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A company created an external application for its customers. A security researcher now reports that the application has a serious LDAP injection vulnerability that could be leveraged to bypass authentication and authorization. Which of the following actions would BEST resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Conduct input sanitization.
B.    Deploy a SIEM.
C.    Use containers.
D.    Patch the OS.
E.    Deploy a WAF.
F.    Deploy a reverse proxy.
G.    Deploy an IDS.

Answer: BD

A security analyst is reviewing network connectivity on a Linux workstation and examining the active TCP connections using the command line. Which of the following commands would be the BEST to run to view only active Internet connections?

A.    sudo netstat -antu | grep “LISTEN” | awk ‘{print$5}’
B.    sudo netstat -nlt -p | grep “ESTABLISHED”
C.    sudo netstat -plntu | grep -v “Foreign Address”
D.    sudo netstat -pnut -w | column -t -s $’\w’
E.    sudo netstat -pnut | grep -P ^tcp

Answer: B

A company plans to build an entirely remote workforce that utilizes a cloud-based infrastructure. The Chief Information Security Officer asks the security engineer to design connectivity to meet the following requirements:
– Only users with corporate-owned devices can directly access servers hosted by the cloud provider.
– The company can control what SaaS applications each individual user can access.
– User browser activity can be monitored.
Which of the following solutions would BEST meet these requirements?

A.    IAM gateway, MDM, and reverse proxy.
B.    VPN, CASB, and secure web gateway.
C.    SSL tunnel, DLP, and host-based firewall.
D.    API gateway, UEM, and forward proxy.

Answer: B

A home automation company just purchased and installed tools for its SOC to enable incident identification and response on software the company develops. The company would like to prioritize defenses against the following attack scenarios:
– Unauthorized insertions into application development environments.
– Authorized insiders making unauthorized changes to environment configurations.
Which of the following actions will enable the data feeds needed to detect these types of attacks on development environments? (Choose two.)

A.    Perform static code analysis of committed code and generate summary reports.
B.    Implement an XML gateway and monitor for policy violations.
C.    Monitor dependency management tools and report on susceptible third-party libraries.
D.    Install an IDS on the development subnet and passively monitor for vulnerable services.
E.    Model user behavior and monitor for deviations from normal.
F.    Continuously monitor code commits to repositories and generate summary logs.

Answer: CD

An organization wants to perform a scan of all its systems against best practice security configurations. Which of the following SCAP standards, when combined, will enable the organization to view each of the configuration checks in a machine-readable checklist format for fill automation? (Choose two.)

A.    ARF
C.    CPE
D.    CVE
E.    CVSS
F.    OVAL

Answer: BF
https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/GOVPUB-C13-9ecd8eae582935c93d7f410e955dabb6/pdf/GOVPUB-C13-9ecd8eae582935c93d7f410e955dabb6.pdf (page 12)

A company is preparing to deploy a global service. Which of the following must the company do to ensure GDPR compliance? (Choose two.)

A.    Inform users regarding what data is stored.
B.    Provide opt-in/out for marketing messages.
C.    Provide data deletion capabilities.
D.    Provide optional data encryption.
E.    Grant data access to third parties.
F.    Provide alternative authentication techniques.

Answer: AB

A small company recently developed prototype technology for a military program. The company’s security engineer is concerned about potential theft of the newly developed, proprietary information. Which of the following should the security engineer do to BEST manage the threats proactively?

A.    Join an information-sharing community that is relevant to the company.
B.    Leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework to map the TTR.
C.    Use OSINT techniques to evaluate and analyze the threats.
D.    Update security awareness training to address new threats, such as best practices for data security.

Answer: D

Which of the following are risks associated with vendor lock-in? (Choose two.)

A.    The client can seamlessly move data.
B.    The vendor can change product offerings.
C.    The client receives a sufficient level of service.
D.    The client experiences decreased quality of service.
E.    The client can leverage a multicloud approach.
F.    The client experiences increased interoperability.

Answer: BD

An application server was recently upgraded to prefer TLS 1.3, and now users are unable to connect their clients to the server. Attempts to reproduce the error are confirmed, and clients are reporting the following:
Which of the following is MOST likely the root cause?

A.    The client application is testing PFS.
B.    The client application is configured to use ECDHE.
C.    The client application is configured to use RC4.
D.    The client application is configured to use AES-256 in GCM.

Answer: C

An organization is referencing NIST best practices for BCP creation while reviewing current internal organizational processes for mission-essential items. Which of the following phases establishes the identification and prioritization of critical systems and functions?

A.    Review a recent gap analysis.
B.    Perform a cost-benefit analysis.
C.    Conduct a business impact analysis.
D.    Develop an exposure factor matrix.

Answer: C

An organization is preparing to migrate its production environment systems from an on-premises environment to a cloud service. The lead security architect is concerned that the organization’s current methods for addressing risk may not be possible in the cloud environment. Which of the following BEST describes the reason why traditional methods of addressing risk may not be possible in the cloud?

A.    Migrating operations assumes the acceptance of all risk.
B.    Cloud providers are unable to avoid risk.
C.    Specific risks cannot be transferred to the cloud provider.
D.    Risks to data in the cloud cannot be mitigated.

Answer: C

In preparation for the holiday season, a company redesigned the system that manages retail sales and moved it to a cloud service provider. The new infrastructure did not meet the company’s availability requirements. During a postmortem analysis, the following issues were highlighted:
1. International users reported latency when images on the web page were initially loading.
2. During times of report processing, users reported issues with inventory when attempting to place orders.
3. Despite the fact that ten new API servers were added, the load across servers was heavy at peak times.
Which of the following infrastructure design changes would be BEST for the organization to implement to avoid these issues in the future?

A.    Serve static content via distributed CDNs, create a read replica of the central database and pull reports from there, and auto-scale API servers based on performance.
B.    Increase the bandwidth for the server that delivers images, use a CDN, change the database to a non-relational database, and split the ten API servers across two load balancers.
C.    Serve images from an object storage bucket with infrequent read times, replicate the database across different regions, and dynamically create API servers based on load.
D.    Serve static-content object storage across different regions, increase the instance size on the managed relational database, and distribute the ten API servers across multiple regions.

Answer: A

During a remodel, a company’s computer equipment was moved to a secure storage room with cameras positioned on both sides of the door. The door is locked using a card reader issued by the security team, and only the security team and department managers have access to the room. The company wants to be able to identify any unauthorized individuals who enter the storage room by following an authorized employee. Which of the following processes would BEST satisfy this requirement?

A.    Monitor camera footage corresponding to a valid access request.
B.    Require both security and management to open the door.
C.    Require department managers to review denied-access requests.
D.    Issue new entry badges on a weekly basis.

Answer: A


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