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The MOST effective way for a trainer to build rapport with a training audience is to ____.

A.    meet the participants after work at their favorite restaurant
B.    weave into the discussion something personal about each participant
C.    dress in very casual attire so the class feels comfortable with the trainer
D.    spend break time swapping jokes with the participants

Answer: B

During the introduction a student states an objective was not mentioned. The instructor finds that the objective is a personal objective of the student. Which of the following would be the MOST likely solution?

A.    Meet with the student outside of class to discuss their interruption.
B.    Direct the student to the course developer.
C.    Explain that the course is pre-built and cannot be changed.
D.    As time permits, include information about the missing objective.

Answer: D

Responding to learner questions and asking learners to perform hands-on activities are examples of ____.

A.    classroom engagement
B.    trainer performance
C.    group dynamics
D.    active listening

Answer: A

Which of the following represents why an instructor should include elements of themselves within the presentations and printed materials?

A.    To professionally separate the instructor from the learners.
B.    To establish themselves as the course developer.
C.    To amplify the credibility of the course deliverables.
D.    To personalize the training through conversational language.

Answer: D

A trainer is assigned a new course. The trainer has been asked to prepare some questions that will be included in the course assessment. The BEST way to formulate questions would be to use ____.

A.    course objectives
B.    the trainer’s notes
C.    course material
D.    lesson plans

Answer: A

An advantage of using the closed question type over the open question type is that ____.

A.    the open question type is more difficult to write
B.    the closed question type is more conducive to online environments
C.    the closed question type does not require perfect grammar
D.    the closed question type will illicit a short response

Answer: D

A trainer has been teaching a course for a company for some time. Several classes have had students who appear to have needs that are different than the rest of the class. Answering their special questions adds to the course time. As the trainer checks the records, it becomes clear that those students are all from one department. The trainer talks to that department’s manager. Which of the following would be BEST?

A.    Create a modified version of the course to be open only to students from that department.
B.    Explain to the department managers why their students have to learn the materials the corporate way.
C.    When students from that department are attending, give them a special handout during introductions.
D.    Continue as always to meet corporate needs, and defer questions to the department manager.

Answer: A

Which of the following is the BEST skill for an instructor to have?

A.    Ability to adapt delivery methods to meet various learning needs.
B.    Ability to ask direct questions of all learners.
C.    Ability to identify problems with classroom equipment.
D.    Ability to handle classroom disruptions.

Answer: A

During training, students work as groups with several scenarios that involve successfully troubleshooting issues. However, when the students return to work there is no change in their abilities. Which of the following BEST represents the failure in information transfer?

A.    Teaching how but not why.
B.    Failure of problem-solving training.
C.    Poor managerial support.
D.    Recall in practical situations.

Answer: D

An instructor has determined that a particular student is a visual learner. Upon completing a lesson, the student is asking a lot of questions and not fully comprehending the material. Which of the following would be the BEST way to help the student?

A.    Have another student try to explain it to the student.
B.    Draw an illustration on the board.
C.    Review the main lecture points again.
D.    Have the student perform an action from the lesson.

Answer: B

The MOST effective way to encourage a learner is to ____.

A.    use non-verbal communication
B.    provide a course overview
C.    ask direct questions
D.    provide positive feedback

Answer: D

A trainer begins every new class with a short humorous anecdote and introductions, and then immediately begins teaching the material. Which of the following should be added to the beginning of the course to set a more effective tone for the course?

A.    A discussion of the manager’s reasons for providing the course.
B.    An explanation of the learning objectives for the class.
C.    An opportunity for students to ask questions about the course content.
D.    Instructions for the students to not eat in the classroom during the course.

Answer: B

A trainer receives feedback from several classes that the pace of the class is acceptable but students comment that they have trouble taking notes while listening to the trainer. Which of the following tools could a trainer BEST use to assist the students?

A.    Print and distribute copies of the course objectives.
B.    At the beginning of class inform the students of the issue.
C.    Record the sessions for review after the class is over.
D.    Outline the cover material at the beginning of the class.

Answer: C

An instructor wants to monitor the progress of students in an online course. Which of the following types of questions challenges student retention?

A.    Multiple answer questions
B.    Essay qu