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Which of the following can affect electrostatic discharge in a network operations center?

A.    Fire suppression
B.    Environmental monitoring
C.    Proximity card access
D.    Humidity controls

Answer: D

a malicious attacker has intercepted HTTP traffic and inserted an ASCII line that sets the referrer URL. Which of the following is the attacker most likely utilizing?

A.    Header manipulation
B.    Cookie hijacking
C.    Cross-site scripting
D.    Xml injection

Answer: A

A company would like to prevent the use of a known set of applications from being used on company computers. Which of the following should the security administrator implement?

A.    Whitelisting
B.    Anti-malware
C.    Application hardening
D.    Blacklisting
E.    Disable removable media

Answer: D

A new hire wants to use a personally owned phone to access company resources. The new hire expresses concern about what happens to the data on the phone when they leave the company. Which of the following portions of the company’s mobile device management configuration would allow the company data to be removed from the device without touching the new hire’s data?

A.    Asset control
B.    Device access control
C.    Storage lock out
D.    Storage segmentation

Answer: B

A consultant has been tasked to assess a client’s network. The client reports frequent network outages. Upon viewing the spanning tree configuration, the consultant notices that an old and law performing edge switch on the network has been elected to be the root bridge. Which of the following explains this scenario?

A.    The switch also serves as the DHCP server
B.    The switch has the lowest MAC address
C.    The switch has spanning tree loop protection enabled
D.    The switch has the fastest uplink port

Answer: C

An organization is trying to decide which type of access control is most appropriate for the network. The current access control approach is too complex and requires significant overhead. Management would like to simplify the access control and provide user with the ability to determine what permissions should be applied to files, document, and directories. The access control method that BEST satisfies these objectives is ____.

A.    rule-based access control
B.    role-based access control
C.    mandatory access control
D.    discretionary access control

Answer: D

While reviewing the security controls in place for a web-based application, a security controls assessor notices that there are no password strength requirements in place. Because of this vulnerability, passwords might be easily discovered using a brute force attack. Which of the following password requirements will MOST effectively improve the security posture of the application against these attacks? (Select TWO.)

A.    Minimum complexity
B.    Maximum age limit
C.    Maximum length
D.    Minimum length
E.    Minimum age limit
F.    Minimum reuse limit

Answer: AC

A security administrator determined that users within the company are installing unapproved software. Company policy dictates that only certain applications may be installed or ran on the user’s computers without exception. Which of the following should the administrator do to prevent all unapproved software from running on the user’s computer?

A.    Deploy antivirus software and configure it to detect and remove pirated software.
B.    Configure the firewall to prevent the downloading of executable files.
C.    Create an application whitelist and use OS controls to enforce it.
D.    Prevent users from running as administrator so they cannot install software.

Answer: C

A security administrator is tasked with implementing centralized management of all network devices. Network administrators will be required to logon to network devices using their LDAP credentials. All command executed by network administrators on network devices must fall within a preset list of authorized commands and must be logged to a central facility. Which of the following configuration commands should be implemented to enforce this requirement?

A.    LDAP server
B.    CN=company, CN=com, OU=netadmin, DC=
C.    SYSLOG server
D.    TACAS server

Answer: B

A website administrator has received an alert from an application designed to check the integrity of the company’s website. The alert indicated that the hash value for a particular MPEG file has changed. Upon further investigation, the media appears to be the same as it was before the alert. Which of the following methods has MOST likely been used?

A.    Cryptography
B.    Time of check/time of use
C.    Man-in-the-middle
D.    Covert timing
E.    Steganography

Answer: E

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