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A trainer discovers that the assigned room for the program is equipped with a projector and two easel pads. The curriculum requires several important overheads that help explain key objectives of the program. However, the sun coming through the uncovered windows will prevent students from seeing any of the overheads. Which of the following should the trainer do FIRST?

A.    Deliver the training and omit overhead projection until a different time of day.
B.    Ask if there is another room available in the facility that will accommodate the course.
C.    Use pages from the easel pad to block light from the windows.
D.    Contact the building’s facilities manager to provide a different projector.

Answer: B

During the introduction to the course material, the trainer realizes that the students do not have the required prerequisite knowledge. Which of the following courses of action should the trainer take?

A.    Inform the students they do not have the prerequisite knowledge and cancel the course.
B.    Prepare supplemental materials to cover the prerequisite knowledge.
C.    Spend the first day covering the prerequisite material and drop the last day’s material from the class.
D.    Let the client know the students will not be able to learn the material and the trainer should not be blamed.

Answer: B

After teaching a class, a trainer needs to address the fact that an entire domain of material is missing from the course. Which of the following should the trainer do?

A.    Discuss with the contact about an additional class session to cover the missing material.
B.    Contact the course developer and report the missing topics, providing suggestions where appropriate.
C.    Purchase material from a different vendor for future classes on the subject.
D.    Create material for the missing topics and send it on to the course developer for inclusion in future versions.

Answer: B

During pre-course communications the instructor discovers that the course is different than the one expected by the class. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action?

A.    Conduct the class expected by the learners.
B.    Contact the training coordinator and ask for further instructions.
C.    Cancel the class because not enough time was given to prepare for the unexpected subject matter.
D.    Conduct the class according to new material.

Answer: B

A good method of evaluating the effectiveness of a past training course is to ____.

A.    choose several delivery methods
B.    ask for audience feedback during breaks
C.    revise the content of training from session to session
D.    review data and comments from surveys

Answer: D

Which of the following are the BEST ways for an instructor to assess learning? (Select TWO.)

A.    Summarize the objectives
B.    Post-survey on the course
C.    Pre-course exam
D.    Written exam
E.    Role playing

Answer: DE

Which technique is BEST for creating an effective learning environment that will engage learners and lead to learner retention?

A.    Create a group setting by assigning roles.
B.    Use formal classroom training as a delivery method.
C.    Scale objectives based on learners capabilities.
D.    Ensure that instruction is self-paced based on learners needs.

Answer: D

The MAIN reason for conducting end-of-course assessments is to ____.

A.    recognize the learner with the highest exam percentage
B.    determine which learners will retake the training
C.    assess the needs of the organization
D.    compare learner achievement to course objectives

Answer: D

A contractor is conducting training for a company. After arriving, the contractor realizes that the room assigned for training is missing a required element (e.g. projector, screen, etc.). The contractor is frustrated because the client was aware of the needed equipment in ample time. Which of the following is the FIRST course of action?

A.    Cancel the training
B.    Notify the appropriate people
C.    Teach the course
D.    Delay the training

Answer: B

In the middle of a lecture, a learner abruptly asks where the restrooms are located. Which of the following represents an appropriate response?

A.    Inform the learner that interruptions during lecture are not permitted.
B.    Ask someone else to take the learner to the restroom.
C.    Briefly tell the learner how to find the nearest restroom.
D.    Ask the learner if there is a problem.

Answer: C

An instructor believes students will not recognize several acronyms. When encountering these acronyms for the first time, an instructor should ____.

A.    avoid using acronyms in presentations
B.    skip over the acronym and continue with instruction
C.    use the acronym as it is explained in the book
D.    present the acronym with its meaning on the board

Answer: D

An instructor takes a negative stance on a course topic. Using concepts learned in the course, learners are asked to debate why the instructor’s position is faulty. This strategy will ____.

A.    cause anger and frustration
B.    create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion
C.    confuse the learners
D.    encourage resourceful learners to answer their own questions

Answer: B

Which of the following is the BEST indicator of a student learning the content in the short term?

A.    A trainer evaluation with glowing comments about the trainer.
B.    The learner scoring high on a 10-question quiz on the last day.
C.    The learner correctly answering almost all questions on periodic quizzes.
D.    The trainer’s evaluation based on the learner’s attitude.

Answer: C

Which of the following allows the trainer to evaluate student progress easily and quickly?

A.    Develop exams for the course using recognized and objective measurement principles.
B.    Periodically ask students open-ended questions.
C.    Ask students about the progress of the student next to them.
D.    Require students to mark off a checklist of objectives once each is thoroughly mastered.

Answer: B

A trainer has just completed a content rich asynchronous training session for a live, formal class and virtual audience. Which of the following methods would be BEST to support their learning when returning to their offices?

A.    Provide the class with the instructor’s contact information.
B.    Designate a time after the session for individuals to print the training manual.
C.    Have the group exchange contact information and emails.
D.    Provide support documentation via the web.

Answer: D

Which of the following is likely to be appropriate during a non-virtual class?

A.    Verifying the IT department has provided enough WAN links for the asynchronous students.
B.    Preprinted papers that supplement materials from the courseware.
C.    Connecting the camera so the remote students can see the trainer.
D.    Helping remote students to log in.

Answer: B

Which of the following delivery methods should be used sparingly?

A.    Reading from the book
B.    Lecture periods
C.    Discussion sessions
D.    Hands-on lab sessions

Answer: A

A trainer arrives onsite and prepares for class. The trainer should review which of the following items?

A.    Job openings within the clients’ organizations
B.    The course evaluation form
C.    Local events and activities
D.    The dress code for the class

Answer: B

A learner asks a trainer a question about a topic area that is related to the course. The trainer has no knowledge on the topic area. Which of the following are the BEST ways to respond to the question? (Select TWO.)

A.    Redirect the question to the class.
B.    Research the question over a break, and then provide an answer.
C.    Discuss how that topic is outside the scope of the class.
D.    Provide an answer that sounds plausible.
E.    Admit lack of knowledge on the topic and move on with the class.

Answer: AB

At the beginning of a class, the trainer notices that the power cord for the projector is lying in the path of one of the aisles where students will be walking. The instructor should ____.

A.    move the desks to block the aisle so that students cannot walk there
B.    teach the class without using a projector and have it removed
C.    inform the client and ask to have the cord taped down
D.    cancel the class because a safe environment cannot be maintained

Answer: C

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