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An attacker captures the encrypted communication between two parties for a week, but is unable to decrypt the messages. The attacker then compromises the session key during one exchange and successfully compromises a single message. The attacker plans to use this key to decrypt previously captured and future communications, but is unable to. This is because the encryption scheme in use adheres to ____.

A.    asymmetric encryption
B.    out-of-band key exchange
C.    perfect forward secrecy
D.    secure key escrow

Answer: C

Many employees are receiving email messages similar to the one shown below:
From IT department
To employee
Subject email quota exceeded
Pease click on the following link http://www.website.info/email.php?quota=1Gb and provide your username and password to increase your email quota.
Upon reviewing other similar emails, the security administrator realized that all the phishing URLs have the following common elements; they all use HTTP, they all come from .info domains, and they all contain the same URI. Which of the following should the security administrator configure on the corporate content filter to prevent users from accessing the phishing URL, while at the same time minimizing false positives?

A.    BLOCK http://www.*.info/*
B.    DROP http://*.website.info/email.php?*
C.    Redirect http://www.*.info/email.php?quota=* to http://company.com/corporate_polict.html
D.    DENY http://*.info/email.php?quota=1Gb

Answer: D

A security analyst is reviewing the following packet capture of an attack directed at a company’s server located in the DMZ:
Which of the following ACLs provides the BEST protection against the above attack and any further attacks from the same IP, while minimizing service interruption?

A.    DENY TCO From ANY to
B.    Deny UDP from to
C.    Deny IP from to
D.    Deny TCP from to

Answer: D

The IT department needs to prevent users from installing untested applications. Which of the following would provide the BEST solution?

A.    Job rotation
B.    Least privilege
C.    Account lockout
D.    Antivirus

Answer: B

An attack that is using interference as its main attack to impede network traffic is which of the following?

A.    Introducing too much data to a targets memory allocation
B.    Utilizing a previously unknown security flaw against the target
C.    Using a similar wireless configuration of a nearby network
D.    Inundating a target system with SYN requests

Answer: A

An organization wants to conduct secure transactions of large data files. Before encrypting and exchanging the data files, the organization wants to ensure a secure exchange of keys. Which of the following algorithms is appropriate for securing the key exchange?

A.    DES
B.    Blowfish
C.    DSA
D.    Diffie-Hellman
E.    3DES

Answer: D

Ann, a college professor, was recently reprimanded for posting disparaging remarks regrading her coworkers on a web site. Ann stated that she was not aware that the public was able to view her remakes. Which of the following security-related trainings could have made Ann aware of the repercussions of her actions?

A.    Data Labeling and disposal
B.    Use of social networking
C.    Use of P2P networking
D.    Role-based training

Answer: B

During a recent audit, it was discovered that many services and desktops were missing security patches. Which of the following BEST describes the assessment that was performed to discover this issue?

A.    Network mapping
B.    Vulnerability scan
C.    Port scan
D.    Protocol analysis

Answer: B

When generating a request for a new x.509 certificate for securing a website, which of the following is the MOST appropriate hashing algorithm?

A.    RC4
B.    MD5
C.    HMAC
D.    SHA

Answer: B

The administrator installs database software to encrypt each field as it is written to disk. Which of the following describes the encrypted data?

A.    In-transit
B.    In-use
C.    Embedded
D.    At-rest

Answer: B

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