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Which of the following is the height of 1U of space in a server rack?

A.    1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
B.    1.75 inches (4.4 cm)
C.    2 inches (5.1 cm)
D.    3 inches (7.6 cm)

Answer: B

A blade server chassis has two power supplies. Which of the following is a benefit of a technician connecting each power supply to a separate UPS unit?

A.    Quality of service
B.    Fault tolerance
C.    Traffic shaping
D.    Load balancing

Answer: B

A blade chassis can hold 16 half-height blades or eight full-height blades. Which of the following is the MAXIMUM number of half-height blades that can be installed in the chassis if six full-height blades are already installed?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    8
D.    16

Answer: B

A technician is asked to install an additional NIC in a server. Which of the following hardware considerations would be BEST for the technician to make?

A.    Power consumption
B.    Bus type and speed
C.    CPU stepping
D.    CAS latency

Answer: B

A server technician is replacing a web server in an organization. The new server has two integrated NICs. Which of the following describes how the NICs should be configured for fault protection?

A.    The NICs should be configured separately with one MAC address.
B.    The NICs should be placed into a team with one MAC address.
C.    The NICs should be configured separately with two MAC addresses.
D.    The NICs should be placed into a team with two MAC addresses.

Answer: B

A server administrator is implementing disk redundancy in all database servers. Which of the following RAID configurations should the administrator use so that a MINIMUM number of disks are required?

A.    RAID 0
B.    RAID 1
C.    RAID 5
D.    RAID 6

Answer: B

A server administrator is configuring a new server for an organization. The server will function as a firewall and proxy server, as well as provide NAT services for other devices on the network. Which of the following BEST describes how the network hardware on the server should be configured?

A.    The server should have at least two NICs: one configured with an IP address on the inside network, and one with an IP address on the outside network.
B.    The server should have at least two NICs: each NIC should be configured with an IP address on the same network segment.
C.    The server requires only one NIC, as the NIC can be configured with two IP addresses: one for the inside network segment, and one for the outside network segment.
D.    The server requires at least three NICs: one configured with an IP address for the intranet clients, one with an IP address on the inside network, and one with an IP address on the outside network.

Answer: A

A certain rack mounted blade server chassis needs 3-phase power for operation. There is currently only single-phase power coming into the room. The administrator needs to: ____.

A.    call an electrician to wire the single-phase power into 3-phase power
B.    use a single-phase UPS to power the 3-phase server
C.    call an electrician to see if 3-phase power can be brought into the room
D.    use an adapter to configure the server to use single-phase power

Answer: C

Which of the following is the MOST redundant power solution?

A.    Two power supplies, each hooked up to individual legs of one 3-phase circuit.
B.    Two power supplies, each hooked up to the same 1-phase circuit.
C.    Two power supplies, each hooked up to separate 1-phase circuits.
D.    One power supply hooked up to two 1-phase circuits.

Answer: C

An administrator is tasked with deploying a server in a telephone switching station. Which of the following voltages will MOST likely be available at the facility?

A.    48V DC
B.    120V DC
C.    220V AC
D.    440V AC

Answer: A

A system administrator is given a server with an existing OS installed and four empty SAS bays. The system administrator is asked to set up a new data drive for testing with 100 GB of data. For the best possible performance, which of the following should the system administrator select for the data storage?

A.    SCSI
B.    SATA
C.    Solid state drive
D.    Flash drive

Answer: C

A server administrator has been asked to make recommendations for purchase of a new database server that will be processing all of the company accounts. One area of concern from prior experience is the storage type used by the database server. The server is expected to have a large number of transactions that occur, but will not require a large amount of capacity for the data storage. Given these requirements, which of the following storage criteria are MOST important? (Select TWO.)

A.    Capacity
B.    RPM
C.    IOPS
D.    Seek time and latency
E.    Form factor
F.    Bus width

Answer: CD

An administrator has been tasked with making recommendations for purchasing new disks for a low I/O file server. Keeping in mind that budget and capacity are the primary concerns, which the following disk types should the administrator recommend?

A.    SATA
B.    FC
C.    SCSI
D.    SAS

Answer: A

When looking at an organization’s file server configuration, an IT manager determines that several outages are tied to a lack of redundancy in the disk controller configuration. Which of the following features would the IT manager look for in a new configuration to correct this?

