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A security administrator wants to allow external organizations to cryptographically validate the company’s domain name in email messages sent by employees. Which of the following should the security administrator implement?

A.    SPF
B.    S/MIME
C.    TLS
D.    DKIM

Answer: D

A team is at the beginning stages of designing a new enterprise-wide application. The new application will have a large database and require a capital investment in hardware. The Chief Information Officer (IO) has directed the team to save money and reduce the reliance on the datacenter, and the vendor must specialize in hosting large databases in the cloud. Which of the following cloud-hosting options would BEST meet these needs?

A.    Multi-tenancy SaaS
B.    Hybrid IaaS
C.    Single-tenancy PaaS
D.    Community IaaS

Answer: C

Drag and Drop
A security consultant is considering authentication options for a financial institution. The following authentication options are available security mechanism to the appropriate use case. Options may be used once.


Legal authorities notify a company that its network has been compromised for the second time in two years. The investigation shows the attackers were able to use the same vulnerability on different systems in both attacks. Which of the following would have allowed the security team to use historical information to protect against the second attack?

A.    Key risk indicators
B.    Lessons learned
C.    Recovery point objectives
D.    Tabletop exercise

Answer: A

A newly hired systems administrator is trying to connect a new and fully updated, but very customized, Android device to access corporate resources. However, the MDM enrollment process continually fails. The administrator asks a security team member to look into the issue. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the MDM is not allowing enrollment?

A.    The OS version is not compatible
B.    The OEM is prohibited
C.    The device does not support FDE
D.    The device is rooted

Answer: D

A company is acquiring incident response and forensic assistance from a managed security service provider in the event of a data breach. The company has selected a partner and must now provide required documents to be reviewed and evaluated. Which of the following documents would BEST protect the company and ensure timely assistance? (Choose two.)

A.    RA
B.    BIA
C.    NDA
D.    RFI
E.    RFQ
F.    MSA

Answer: CF

One of the objectives of a bank is to instill a security awareness culture. Which of the following are techniques that could help to achieve this? (Choose two.)

A.    Blue teaming
B.    Phishing simulations
C.    Lunch-and-learn
D.    Random audits
E.    Continuous monitoring
F.    Separation of duties

Answer: BE

A systems administrator at a medical imaging company discovers protected health information (PHI) on a general purpose file server. Which of the following steps should the administrator take NEXT?

A.    Isolate all of the PHI on its own VLAN and keep it segregated at Layer 2
B.    Immediately encrypt all PHI with AES 256
C.    Delete all PHI from the network until the legal department is consulted
D.    Consult the legal department to determine legal requirements

Answer: B

Two competing companies experienced similar attacks on their networks from various threat actors. To improve response times, the companies wish to share some threat intelligence about the sources and methods of attack. Which of the following business documents would be BEST to document this engagement?

A.    Business partnership agreement
B.    Memorandum of understanding
C.    Service-level agreement
D.    Interconnection security agreement

Answer: D

An engineer maintains a corporate-owned mobility infrastructure, and the organization requires that all web browsing using corporate-owned resources be monitored. Which of the following would allow the organization to meet its requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    Exempt mobile devices from the requirement, as this will lead to privacy violations
B.    Configure the devices to use an always-on IPSec VPN
C.    Configure all management traffic to be tunneled into the enterprise via TLS
D.    Implement a VDI solution and deploy supporting client apps to devices
E.    Restrict application permissions to establish only HTTPS connections outside of the enterprise boundary

Answer: BE

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop the cloud deployment model to the associated use-case scenario. Options may be used only once or not at all.


A company has entered into a business agreement with a business partner for managed human resources services. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has been asked to provide documentation that is required to set up a business-to-business VPN between the two organizations. Which of the following is required in this scenario?

A.    ISA
B.    BIA
C.    SLA
D.    RA

Answer: C


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