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A large financial services firm recently released information regarding a security breach within its corporate network that began several years before. During the time frame in which the breach occurred, indicators show an attacker gained administrative access to the network through a file downloaded from a social media site and subsequently installed it without the user’s knowledge. Since the compromise, the attacker was able to take command and control the computer systems anonymously while obtaining sensitive corporate and personal employee information. Which of the following methods did the attacker MOST likely use to gain access?

A.    A bot.
B.    A fileless virus.
C.    A logic bomb.
D.    A RAT.

Answer: D
Remote access trojans (RATs) are malware designed to allow an attacker to remotely control an infected computer. Once the RAT is running on a compromised system, the attacker can send commands to it and receive data back in response.

A security analyst is receiving several alerts per user and is trying to determine If various logins are malicious. The security analyst would like to create a baseline of normal operations and reduce noise. Which of the following actions should the security analyst perform?

A.    Adjust the data flow from authentication sources to the SIEM.
B.    Disable email alerting and review the SIEM directly.
C.    Adjust the sensitivity levels of the SIEM correlation engine.
D.    Utilize behavioral analysis to enable the SIEM’s learning mode.

Answer: C

Which of the following typically uses a combination of human and artificial intelligence to analyze event data and take action without intervention?

A.    TTP
C.    SOAR
D.    SIEM

Answer: D

While preparing a software Inventory report, a security analyst discovers an unauthorized program installed on most of the company’s servers. The program utilizes the same code signing certificate as an application deployed to only the accounting team. Which of the following mitigations would BEST secure the server environment?

A.    Revoke the code signing certificate used by both programs.
B.    Block all unapproved file hashes from installation.
C.    Add the accounting application file hash to the allowed list.
D.    Update the code signing certificate for the approved application.

Answer: C

A security analyst in a SOC has been tasked with onboarding a new network into the SIEM. Which of the following BEST describes the information that should feed into a SIEM solution in order to adequately support an investigation?

A.    Logs from each device type and security layer to provide correlation of events.
B.    Only firewall logs since that is where attackers will most likely try to breach the network.
C.    Email and web-browsing logs because user behavior is often the cause of security breaches.
D.    NetFlow because it is much more reliable to analyze than syslog and will be exportable from every device.

Answer: B

Two hospitals merged into a single organization. The privacy officer requested a review of all records to ensure encryption was used during record storage, in compliance with regulations. During the review, the officer discovered thai medical diagnosis codes and patient names were left unsecured. Which of the following types of data does this combination BEST represent?

A.    Personal health information.
B.    Personally identifiable information.
C.    ToKenized data.
D.    Proprietary data.

Answer: A

Which of the following is the MOST effective way to detect security flaws present on third-party libraries embedded on software before it is released into production?

A.    Employ different techniques for server-side and client-side validations.
B.    Use a different version control system for third-party libraries.
C.    Implement a vulnerability scan to assess dependencies earlier on SDLC.
D.    Increase the number of penetration tests before software release.

Answer: D

A Chief Security Officer is looking for a solution that can reduce the occurrence of customers receiving errors from back-end infrastructure when systems go offline unexpectedly. The security architect would like the solution to help maintain session persistence. Which of the following would BEST meet the requirements?

A.    Reverse proxy.
B.    NIC teaming.
C.    Load balancer.
D.    Forward proxy.

Answer: B

Which of the following is a reason to publish files’ hashes?

A.    To validate the integrity of the files.
B.    To verify if the software was digitally signed.
C.    To use the hash as a software activation key.
D.    To use the hash as a decryption passphrase.

Answer: B

A company is moving its retail website to a public cloud provider. The company wants to tokenize credit card data but not allow the cloud provider to see the stored credit card information. Which of the following would BEST meet these objectives?

A.    WAF
B.    CASB
C.    VPN
D.    TLS

Answer: B

A technician was dispatched to complete repairs on a server in a data center. While locating the server, the technician entered a restricted area without authorization. Which of the following security controls would BEST prevent this in the future?

A.    Use appropriate signage to mark all areas.
B.    Utilize cameras monitored by guards.
C.    Implement access control vestibules.
D.    Enforce escorts to monitor all visitors.

Answer: C

A user wanted to catch up on some work over the weekend but had issues logging in to the corporate network using a VPN. On Monday, the user opened a ticket for this issue but was able to log in successfully. Which of the following BEST describes the policy that is being implemented?

A.    Time-based logins.
B.    Geofencing.
C.    Network location.
D.    Password history.

Answer: C

Several attempts have been made lo pick the door lock of a secure facility As a result the security engineer has been assigned to implement a stronger preventative access control. Which of the following would BEST complete the engineer’s assignment?

A.    Replacing the traditional key with an RFID key.
B.    Installing and monitoring a camera facing the door.
C.    Setting motion-sensing lights to illuminate the door on activity.
D.    Surrounding the property with fencing and gates.

Answer: C

A security analyst is evaluating the risks of authorizing multiple security solutions to collect data from the company’s cloud environment. Which of the following is an immediate consequence of these integrations?

A.    Non-compliance with data sovereignty rules.
B.    Loss of the vendor’s interoperability support.
C.    Mandatory deployment of a SIEM solution.
D.    Increase in the attack surface.

Answer: C

A company’s security team received notice of a critical vulnerability affecting a high-profile device within the web infrastructure. The vendor patch was just made available online but has not yet been regression tested in development environments. In the interim, firewall rules were implemented to reduce the access to the interface affected by the vulnerability. Which of the following controls does this scenario describe?

A.    Deterrent
B.    Compensating
C.    Detective
D.    Preventive

Answer: C


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