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An ATM in a building lobby has been compromised. A security technician has been advised that the ATM must be forensically analyzed by multiple technicians. Which of the following items in a forensic tool kit would likely be used FIRST? (Choose two.)

A.    Drive adapters
B.    Chain of custody form
C.    Write blockers
D.    Crime tape
E.    Hashing utilities
F.    Drive imager

Answer: BC

A business-critical application is unable to support the requirements in the current password policy because it does not allow the use of special characters. Management does not want to accept the risk of a possible security incident due to weak password standards. Which of the following is an appropriate means to limit the risks related to the application?

A.    A compensating control.
B.    Altering the password policy.
C.    Creating new account management procedures.
D.    Encrypting authentication traffic.

Answer: D

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has asked the security staff to identify a framework on which to base the security program. The CISO would like to achieve a certification showing the security program meets all required best practices. Which of the following would be the BEST choice?

B.    SDLC
C.    SANS
D.    ISO

Answer: D

A security analyst is concerned that employees may attempt to exfiltrate data prior to tendering their resignations. Unfortunately, the company cannot afford to purchase a data loss prevention (DLP) system. Which of the following recommendations should the security analyst make to provide defense-in-depth against data loss? (Choose three.)

A.    Prevent users from accessing personal email and file-sharing sites via web proxy.
B.    Prevent flash drives from connecting to USB ports using Group Policy.
C.    Prevent users from copying data from workstation to workstation.
D.    Prevent users from using roaming profiles when changing workstations.
E.    Prevent Internet access on laptops unless connected to the network in the office or via VPN.
F.    Prevent users from being able to use the copy and paste functions.

Answer: ABE

An employee in the billing department accidentally sent a spreadsheet containing payment card data to a recipient outside the organization. The employee intended to send the spreadsheet to an internal staff member with a similar name and was unaware of the mistake until the recipient replied to the message. In addition to retraining the employee, which of the following would prevent this from happening in the future?

A.    Implement outgoing filter rules to quarantine messages that contain card data.
B.    Configure the outgoing mail filter to allow attachments only to addresses on the whitelist.
C.    Remove all external recipients from the employee’s address book.
D.    Set the outgoing mail filter to strip spreadsheet attachments from all messages.

Answer: B

A security analyst recently discovered two unauthorized hosts on the campus’s wireless network segment from a man-m-the-middle attack. The security analyst also verified that privileges were not escalated, and the two devices did not gain access to other network devices. Which of the following would BEST mitigate and improve the security posture of the wireless network for this type of attack?

A.    Enable MAC filtering on the wireless router and suggest a stronger encryption for the wireless network.
B.    Change the SSID, strengthen the passcode, and implement MAC filtering on the wireless router.
C.    Enable MAC filtering on the wireless router and create a whitelist that allows devices on the network.
D.    Conduct a wireless survey to determine if the wireless strength needs to be reduced.

Answer: A

Which of the following MOST accurately describes an HSM?

A.    An HSM is slower at encrypting than software.
B.    An HSM can be networked based or a removable USB.
C.    An HSM is a low-cost solution for encryption.
D.    An HSM is explicitly used for MFA.

Answer: C

A security analyst is investigating malicious traffic from an internal system that attempted to download proxy avoidance software as identified from the firewall logs but the destination IP is blocked and not captured. Which of the following should the analyst do?

A.    Review the network logs.
B.    Capture live data using Wireshark.
C.    Take a snapshot.
D.    Determine if DNS logging is enabled.
E.    Shut down the computer.

Answer: E

Which of the following technologies can be used to house the entropy keys for disk encryption on desktops and laptops?

A.    HSM
B.    Bus encryption
C.    TPM
D.    Self-encrypting drive

Answer: D

A developer wrote a script to make names and other Pll data unidentifiable before loading a database export into the testing system. Which of the following describes the type of control that is being used?

A.    Data encoding
B.    Data masking
C.    Data loss prevention
D.    Data classification

Answer: C

A small organization has proprietary software that is used internally. The system has not been well maintained and cannot be updated with the rest of the environment. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

A.    Virtualize the system and decommission the physical machine.
B.    Remove it from the network and require air gapping.
C.    Only allow access to the system via a jumpbox.
D.    Implement MFA on the specific system.

Answer: A

Which of the following attacks can be prevented by using output encoding?

A.    Server-side request forgery
B.    Cross-site scripting
C.    SQL injection
D.    Command injection
E.    Cross-site request forgery
F.    Directory traversal

Answer: B

A security analyst is responding to an incident on a web server on the company network that is making a large number of outbound requests over DNS. Which of the following is the FIRST step the analyst should take to evaluate this potential indicator of compromise?

A.    Reimage the machine to remove the threat completely and get back to a normal running state.
B.    Start a network capture on the system to look into the DNS requests to validate command and control traffic.
C.    Shut down the system to prevent further degradation of the company network.
D.    Run an anti-malware scan on the system to detect and eradicate the current threat.
E.    Isolate the system on the network to ensure it cannot access other systems while evaluation is underway.

Answer: D

A security analyst conducted a risk assessment on an organization’s wireless network and identified a high-risk element in the implementation of data confidentially protection. Which of the following is the BEST technical security control to mitigate this risk?

A.    Switch to RADIUS technology.
B.    Switch to TACACS+ technology.
C.    Switch to 802.1X technology.
D.    Switch to the WPA2 protocol.

Answer: B

A security analyst discovers accounts in sensitive SaaS-based systems are not being removed in a timely manner when an employee leaves the organization. To BEST resolve the issue, the organization should implement ____.

A.    federated authentication
B.    role-based access control
C.    manual account reviews
D.    multifactor authentication

Answer: A


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