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A support engineer wants to prevent users from running malware on several IaaS compute instances. Which of the following will BEST achieve this objective?

A.    Encrypt all applications that users should not access.
B.    Set the execute filesystem permissions on the desired applications only.
C.    Implement an application whitelisting policy.
D.    Disable file sharing on the instance.

Answer: C

A systems administrator is creating a VM and wants to ensure disk space is not allocated to the VM until it is needed. Which of the following techniques should the administrator use to ensure?

A.    Deduplication.
B.    Thin provisioning.
C.    Software-defined storage.
D.    iSCSI storage.

Answer: B

A database analyst reports it takes two hours to perform a scheduled job after onboarding 10,000 new users to the system. The analyst made no changes to the scheduled job before or after onboarding the users. The database is hosted in an IaaS instance on a cloud provider. Which of the following should the cloud administrator evaluate to troubleshoot the performance of the job?

A.    The laaS compute configurations, the capacity trend analysis reports, and the storage IOPS.
B.    The hypervisor logs, the memory utilization of the hypervisor host, and the network throughput of the hypervisor.
C.    The scheduled job logs for successes and failures, the time taken to execute the job, and the job schedule.
D.    Migrating from laaS to on premises, the network traffic between on-premises users and the laaS instance, and the CPU utilization of the hypervisor host.

Answer: C

A systems administrator is deploying a VM and would like to minimize storage utilization by ensuring the VM uses only the storage if needs. Which of the following will BEST achieve this goal?

A.    Compression.
B.    Deduplication.
C.    RAID.
D.    Thin provisioning.

Answer: D

A systems administrator is analyzing a report of slow performance in a cloud application. This application is working behind a network load balancer with two VMs, and each VM has its own digital certificate configured. Currently, each VM is consuming 85% CPU on average. Due to cost restrictions, the administrator cannot scale vertically or horizontally in the environment. Which of the following actions should the administrator take to decrease the CPU utilization? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure the communication between the load balancer and the VMs to use a VPN.
B.    Move the digital certificate to the load balancer.
C.    Configure the communication between the load balancer and the VMs to use HTTP.
D.    Reissue digital certificates on the VMs.
E.    Configure the communication between the load balancer and the VMs to use HTTPS.
F.    Keep the digital certificates on the VMs.

Answer: BE

A private IaaS administrator is receiving reports that all newly provisioned Linux VMs are running an earlier version of the OS than they should be. The administrator reviews the automation scripts to troubleshoot the issue and determines the scripts ran successfully. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A.    API version incompatibility.
B.    Misconfigured script account.
C.    Wrong template selection.
D.    Incorrect provisioning script indentation.

Answer: C

Some VMs that are hosted on a dedicated host server have each been allocated with 32GB of memory. Some of VMs are not utilizing more than 30% of the allocation. Which of the following should be enabled to optimize the memory utilization?

A.    Auto-scaling of compute.
B.    Oversubscription.
C.    Dynamic memory allocations on guests.
D.    Affinity rules in the hypervisor.

Answer: C

To save on licensing costs, the on-premises, IaaS-hosted databases need to be migrated to a public DBaaS solution. Which of the following would be the BEST technique?

A.    Live migration.
B.    Physical-to-virtual.
C.    Storage-level mirroring.
D.    Database replication.

Answer: B

A company is planning to migrate applications to a public cloud, and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) would like to know the cost per business unit for the applications in the cloud. Before the migration, which of the following should the administrator implement FIRST to assist with reporting the cost for each business unit?

A.    An SLA report.
B.    Tagging.
C.    Quotas.
D.    Showback.

Answer: D

A cloud administrator would like to deploy a cloud solution to its provider using automation techniques. Which of the following must be used? (Choose two.)

A.    Auto-scaling
B.    Tagging
C.    Playbook
D.    Templates
E.    Containers
F.    Serverless

Answer: BD

A systems administrator is configuring network management but is concerned about confidentiality. Which of the following should the administrator configure to address this concern?

A.    SNMPv3.
B.    Community strings.
C.    IPSec tunnels.
D.    ACLs.

Answer: C

Which of the following will provide a systems administrator with the MOST information about potential attacks on a cloud IaaS instance?

A.    Network flows.
B.    FIM.
C.    Software firewall.
D.    HIDS.

Answer: A

Users of an enterprise application, which is configured to use SSO, are experiencing slow connection times. Which of the following should be done to troubleshoot the issue?

A.    Perform a memory dump of the OS.
Analyze the memory dump.
Upgrade the host CPU to a higher clock speed CPU.
B.    Perform a packet capture during authentication.
Validate the load-balancing configuration.
Analyze the network throughput of the load balancer.
C.    Analyze the storage system IOPS.
Increase the storage system capacity.
Replace the storage system disks to SSD.
D.    Evaluate the OS ACLs.
Upgrade the router firmware.
Increase the memory of the router.

Answer: C

A company needs to access the cloud administration console using its corporate identity. Which of the following actions would MOST likely meet the requirements?

A.    Implement SSH key-based authentication.
B.    Implement cloud authentication with local LDAP.
C.    Implement multifactor authentication.
D.    Implement client-based certificate authentication.

Answer: D

An organization is developing a new solution for hosting an external website. The systems administrator needs the ability to manage the OS. Which of the following methods would be MOST suitable to achieve this objective?

A.    Deploy web servers into an laaS provider.
B.    Implement a cloud-based VDI solution.
C.    Provision web servers in a container environment.
D.    Use PaaS components in the cloud to implement the product.

Answer: C


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