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A workstation is displaying a message indicating that a user must exchange cryptocurrency for a decryption key. Which of the following is the best way for a technician to return the device to service safely?

A.    Run an AV scan.
B.    Reinstall the operating system.
C.    Install a software firewall.
D.    Perform a system restore
E.    Comply with the on-screen instructions.

Answer: B

A salesperson’s computer is unable to print any orders on a local printer that is connected to the computer. Which of the following tools should the salesperson use to restart the print spooler?

A.    Control Panel
B.    Processes
C.    Startup
D.    Services

Answer: D

Which of the following helps ensure that a piece of evidence extracted from a PC is admissible in a court of law?

A.    Data integrity form.
B.    Valid operating system license.
C.    Documentation of an incident.
D.    Chain of custody.

Answer: D

A network technician is deploying a new machine in a small branch office that does not have a DHCP server. The new machine automatically receives the IP address of and is unable to communicate with the rest of the network. Which of the following would restore communication?

A.    Static entry.
B.    ARP table.
C.    APIPA address.
D.    NTP specification.

Answer: A

A user wants to back up a Windows 10 device. Which of the following should the user select?

A.    Devices and Printers
B.    Email and Accounts
C.    Update and Security
D.    Apps and Features

Answer: C

A technician is unable to completely start up a system. The OS freezes when the desktop background appears, and the issue persists when the system is restarted. Which of the following should the technician do next to troubleshoot the issue?

A.    Disable applicable BIOS options.
B.    Load the system in safe mode.
C.    Start up using a flash drive OS and run System Repair.
D.    Enable Secure Boot and reinstall the system.

Answer: B

A remote user contacts the help desk about an email that appears to be distorted. The technician is unsure what the user means and needs to view the email to assist with troubleshooting. Which of the following should the technician use to assist the user?

A.    VNC
B.    SSH
C.    VPN
D.    RMM

Answer: A

A technician is familiar with most personnel at a customer’s location and has clearance to work unsupervised. Which of the following describes how the technician should handle personal communication while on site?

A.    Respond to calls and text messages while on site but not when working directly with personnel.
B.    Respond to calls and text messages only from family.
C.    Respond to calls and text messages only when an emergency situation requires a response.
D.    Respond to calls and text messages discreetly while on site.

Answer: C

Which of the following Windows 10 editions is the most appropriate for a single user who wants to encrypt a hard drive with BitLocker?

A.    Professional
B.    Home
C.    Enterprise
D.    Embedded

Answer: A

A user connected a smartphone to a coffee shop’s public Wi-Fi and noticed the smartphone started sending unusual SMS messages and registering strange network activity. A technician thinks a virus or other malware has infected the device. Which of the following should the technician suggest the user do to best address these security and privacy concerns? (Choose two.)

A.    Disable Wi-Fi autoconnect.
B.    Stay offline when in public places.
C.    Uninstall all recently installed applications.
D.    Schedule an antivirus scan.
E.    Reboot the device.
F.    Update the OS.

Answer: CD

In an organization with a standardized set of installed software, a developer submits a request to have new software installed. The company does not currently have a license for this software, but the developer already downloaded the installation file and is requesting that the technician install it. The developer states that the management team approved the business use of this software. Which of the following is the best action for the technician to take?

A.    Contact the software vendor to obtain the license for the user, and assist the user with installation once the license is purchased.
B.    Run a scan on the downloaded installation file to confirm that it is free of malicious software, install the software, and document the software installation process.
C.    Indicate to the developer that formal approval is needed; then, the IT team should investigate the software and the impact it will have on the organization before installing the software.
D.    Install the software and run a full system scan with antivirus software to confirm that the operating system is free of malicious software.

Answer: C

A technician needs to reimage a desktop in an area without network access. Which of the following should the technician use? (Choose two.)

A.    USB
B.    PXE
C.    Optical Media
D.    Partition
E.    Boot Record
F.    SMB

Answer: AC

A customer has a USB-only printer attached to a computer. A technician is configuring an arrangement that allows other computers on the network to use the printer. In which of the following locations on the customer’s desktop should the technician make this configuration?

A.    Printing Preferences/Advanced tab.
B.    Printer Properties/Sharing tab.
C.    Printer Properties/Security tab.
D.    Printer Properties/Ports tab.

Answer: B

A technician requires graphical remote access to various Windows, Linux, and macOS desktops on the company LAN. The security administrator asks the technician to utilize a single software solution that does not require an external internet connection. Which of the following remote access tools is the technician most likely to install?

A.    NC
B.    RMM
C.    RDP
D.    SSH

Answer: C

Which of the following combinations meets the requirements for mobile device multifactor authentication?

A.    Password and PIN.
B.    Password and swipe.
C.    Fingerprint and password.
D.    Swipe and PIN.

Answer: C


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