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A technician is checking a server rack. Upon entering the room, the technician notices the tans on a particular server in the rack are running at high speeds. This is the only server in the rack that is experiencing this behavior. The ambient temperature in the room appears to be normal. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why the fans in that server are operating at full speed?

A.    The server is In the process of shutting down, so fan speed operations have been defaulted to high.
B.    An incorrect fan size was inserted into the server, and the server has had to Increase the fan speed to compensate.
C.    A fan failure has occurred, and the other fans have increased speed to compensate.
D.    The server is utilizing more memory than the other servers, so it has increased the fans to compensate.

Answer: B

Which of me following is the BEST action to perform before applying patches to one of the hosts in a high availability cluster?

A.    Disable the heartbeat network.
B.    Fallback cluster services.
C.    Set the cluster to active-active.
D.    Failover all VMs.

Answer: B

A server administrator is installing an OS on a new server. Company policy states no one is to log in directly to the server. Which of the following Installation methods is BEST suited to meet the company policy?

A.    GUI
B.    Core
C.    Virtualized
D.    Clone

Answer: C

A technician has several possible solutions to a reported server issue. Which of the following BEST represents how the technician should proceed with troubleshooting?

A.    Determine whether there is a common element in the symptoms causing multiple problems.
B.    Perform a root cause analysis.
C.    Make one change at a time and test.
D.    Document the findings, actions, and outcomes throughout the process.

Answer: D

Which of the following is a type of replication in which all files are replicated, all the time?

A.    Constant.
B.    Application consistent.
C.    Synthetic full.
D.    Full.

Answer: A

Users have noticed a server is performing below Baseline expectations. While diagnosing me server, an administrator discovers disk drive performance has degraded. The administrator checks the diagnostics on the RAID controller and sees the battery on me controller has gone bad. Which of the following is causing the poor performance on the RAID array?

A.    The controller has disabled the write cache.
B.    The controller cannot use all the available channels.
C.    The drive array is corrupt.
D.    The controller has lost its configuration.

Answer: A

A server technician notices a server is very low on disk space. Upon inspecting the disk utilization, the technician discovers server logs are taxing up a large amount of space. There is no central log server. Which of the following would help free up disk space?

A.    Log rotation.
B.    Log shipping.
C.    Log alerting.
D.    Log analysis.

Answer: B

A server has experienced several component failures. To minimize downtime, the server administrator wants to replace the components while the server is running. Which of the following can MOST likely be swapped out while the server is still running? (Choose two.)

A.    The power supply.
B.    The CPU.
C.    The hard drive.
D.    The GPU.
E.    The cache.
F.    The RAM.

Answer: CD

A company wants to deploy software to all users, Out very few of men will be using the software at any one point in time. Which of the following licensing models would be BEST for the company?

A.    Per site.
B.    Per concurrent user.
C.    Per core.
D.    Per instance.

Answer: B

Users cannot access a new server by name, but the server does respond to a ping request using its IP address. All the user workstations receive their IP information from a DHCP server. Which of the following would be the best step to perform NEXT?

A.    Run the tracert command from a workstation.
B.    Examine the DNS to see if the new server record exists.
C.    Correct the missing DHCP scope.
D.    Update the workstation hosts file.

Answer: B

Which of the following techniques can be configured on a server for network redundancy?

A.    Clustering
B.    Vitalizing
C.    Cloning
D.    Teaming

Answer: D

Which of the following BEST measures now much downtime an organization can tolerate Curing an unplanned outage?

A.    SLA
B.    BIA
C.    RTO
D.    MTTR

Answer: A

Which of the following technologies would allow an administrator to build a software RAID on a Windows server?

A.    Logical volume management.
B.    Dynamic disk.
C.    GPT.
D.    UEFI.

Answer: B

A datacenter in a remote location lost power. The power has since been restored, but one ol the servers has not come back online. After some investigation, the server is found to still be powered off. Which of the following is the BEST method to power on the server remotely?

A.    Crash cart.
B.    Out-of-band console.
C.    IP KVM.
D.    RDP.

Answer: B

Which of the following encryption methodologies would MOST likely be used to ensure encrypted data cannot be retrieved if a device is stolen?

