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A project team has determined it will need to source data from a system that was not part of the project scope. The role of the project manager is to analyze which of the following impacts?

A.    Technical design, schedule, and budget
B.    Business process impacts and resourcing
C.    New software and hardware requirements
D.    Schedule, budget, and quality

Answer: D

A project manager has identified a minor skills gap in the operational team that will end up supporting the project solution. Which of the following is the BEST risk mitigation strategy that the project manager should use?

A.    Organize adequate training and have one of the operational staff as part of the project team.
B.    Raise a risk in the risk register, identify the likelihood and the consequence of the risk occurring.
C.    Have the project adequately document the solution and ensure a transition is in place.
D.    Escalate this as an issue to the project control board and ensure that there is adequate discussion.

Answer: A

The project manager has had a large number of change requests approved by the project steering committee, but has been given no extra time to deliver the project. Which of the following schedule compression techniques should be used by the project manager?

A.    Rescheduling
B.    Crashing
C.    Rebaselining
D.    Control scope

Answer: B

The project manager is reviewing the earned value of work completed compared to the planned value and is representing it in a dollar figure. This type of analysis is an example of which of the following?

A.    Cost performance index
B.    Risk mitigation
C.    Schedule variance
D.    Cost variance

Answer: C

A project manager is trying to ensure the quality of the design and reduce the number of potential defects. The project manager would like to use the fishbone diagram to perform this analysis. This type of modeling relies on ____.

A.    Prioritizing the specific event
B.    Variance in the process over time
C.    Causes of a specific event
D.    Determining the number of events

Answer: C

The design activity of a project has the following cost attributes:
PV = 100,000
EV = 20,000
AC = 90,000
Based on this scenario, calculate the schedule variance.

A.    -80,000
B.    -70,000
C.    10,000
D.    120,000

Answer: A

Ann, one of the affected stakeholders, feels that the project team has not been giving periodic stakeholder updates and that her input has not been taken into account. Which of the following should the project manager do to ensure stakeholder expectations are met?

A.    Ensure that Ann is involved during the testing phase of the project so she can call out functional gaps
B.    Organize a walkthrough of the solution and ensure face-to-face updates occur every two weeks
C.    Escalate the issue to the project steering committee that Ann is criticizing the project quality
D.    Organize a requirements workshop to capture any gaps

Answer: B

A post implementation review is being performed as a part of project closure. Which of the following are applicable areas that the review should cover? (Select TWO.)

A.    Lessons learned during the project
B.    Produce operational support documentation
C.    Gathering and centralizing project documentation
D.    Organizing the communication of project closure
E.    Identify the key project achievements
F.    Provide a recap of the overall solution

Answer: AE

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