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A change advisory board did not approve a requested change due to the lack of alternative actions if implementation failed. Which of the following should be updated before requesting approval again?

A.    Scope of change.
B.    Risk level.
C.    Rollback plan.
D.    End user acceptance.

Answer: C

When a user calls in to report an issue, a technician submits a ticket on the user’s behalf. Which of the following practices should the technician use to make sure the ticket is associated with the correct user?

A.    Have the user provide a callback phone number to be added to the ticket.
B.    Assign the ticket to the department’s power user.
C.    Register the ticket with a unique user identifier.
D.    Provide the user with a unique ticket number that can be referenced on subsequent calls.

Answer: D

Once weekly a user needs Linux to run a specific open-source application that is not available for the currently installed Windows platform. The user has limited bandwidth throughout the day. Which of the following solutions would be the MOST efficient, allowing for parallel execution of the Linux application and Windows applications?

A.    Install and run Linux and the required application in a PaaS cloud environment.
B.    Install and run Linux and the required application as a virtual machine installed under the Windows OS.
C.    Use a swappable drive bay for the boot drive and install each OS with applications on its own drive Swap the drives as needed.
D.    Set up a dual boot system by selecting the option to install Linux alongside Windows.

Answer: B

A technician is installing new software on a macOS computer. Which of the following file types will the technician MOST likely use?

A.    .deb
B.    .vbs
C.    .exe
D.    .app

Answer: D

A user reports that the hard drive activity light on a Windows 10 desktop computer has been steadily lit for more than an hour, and performance is severely degraded. Which of the following tabs in Task Manager would contain the information a technician would use to identify the cause of this issue?

A.    Services
B.    Processes
C.    Performance
D.    Startup

Answer: A

A user contacted the help desk to report pop-ups on a company workstation indicating the computer has been infected with 137 viruses and payment is needed to remove them. The user thought the company-provided antivirus software would prevent this issue. The help desk ticket states that the user only receives these messages when first opening the web browser. Which of the following steps would MOST likely resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Scan the computer with the company-provided antivirus software.
B.    Install a new hard drive and clone the user’s drive to it.
C.    Deploy an ad-blocking extension to the browser.
D.    Uninstall the company-provided antivirus software.
E.    Click the link in the messages to pay for virus removal.
F.    Perform a reset on the user’s web browser.

Answer: CF

The Chief Executive Officer at a bark recently saw a news report about a high-profile cybercrime where a remote-access tool that the bank uses for support was also used in this crime. The report stated that attackers were able to brute force passwords to access systems. Which of the following would BEST limit the bark’s risk? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable multifactor authentication for each support account.
B.    Limit remote access to destinations inside the corporate network.
C.    Block all support accounts from logging in from foreign countries.
D.    Configure a replacement remote-access tool for support cases.
E.    Purchase a password manager for remote-access tool users.
F.    Enforce account lockouts after five bad password attempts.

Answer: AF

Which of the following must be maintained throughout the forensic evidence life cycle when dealing with a piece of evidence?

A.    Acceptable use.
B.    Chain of custody.
C.    Security policy.
D.    Information management.

Answer: B

A wireless network is set up, but it is experiencing some interference from other nearby SSIDs. Which of the following can BEST resolve the interference?

A.    Changing channels.
B.    Modifying the wireless security.
C.    Disabling the SSIO broadcast.
D.    Changing the access point name.

Answer: A

A technician has been tasked with installing a workstation that will be used tor point-of-sale transactions. The point-of-sale system will process credit cards and loyalty cards. Which of the following encryption technologies should be used to secure the workstation in case of theft?

A.    Data-in-transit encryption.
B.    File encryption.
C.    USB drive encryption.
D.    Disk encryption.

Answer: D

A company is Issuing smartphones to employees and needs to ensure data is secure if the devices are lost or stolen. Which of the following provides the BEST solution?

A.    Anti-malware.
B.    Remote wipe.
C.    Locator applications.
D.    Screen lock.

Answer: B

A technician is replacing the processor in a desktop computer prior to opening the computer, the technician wants to ensure the internal components are protected. Which of the following safety procedures would BEST protect the components in the PC? (Choose two.)

