damage and implement corrective actions. By having incident response mechanisms in place. Which of the following should be notified for lessons learned?

A.    The human resources department.
B.    Customers.
C.    Company leadership.
D.    The legal team.

Answer: D

In SIEM software, a security analysis selected some changes to hash signatures from monitored files during the night followed by SMB brute-force attacks against the file servers. Based on this behavior, which of the following actions should be taken FIRST to prevent a more serious compromise?

A.    Fully segregate the affected servers physically in a network segment, apart from the production network.
B.    Collect the network traffic during the day to understand if the same activity is also occurring during business hours.
C.    Check the hash signatures, comparing them with malware databases to verify if the files are infected.
D.    Collect all the files that have changed and compare them with the previous baseline.

Answer: A

While implementing a PKI for a company, a security analyst plans to utilize a dedicated server as the certificate authority that is only used to sign intermediate certificates. Which of the following are the MOST secure states for the certificate authority server when it is not in use? (Choose two.)

A.    On a private VLAN.
B.    Full disk encrypted.
C.    Powered off.
D.    Backed up hourly.
E.    VPN accessible only.
F.    Air gapped.

Answer: EF

Which of the following BEST identifies the appropriate use of threat intelligence as a function of detection and response?

A.    To identify weaknesses in an organization’s security posture.
B.    To identify likely attack scenarios within an organization.
C.    To build a business security plan for an organization.
D.    To build a network segmentation strategy.

Answer: B

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is concerned the company will be exposed lo data sovereignty issues as a result of some new privacy regulations to help mitigate this risk. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) wants to implement an appropriate technical control. Which of the following would meet the requirement?

A.    Data masking procedures.
B.    Enhanced encryption functions.
C.    Regular business impact analysis functions.
D.    Geographic access requirements.

Answer: B

Which of the following is an advantage of SOAR over SIEM?

A.    SOAR is much less expensive.
B.    SOAR reduces the amount of human intervention required.
C.    SOAR can aggregate data from many sources.
D.    SOAR uses more robust encryption protocols.

Answer: B

An organization’s internal department frequently uses a cloud provider to store large amounts of sensitive data. A threat actor has deployed a virtual machine to at the use of the cloud hosted hypervisor, the threat actor has escalated the access rights. Which of the following actions would be BEST to remediate the vulnerability?

A.    Sandbox the virtual machine.
B.    Implement an MFA solution.
C.    Update lo the secure hypervisor version.
D.    Implement dedicated hardware for each customer.

Answer: C

An online gaming company was impacted by a ransomware attack. An employee opened an attachment that was received via an SMS attack on a company-issue firewall. Which following actions would help during the forensic analysis of the mobile device? (Choose two.)

A.    Resetting the phone to factory settings.
B.    Rebooting the phone and installing the latest security updates.
C.    Documenting the respective chain of custody.
D.    Uninstalling any potentially unwanted programs.
E.    Performing a memory dump of the mobile device for analysis.
F.    Unlocking the device by blowing the eFuse.

Answer: AE


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