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As a result of an approved change, the project manager updates the project plan with the newest project end date. Which of the following change control processes should the project manager complete NEXT?

A.    Document the request in the change control log.
B.    Communicate the change deployment.
C.    Conduct an impact assessment.
D.    Implement the change.

Answer: D

A project manager was just assigned to a new project. Which of the following activities should the project manager undertake after accepting the project? (Choose two.)

A.    Review the detailed plan.
B.    Develop a preliminary scope.
C.    Develop a transition plan.
D.    Develop a project management plan.
E.    Review the resource pool.
F.    Review the project objectives.

Answer: AF

A program manager is reviewing the project portfolio and prioritizing each project based on the company’s strategic plan. Which of the following should be considered in this evaluation? (Choose two.)

A.    Company vision.
B.    Global environment.
C.    Brand value.
D.    Mission statement.
E.    Portfolio budget.
F.    Local legislation.

Answer: AB

Which of the following describes three-tier architecture?

A.    Conceptual, design, and implementation stages.
B.    Presentation, application, and data processing.
C.    Network, software, and security.
D.    Development, testing, and production environment.

Answer: B
The bottom tier is Data, middle is Application, top tier is Presentation.

Which of the following items must be protected as PII? (Choose two.)

A.    Job title.
B.    Home address.
C.    Work phone number.
D.    Time zone.
E.    Date of birth.
F.    Blood type.

Answer: BE

A client provides a project plan to the assigned project manager and suggests that the project manager and team just need to execute the plan. Upon further investigation, the document contains:
– Purpose
– Scope of work
– Location of work
– Period of performance
– Deliverables schedule
– Applicable standards
– Acceptance criteria
– Special requirements
– Payment schedule
Which of the following documents did the client provide to the project manager?

A.    RFP
B.    WBS
C.    SLA
D.    SOW

Answer: D

Which of the following software programs would be BEST to use to store information related to business transactions?

A.    Record management system.
B.    Customer relationship management.
C.    Enterprise resource planning.
D.    Content management system.

Answer: C

A project manager has been informed that the delivery of required IT equipment will be delayed. Which of the following is the FIRST step the project manager should take?

A.    Make an impact assessment.
B.    Prepare a new purchase order.
C.    Select a new vendor.
D.    Create a risk register.

Answer: A

A project team has just experienced an unexpected event and implemented a work-around. Which of the following documents should be used to record the event? (Choose two.)

A.    Risk report.
B.    Defect log.
C.    Issue log.
D.    Backlog.
E.    Change log.
F.    Progress report.

Answer: CE
Issue log and change log are documents that should be used to record the event where the project team has just experienced an unexpected event and implemented a work-around. An issue log is a document that tracks and records any issues or problems that arise during a project and how they are resolved. An issue log can help to monitor and control the project performance and quality and prevent any negative impacts on the project objectives and deliverables. A change log is a document that tracks and records any changes or modifications that are made to the project scope, schedule, cost, quality, or resources during a project. A change log can help to document the change request, approval, implementation, and impact of each change and ensure traceability and transparency.

Which of the following BEST illustrates how team members with different roles should interact on the team?

A.    SOW
B.    WBS
C.    RACI
D.    PERT

Answer: C

A project manager needs to update the project sponsor and senior stakeholders about the progress of a project. Which of the following tools will the project manager MOST likely use?

A.    Dashboard.
B.    Gantt chart.
C.    Work breakdown structure.
D.    Requirements Traceability Matrix.

Answer: A

During a code implementation, a senior developer and junior tester are discussing the testing scenarios that were performed. A major malfunction resulted in an inoperative product condition. As a result, the team was forced to work until midnight to restore operations. Which of the following should the PM have generated FIRST to alleviate the impact of this issue prior to deployment?

A.    A risk budget.
B.    A risk impact.
C.    A change request.
D.    A contingency plan.

Answer: D

An organization was fined due to an audit finding that revealed a third-party vendor was able to see secured project information in a recently implemented system. Which of the following was the cause of this situation?