A.    Utilizing an ESD strap.
B.    Disconnecting the computer from the power source.
C.    Placing the PSU in an antistatic bag.
D.    Ensuring proper ventilation.
E.    Removing dust from the ventilation fans.
F.    Ensuring equipment is grounded.

Answer: AB

A technician is investigating an employee’s smartphone that has the following symptoms:
– The device is hot even when it is not in use.
– Applications crash, especially when others are launched.
– Certain applications, such as GPS, are in portrait mode when they should be in landscape mode.
Which of the following can the technician do to MOST likely resolve these issues with minimal impact? (Choose two.)

A.    Turn on autorotation.
B.    Activate airplane mode.
C.    Close unnecessary applications.
D.    Perform a factory reset.
E.    Update the device’s operating system.
F.    Reinstall the applications that have crashed.

Answer: AE

Which of the following Wi-Fi protocols is the MOST secure?

A.    WPA3
C.    WEP

Answer: A

A user reports that a PC seems to be running more slowly than usual. A technician checks system resources, but disk, CPU, and memory usage seem to be fine. The technician sees that GPU temperature is extremely high. Which of the following types of malware is MOST likely to blame?

A.    Spyware.
B.    Cryptominer.
C.    Ransormvare.
D.    Boot sector virus.

Answer: B

Which of the following provide the BEST way to secure physical access to a data cento server room? (Choose two.)

A.    Biometric lock.
B.    Badge reader.
C.    USB token.
D.    Video surveillance.
E.    Locking rack.
F.    Access control vestibule.

Answer: AD

A user reports that antivirus software indicates a computer is infected with viruses. The user thinks this happened white browsing the internet. The technician does not recognize the interface with which the antivirus message is presented. Which of the following is the NEXT step the technician should take?

A.    Shut down the infected computer and swap it with another computer.
B.    Investigate what the interface is and what triggered it to pop up.
C.    Proceed with initiating a full scan and removal of the viruses using the presented interface.
D.    Call the phone number displayed in the interface of the antivirus removal tool.

Answer: C

A technician is unable to join a Windows 10 laptop to a domain. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason?

A.    The domain’s processor compatibility is not met.
B.    The laptop has Windows 10 Home installed.
C.    The laptop does not have an onboard Ethernet adapter.
D.    The Laptop does not have all current Windows updates installed.

Answer: B

A technician found that an employee is mining cryptocurrency on a work desktop. The company has decided that this action violates its guidelines. Which of the following should be updated to reflect this new requirement?

A.    MDM
B.    EULA
C.    IRP
D.    AUP

Answer: D

A user reports a computer is running stow. Which of the following tools will help a technician identify the issue?

A.    Disk Cleanup
B.    Group Policy Editor
C.    Disk Management
D.    Resource Monitor

Answer: D

Which of the following could be used to implement secure physical access to a data center?

A.    Geofence.
B.    Alarm system.
C.    Badge reader.
D.    Motion sensor.

Answer: A

A technician needs lo formal a USB drive to transfer 20GB of data from a Linux computer to a Windows computer. Which of the following filesystems will the technician MOST likely use?

A.    FAT32
B.    ext4
C.    NTFS
D.    exFAT

Answer: C

An incident handler needs to preserve evidence for possible litigation. Which of the following will the incident handler MOST likely do to preserve the evidence?

A.    Encrypt the files.
B.    Clone any impacted hard drives.
C.    Contact the cyber insurance company.
D.    Inform law enforcement.

Answer: B

A technician needs to exclude an application folder from being cataloged by a Windows 10 search. Which of the following utilities should be used?

A.    Privacy
B.    Indexing Options
C.    System
D.    Device Manager

Answer: B

As part of a CYOD policy a systems administrator needs to configure each user’s Windows device to require a password when resuming from a period of sleep or inactivity. Which of the following paths will lead the administrator to the correct settings?

A.    Use Settings to access Screensaver settings.
B.    Use Settings to access Screen Timeout settings.
C.    Use Settings to access General.
D.    Use Settings to access Display.

Answer: A


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