A.    End-to-end encryption.
B.    Encryption in transit.
C.    Encryption at rest.
D.    Public key encryption.

Answer: C

An administrator is configuring a host-based firewall tor a server. The server needs to allow SSH, FTP, and LDAP traffic. Which of the following ports must be configured so this traffic will be allowed? (Choose three.)

A.    21
B.    22
C.    53
D.    67
E.    69
F.    110
G.    123
H.    389

Answer: ABH

Which of the following if properly configured would prevent a user from installing an OS on a server? (Choose two.)

A.    Administrator password.
B.    Group Policy Object.
C.    Root password.
D.    SELInux.
E.    Bootloader password.
F.    BIOS/UEFI password.

Answer: BD

A server technician is installing a new server OS on legacy server hardware. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to ensure the OS will work as intended?

A.    Consult the HCL to ensure everything is supported.
B.    Migrate the physical server to a virtual server.
C.    Low-level format the hard drives to ensure there is no old data remaining.
D.    Make sure the case and the fans are free from dust to ensure proper cooling.

Answer: A

Which of me following BEST describes a disaster recovery site with a target storage array that receives replication traffic and servers that are only powered on In the event of a disaster?

A.    Cloud
B.    Cold
C.    Hot
D.    Warm

Answer: C

A server administrator is deploying a new server that has two hard drives on which to install the OS. Which of the following RAID configurations should be used to provide redundancy for the OS?

A.    RAID 0
B.    RAID 1
C.    RAID 5
D.    RAID 6

Answer: B

A company stores extremely sensitive data on an alt-gapped system. Which of the following can Be Implemented to increase security against a potential insider threat?

A.    Two-person Integrity
B.    SSO
C.    SIEM
D.    Faraday Cage
E.    MFA

Answer: E

Which of me following should be placed at the top of a Bash script to ensure it can be executed?

A.    bash
B.    !execute
C.    #!
D.    @eacho off

Answer: C

Alter rack mounting a server, a technician must install four network cables and two power cables for the server. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate way to complete this task?

A.    Wire the four network cables and the two power cables through the cable management arm using appropriate-length cables.
B.    Run the tour network cables up the left side of the rack to the top of the rack switch. Run the two power cables down the right side of the rack toward the UPS.
C.    Use the longest cables possible to allow for adjustment of the server rail within the rack.
D.    Install an Ethernet patch panel and a PDU to accommodate the network and power cables.

Answer: A

A technician is deploying a single server to monitor and record me security cameras at a remote site, which of the following architecture types should be used to minimize cost?

A.    Virtual
B.    Blade
C.    Tower
D.    Rack Mount

Answer: A

A server administrator is installing a new server that uses 40G0 network connectivity. The administrator needs to find the proper cables to connect the server to the switch. Which of the following connectors should the administrator use?

A.    SFP+
B.    GBIC
C.    SFP
D.    QSFP+

Answer: A

Due to a recent application migration, a company’s current storage solution does not meet the necessary requirements tor hosting data without impacting performance when the data is accessed in real time by multiple users. Which of the following is the BEST solution for this issue?

A.    Install local external hard drives for affected users.
B.    Add extra memory to the server where data is stored.
C.    Compress the data to increase available space.
D.    Deploy a new Fibre Channel SAN solution.

Answer: D

A systems administrator is investigating a server with a RAID array that will not boot into the OS. The administrator notices all the hard drives are reporting to be offline. The administrator checks the RAID controller and verifies the configuration is correct. The administrator then replaces one of the drives with a known-good drive, but it appears to be unavailable as well. Next, the administrator takes a drive out of the server and places it in a spare server, and the drive is available and functional. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?

A.    The kernel is corrupt.
B.    Resources are misallocated.
C.    The backplane has failed.
D.    The drives need to be reseated.

Answer: D

Which of the following are measures that should be taken when a data breach occurs? (Choose two.)

A.    Restore the data from backup.
B.    Disclose the incident.
C.    Disable unnecessary ports.
D.    Run an antivirus scan.
E.    Identify the exploited vulnerability.
F.    Move the data to a different location.

Answer: AE


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