A.    The ticket system provided access by default without any approval.
B.    The project manager did not perform proper project planning.
C.    The system is lacking proper access controls.
D.    Sensitive data was incorrectly classified during the audit process.

Answer: C

Which of the following project phases would include a feasibility study?

A.    Initiating.
B.    Planning.
C.    Monitoring and controlling.
D.    Executing.

Answer: A
A feasibility study to analyze the hardware, software, facilities, and databases needed for a proposed project.

A customer requests an additional requirement for the finished product. After the change is identified and documented, which of the following would be the NEXT step in the process?

A.    Update the project documents to show the change.
B.    Evaluate the impact of the change.
C.    Implement the requested change.
D.    Submit the change request for approval.

Answer: B
The steps for the change control process: Identify and document, evaluate the impact, identify the approval authority.

Which of the following is an activity that should be used in the closing phase of a project to support the project triple constraint?

A.    Evaluating the project.
B.    Releasing the resources.
C.    Closing the contracts.
D.    Reconciling the budget.

Answer: D
The project triple constraint refers to the relationship between scope, time, and cost in a project. Reconciling the project budget at the closing phase of a project ensures that all expenses have been accounted for, and the final budget is reconciled with the actual expenses, which is crucial to measuring cost performance. By the way, evaluating the project is an activity that should be conducted throughout the project and not just in the closing phase. The purpose of evaluating the project is to determine whether the project was a success or failure, or if there are any areas that require improvement.

A project manager prefers to have immediate contact with team members because it allows for faster response times and more interactive discussions. Which of the following communication methods should the project manager use?

A.    Synchronous
B.    Informal
C.    Asynchronous
D.    Formal

Answer: A
In project management, synchronous contact style refers to a communication style where communication between team members or stakeholders happens in real-time. It involves direct, immediate communication through channels such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, video conferences, or instant messaging. Synchronous contact style is useful when team members need to collaborate closely, exchange information quickly, or make decisions rapidly. It is particularly effective for solving urgent or complex problems, discussing critical issues, or resolving conflicts.

A project is created in response to a security breach. The project requires multiple patches to be fully compliant. Which of the following BEST describes this approach?

A.    Agile.
B.    Critical path.
C.    SWOT.
D.    Waterfall.

Answer: A
It’s agile because agile is iterative and this requires multiple patches, i.e. multiple iterations.

By developing a project schedule, a PM has already validated the constraints, outlined the duration of the tasks and the phases, and confirmed the proper sequence and flow of the project. Which of the following activities still needs to be performed to complete the schedule?

A.    Allocate resources.
B.    Determine the project budget.
C.    Develop a communication plan.
D.    Establish baselines.

Answer: A
Developing a project schedule involves identifying the tasks, estimating their duration and sequencing them in the proper order. Once the tasks have been sequenced, the project manager needs to allocate resources to each task to ensure that the tasks are adequately staffed to complete them as outlined in the schedule. Resource allocation also ensures that the project is staffed with the right skills and that the resources are working on the right tasks at the correct levels of effort.

During the stabilization phase for recently deployed software, an end user reports a bug that is compromising data integrity. Which of the following tools will the project manager MOST likely use?

A.    Issue log.
B.    Defect log.
C.    Change log.
D.    Task board.

Answer: B
A defect log is used in software development when defects (or bugs) are found during testing and after release.

A project manager has been very diligent in maintaining the version control for the documentation of requirements. Which of the following tools is the project manager using?

A.    Multiauthoring software.
B.    Word processor.
C.    Real-time polling.
D.    Conferencing platforms.

Answer: A
Version control tools are traceability tools for source code. They automatically track what changed, when, and by whom. Multi-authoring tools allow hundreds or thousands of people to contribute their knowledge and track those changes, allowing you to revert to an older version if necessary.

A project team is meeting to develop the lessons learned document for archival purposes. In which of the following phases is this project?

A.    Closing Most Voted
B.    Planning
C.    Development
D.    Testing

Answer: A
Plain as day that it’s Closing. Lessons learned is one of the subitems of the Closing phase in CompTIA’s official exam-objectives outline.