A.    Disk shadowing
B.    RAID 0
C.    Remote journaling
D.    Electronic vaulting
E.    Disk duplexing

Answer: E

A new server has two drives and a RAID controller. Which of the following is an option for configuring the storage on this server?

A.    RAID 0
B.    RAID 5
C.    RAID 6
D.    RAID 10

Answer: A

A technician is installing a server using a two-channel RAID controller, using RAID 1 for the first channel and RAID 5 for the second channel. If the technician has six 1 TB disks total, how will this configuration look?

A.    One disk RAID 1, five disks RAID 5
B.    Two disks RAID 1, four disks RAID 5
C.    Three disks RAID 1, three disks RAID 5
D.    Four disks RAID 1, two disks RAID 5

Answer: B

A server administrator implements external storage for a file server. At a later time, another administrator wants to extend this storage to a second server but is unable to connect to two servers simultaneously. Which of the following storage types was implemented by the first administrator?

A.    DAS
B.    NAS
C.    VSAN
D.    SAN

Answer: A

A technician is tasked with connecting a server to a NAS. Which of the following connection types should be used?

A.    HBA
B.    Ethernet
C.    Fiber Fabric
D.    Multiplexer

Answer: B

When using multifactor authentication, which of the following represents “something you have”?

A.    A password
B.    A PIN
C.    A fingerprint
D.    An ID card

Answer: D

A datacenter audit finds that a number of personnel are not using access cards when entering a secured area with a coworker. Which of the following security methods could be implemented to help prevent this behavior?

A.    Mantrap
B.    Keypad
C.    Smart card
D.    Security camera

Answer: A

A technician is installing an operating system on a server using source files on a USB storage device. The technician is unable to boot to the USB device using different USB ports on the server. Which of the following should the technician do to ensure that the operating system can be installed from the USB storage?

A.    Copy the source files to a CD
B.    Install the latest USB device drivers
C.    Reconfigure the boot order
D.    Update the BIOS firmware

Answer: C

The IT director instructed the systems administrator to build a server to support the accounting department’s file growth. The IT director requested that the accounting users have the ability to encrypt their files; however, the accounting users have reported the inability to encrypt their files. Which of the following file system types is MOST likely causing this issue?

A.    QFS
B.    ZFS
C.    FAT32
D.    CIFS
E.    ext4

Answer: C

Which of the following server types translates FQDNs to IP addresses?

A.    DHCP
B.    SMTP
C.    DNS
D.    FTP

Answer: C

Two servers are to be configured for high availability in a cluster. Both servers will be running applications at the same time. This feature is know as: ____.

A.    round robin
B.    heartbeat
C.    active/active
D.    active/passive

Answer: C

Which of the following is the purpose of an NTP server?

A.    For hosting instant messaging applications
B.    For synchronizing clocks on network devices
C.    For file sharing and collaboration
D.    For hosting newsgroups

Answer: B

An administrator wishes to use KVM remotely to monitor and control a server farm. In order to perform this function: ____.

A.    remote control must be disabled on each server.
B.    the host must be reachable via the IP address.
C.    a serial cable must be available.
D.    a monitor must be attached to every server.

Answer: B

An administrator needs to reconfigure a Linux server’s operating system. Which of the following tools can the administrator use to access a command shell over the network? (Select TWO.)

A.    Connect with SSH
B.    Connect with RDP
C.    Connect with VNC
D.    Connect with BASH
E.    Connect with FTP

Answer: AC

A system administrator needs to directly control a server that has no network connectivity. Which of the following should be used to accomplish this?

A.    SSH
B.    KVM
C.    RDP
D.    iLO/iDRAC

Answer: B

A customer reports that connectivity to their web server has been sporadic throughout the morning. An administrator has applied OS patches periodically throughout the morning and rebooted the server. Which of the following has the administrator MOST likely violated?

A.    Service level agreement
B.    Mean time before failure
C.    Mean time to repair
D.    Request for proposal

Answer: A

A technician needs to install additional memory in a server to help resolve performance issues. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A.    Perform an impact analysis.
B.    Follow change management procedures.
C.    Install the additional memory.
D.    Update system firmware.

Answer: B

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