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Ann, an end-user reports, that she cannot access popular web pages unless she enters the IPv4 address of the site. Which of the following ports is MOST likely blocked for the device?

A.    25
B.    53
C.    80
D.    443

Answer: B

Which of the following allows devices to access an organization’s WiFi network before ensuring that they conform to policy?

A.    Captive portal
B.    SCEP portal
C.    TKIP portal
D.    Administrative portal

Answer: A

Which of the following is a capability of geo-fencing?

A.    Enable SDLC on device
B.    Disable corporate firewall
C.    Enable POE-injector of device
D.    Disable camera on device

Answer: D

Which of the following technologies allows secure communication with a previously unverified entity?

A.    VPN
B.    IMAP
C.    TKIP
D.    PKI

Answer: D

Which of the following helps ensure that a correct channel is configured for an access point?

A.    Geo-fencing analysis
B.    Directory analysis
C.    Firewall analysis
D.    Spectrum analysis

Answer: D

Which of the following technologies allows a network administrator to force traffic to be cached by a network device?

A.    Proxies
B.    Certificates
C.    Roaming
D.    Biometrics

Answer: A

In the troubleshooting process, which of the following steps help identify the problem? (Select TWO.)

A.    Provide additional training
B.    Capture logs
C.    Implement preventative measures
D.    Document the findings and outcomes
E.    Identify symptoms

Answer: BE

While troubleshooting a problem reported by an end-user, which of the following steps comes between establishing a plan of action and implementing the plan of action?

A.    Gather information
B.    Verify full system functionality
C.    Question the user
D.    Identify potential effects

Answer: D

Which of the following is the MOST important consideration for in-house application development?

A.    Attenuation
B.    Platform
C.    Topology
D.    Firmware

Answer: B

A user is able to view unauthorized websites using a secure MDM browser on a device. Which of the following is BEST used for troubleshooting the issue?

A.    Group membership
B.    Firewall port configuration
C.    Certificate authentication
D.    Firmware version

Answer: A

Joe, a user, has multiple devices and is continually locked out of his user account. In which of the following locations should the administrator look to determine which device is MOST likely causing the problem?

A.    Firewall Logs
B.    Access Control Server
C.    Access Point
D.    Access Control List

Answer: B

Corporate policy stipulates user accounts only be granted to employees; however, many departments within the organization use private consultants to assist with various projects. Which of the following allows consultants network access without compromising security? (Select TWO.)

A.    Provide open wireless access.
B.    Provide wireless guest network access.
C.    Provide an internal user account.
D.    Provide VPN access.
E.    Provide a CAT5 cable.

Answer: BD

A well-known security organization has released an alert regarding an exploit that could affect a popular mobile device. Which of the following steps should the mobile device administrator take NEXT?

A.    Force all users to change their pass codes.
B.    Alert the user community.
C.    Update firewall configuration.
D.    Monitor the device logs.

Answer: B

Disabling which of the following jeopardizes device performance if enrolled in an MDM? (Select TWO.)

A.    APNS
C.    RDP
D.    ICMP
E.    GCM

Answer: AE

An administrator can control network access to enterprise resources using which of the following?

A.    AES encryption
B.    SNMP
C.    DNS
D.    PKI

Answer: D

A user lost access to an internal network resource (e.g. application or intranet site) but is still receiving company email. The administrator should FIRST check for: ____.

A.    AMAC address conflict
B.    Network connectivity
C.    Group policy misconfiguration
D.    Network saturation

Answer: C

Joe, a user, normally has access to internal network resources while in the office. Suddenly, his mobile device is not able to access any of the resources. Which of the following is the FIRST item to check in the troubleshooting process?

A.    Whether the device is connected to the WiFi network
B.    Whether the device is connected to the cellular network
C.    Whether a VPN misconfiguration exists on the device
D.    Whether a port misconfiguration exists on the device

Answer: A

A user in a hotel is unable to see the hotel captive WiFi portal. Which of the following is the MOST likely explanation?

A.    Encryption problem
B.    VPN is active
C.    APN issues
D.    Location services problem

Answer: B

Ann, a user, is unable to access new applications that are assigned to her department in the corporate application store. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    VPN issues
B.    Incorrect user group
C.    Certificate problem
D.    Poor network connectivity

Answer: B

When configuring user groups that use separate applications managed by the MDM solution, it is important that each group has its own: ____.

A.    Policy
B.    AUP
C.    APNS
D.    High availability

Answer: A

Which of the following is a best practice for protecting mobile devices that use RDP to access highly sensitive information? (Select TWO.)

A.    Block network connectivity
B.    Block internal storage
C.    Block personal backup
D.    Block firewall traffic
E.    Block SD storage

Answer: BE

Which of the following provides recourse in the event a third party application vendor causes application or network outages because of updates?

A.    SLA
B.    Sandboxing
C.    EULA
D.    Network segmentation

Answer: A

Which of the following strategies helps mitigate risk of data loss in a BYOD solution?

A.    Firewalling
B.    Content filtering
C.    Antivirus implementation
D.    Containerization

Answer: D

Ann, a user, is in another country using her device, but when using the browser to find local restaurants she is seeing the search engine site for her home country. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    Roaming is disabled
B.    Browser cache is full
C.    VPN is active
D.    GPS is disabled

Answer: C

A user on a mobile device is unable to access a video-sharing website. Other network connectivity is working normally. Which of the following actions should the administrator perform to troubleshoot the situation? (Select TWO.)

A.    Check MAC address
B.    Check APNS
C.    Check user group
D.    Check WiFi settings
E.    Check MDM policy

Answer: CE

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