A severe adverse event was not documented and has impacted the project. Which of the following will be MOST affected?

A.    Communication plan.
B.    Project charter.
C.    Action item.
D.    Project schedule.

Answer: D
Planning and executing depends upon the documentation of its events. A mishap in such case may adversely affect the budget and time schedule of completing the project.

Due to budgetary and time constraints, a PM scheduled a meeting with all stakeholders during the planning phase to review the requirements and come to an agreement on the minimum viable product that would be acceptable. Which of the following would be used to document this input?

A.    Project change management plan.
B.    Project management plan.
C.    Project transition plan.
D.    Project communication plan.

Answer: B
Project management plan – developed in the planning phase and updated throughout project. Details how a project will be executed to achieve objectives.

In a functional organization, a project has been completed successfully. Which of the following actions would the project manager MOST likely perform?

A.    Assemble a new project with existing resources.
B.    Obtain the final report from release management.
C.    Notify the functional manager that resources are released.
D.    Allocate resources in a different project.

Answer: C
In a functional organization, employees are assigned to projects on a temporary basis. When a project is completed, the employees are released back to their functional manager. The project manager is responsible for notifying the functional manager that the resources are available.

While developing a project charter, a PM discovers that some of the legal requirements have not been addressed during the project concept preparation, which could result in significant financial penalties against the organization. The PM knows that implementation of appropriate changes is costly and will exceed the budget and scope of the project. Which of the following should the PM do FIRST?

A.    Escalate the finding to the change control board.
B.    Add a risk to the risk register for validation.
C.    Consult the RACI matrix to identify ownership of the risk.
D.    Have a meeting with the project sponsor and main stakeholders.

Answer: D

Which of the following activities would a project manager perform during the closing phase? (Choose three.)

A.    Lessons learned.
B.    Risk analysis.
C.    Removing resources.
D.    Acquiring resources.
E.    Statement of work sign-off.
F.    Stakeholder analysis.
G.    Removing access.

Answer: ACG
– A. Lessons learned: The project manager should conduct a lessons learned exercise to identify what worked well and what did not work in the project. This helps to improve organizational learning, as well as identify best practices and areas for future improvement.
– C. Removing resources: The project manager should ensure that all resources, including personnel and equipment, are released and made available for other projects following project completion. By properly closing out and releasing resources, the project manager can help to ensure that they remain available for other critical initiatives.
– G. Removing access: The project manager should ensure that all team members have their system access revoked following project completion. This is essential from a security perspective, as it helps to prevent unauthorized access to project information and data.

Which of the following is captured when baselining a project?

A.    KPI
B.    SV
C.    BAC
D.    AC

Answer: A
KPIs, or key performance indicators, use to captured and measure baseline of the project.

After a release, the project sponsor received an escalation from an executive about the extension of the downtime after the scheduled window. Which of the following should be added to the issue log?

A.    Continuous integration.
B.    Rollback plan.
C.    Customer notification.
D.    Automated testing.

Answer: C
Customer notification should be added to the issue log after receiving an escalation from an executive about the extension of the downtime after the scheduled window. Customer notification is a communication activity that informs the customers about any issues or changes that may affect their satisfaction or expectations. Customer notification can help to maintain trust, transparency, and goodwill with the customers and prevent any negative impacts on their business operations or experience.

Due to multiple changes, the sign-off for the project scope baseline is delayed. The project sponsor has restricted the budget for this project. Which of the following should the project manager MOST likely do to move forward?

A.    Communicate with the affected stakeholders.
B.    Initiate a formal change request to modify the cost.
C.    Adjust the scope to stay within the cost.
D.    Set a new cost using a lightweight estimation method.

Answer: A
The project manager should communicate with the affected stakeholders first after realizing that the sign-off for the project scope baseline is delayed due to multiple changes and that the budget for this project is restricted by the project sponsor. The affected stakeholders are those who have an interest or influence on the project and may be impacted by any changes or delays. Communicating with them can help to explain the situation, assess the impact, seek feedback, and manage expectations.


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