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After monthly patching, a large number of users who are logged onto the network report that application links from a company’s intranet site, which previously opened directly into the website, are now prompting for logon information. Application administrators confirm that the websites in question are working properly. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the new behavior?

A.    SSO issues
B.    Password expiration
C.    Account lockout
D.    Certificate expiration

Answer: A

A cloud administrator is analyzing usage trends for a website housed within an IaaS cloud platform. The administrator notices that traffic and visitors to the site quadrupled from the normal baseline during the holiday season. The environment has a load balancer that uses standardized VMs to host the applications. Given this scenario, which of the following would be the MOST efficient, provide no downtime, and address the temporary spike in traffic?

A.    Implement an upward vertical scaling solution.
B.    Implement a downward vertical scaling solution.
C.    Implement an inward horizontal scaling solution.
D.    Implement an outward horizontal scaling solution.

Answer: A

A company is implementing a launchpad within an existing application that will point to an existing SaaS provider. One of the requirements is the user should not have to log on multiple times. SSO is in place. When the launchpad is used, the user is redirected to SaaS providers as designed, but is asked for login credentials. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A.    Users do not exist within the SaaS provider.
B.    Group permissions are incorrect.
C.    Users do not exist in directory services.
D.    The federation is failing.

Answer: D

A cloud service administrator is consuming PaaS services and is performing baseline configuration tests. Which of the following is part of the PaaS consumer’s responsibility with respect to the baseline confirmation tests?

A.    Application versions
B.    CPU utilization
C.    RAM utilization
D.    Operating system versions

Answer: B

An engineer is configuring the monitoring for a new application server. During the day, the CPU on the server is baselined at approximately 30% utilization. At midnight, a batch job is scheduled to run that will drive the CPU utilization up to 75% for approximately an hour. Any time the CPU utilization is at 40% or higher for longer than ten minutes, administrators will receive an alert. Which of the following is the BEST method to ensure administrators do not experience message fatigue due to false alerts?

A.    Set a different threshold during the batch peak time.
B.    Increase the alert time threshold to 65 minutes.
C.    Increase the alert utilization threshold to 80%.
D.    Manually disable monitoring during the batch job.

Answer: A

A cloud administrator configures a new web server for the site https://companyname.com. The administrator installs a wildcard SSL certificate for *.companyname.com. When users attempt to access the site, a certificate error is received. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error?

A.    Certificate misconfigured
B.    Certificate expired
C.    Certificate revoked
D.    Certificate not signed

Answer: A

A cloud service company is proposing a solution to a major sporting venue. The solution offers 99.999% availability during special events, which is proven through specialized testing. Which of the following techniques should be applied to confirm the high availability claimed by the company? (Choose two.)

A.    Vulnerability testing
B.    Penetration testing
C.    Load testing
D.    Failover testing
E.    Integration testing

Answer: BD

An organization is replacing its internal human resources system with a SaaS-based application. The solution is multi-tenant, and the organization wants to ensure ubiquitous access while preventing password replay attacks. Which of the following would BEST help to mitigate the risk?

A.    Implement destination resources authentication.
B.    Require and implement two-factor authentication.
C.    Remove administrator privileges from users’ laptops.
D.    Combine network authentication and physical security in one card/token.

Answer: B

A company is implementing a SaaS solution with a large user base. SaaS solution licensing is user based, and user management is critical to keep the cost in check. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to meet this requirement?

A.    Have the administrator of the SaaS solution keep track of user activities.
B.    Have a nightly upload to the SaaS provider of the current user base based on API call.
C.    Have users remove their SaaS accounts when they no longer need the service.
D.    Have a weekly user management script maintain the SaaS user base.

Answer: A

A cloud administrator updates the syslog forwarder configuration on a local server in production to use a different port. The development team is no longer receiving the audit logs from that server. However, the security team can retrieve and search the logs for the same server. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

A.    The development team is not looking at the correct server when querying for the logs.
B.    The security team has greater permissions than the development team.
C.    The audit logging service has been disabled on the server.
D.    The development team’s syslog server is configured to listen on the wrong port.

Answer: B

The CASB report indicates several unsanctioned SaaS applications are being used in an organization. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    VPN bypass
B.    Shadow IT
C.    Web proxy bypass
D.    CAB approval

Answer: B

A company has been migrating a significant number of its on-premises applications to various SaaS providers. The IT department has noticed the following:
1. User account management has become challenging.
2. User account compromises have increased.
3. Accessing various SaaS applications is challenging.
Which of the following should the IT security department implement to BEST resolve the issue? (Choose three.)

A.    Single sign-on
B.    Multifactor authentication
C.    Network intrusion prevention system
D.    Password synchronization
E.    Federation
F.    IPSec tunnel to the SaaS providers
G.    VPN to SaaS providers

Answer: BDE

A cloud administrator is securing access to a VM using an IaaS cloud platform. The administrator must perform this task using an automated method, allow administrators to perform any method and expose any property of the VM, deny access for everyone else, and allow only read-only access to everyone else. Given this scenario, which of the following should the administrator use to BEST meet these requirements?

A.    jQuery
B.    JavaScript
C.    Java
D.    JSON

Answer: C


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