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After a recent security breach, a security analyst reports that several administrative usernames and passwords are being sent via cleartext across the network to access network devices over port 23. Which of the following should be implemented so all credentials sent over the network are encrypted when remotely accessing and configuring network devices?

A.    SSH
B.    SNMPv3
C.    SFTP
D.    Telnet
E.    FTP

Answer: A

A security administrator has discovered that workstations on the LAN are becoming infected with malware. The cause of the infections appears to be users receiving phishing emails that are bypassing the current email-filtering technology. As a result, users are being tricked into clicking on malicious URLs, as no internal controls currently exist in the environment to evaluate their safety. Which of the following would be BEST to implement to address the issue?

A.    Forward proxy.
B.    HIDS.
C.    Awareness training.
D.    A jump server.
E.    IPS.

Answer: B

Which of the following are common VoIP-associated vulnerabilities? (Choose two.)

A.    SPIM
B.    Vising
C.    Hopping
D.    Phishing
E.    Credential Harvesting
F.    Tailgating

Answer: DF

A customer service representative reported an unusual text message that was sent to the help desk. The message contained an unrecognized invoice number with a large balance due and a link to click for more details. Which of the following BEST describes this technique?

A.    Vishing
B.    Whaling
C.    Phishing
D.    Smishing

Answer: D

A security analyst has identified malware spreading through the corporate network and has activated the CSIRT. Which of the following should the analyst do NEXT?

A.    Review how the malware was introduced to the network.
B.    Attempt to quarantine all infected hosts to limit further spread.
C.    Create help desk tickets to get infected systems reimaged.
D.    Update all endpoint antivirus solutions with the latest updates.

Answer: D

Multiple business accounts were compromised a few days after a public website had its credentials database leaked on the Internet. No business emails were identified in the breach, but the security team thinks that the list of passwords exposed was later used to compromise business accounts. Which of the following would mitigate the issue?

A.    Complexity requirements.
B.    Password history.
C.    Acceptable use policy.
D.    Shared accounts.

Answer: B

After gaining access to a dual-homed (i.e.. wired and wireless) multifunction device by exploiting a vulnerability in the device’s firmware, a penetration tester then gains shell access on another networked asset. This technique is an example of ____.

A.    privilege escalation
B.    footprinting
C.    persistence
D.    pivoting

Answer: A

An organization has hired a red team to simulate attacks on its security posture. Which of the following will the blue team do after detecting an loC?

A.    Reimage the impacted workstations.
B.    Activate runbooks for incident response.
C.    Conduct forensics on the compromised system.
D.    Conduct passive reconnaissance to gather information.

Answer: C

A security analyst was called to Investigate a file received directly from a hardware manufacturer. The analyst is trying to determine whether the file was modified in transit before installation on the user’s computer. Which of the following can be used to safely assess the file?

A.    Check the hash of the installation file.
B.    Match the file names.
C.    Verify the URL download location.
D.    Verify the code-signing certificate.

Answer: A

Which of the following would detect intrusions at the perimeter of an airport?

A.    Signage
B.    Fencing
C.    Motion Sensors
D.    Lighting
E.    Bollards

Answer: B
Fibre optic cable is designed to detect and pinpoint the location of intrusion anywhere on the airport perimeter fence, providing real-time reporting of intrusion.

A cloud service provider has created an environment where customers can connect existing local networks to the cloud lor additional computing resources and block internal HR applications from reaching the cloud. Which of the following cloud models is being used?

A.    Public
B.    Community
C.    Hybrid
D.    Private

Answer: C

Developers are about to release a financial application, but the number of fields on the forms that could be abused by an attacker is troubling. Which of the following techniques should be used to address this vulnerability?

A.    Implement input validation.
B.    Encrypt data Before submission.
C.    Perform a manual review.
D.    Conduct a peer review session.

Answer: B

Due to unexpected circumstances, an IT company must vacate its main office, forcing all operations to alternate, off-site locations. Which of the following will the company MOST likely reference for guidance during this change?

A.    The business continuity plan.
B.    The retention policy.
C.    The disaster recovery plan.
D.    The incident response plan.

Answer: B


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