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A database administrator wants to grant access to an application that will be reading and writing data to a database. The database is shared by other applications also used by the finance department. Which of the following account types Is MOST appropriate for this purpose?

A.    Service
B.    Shared
C.    Generic
D.    Admin

Answer: C

A company is receiving emails with links to phishing sites that look very similar to the company’s own website address and content. Which of the following is the BEST way for the company to mitigate this attack?

A.    Create a honeynet to trap attackers who access the VPN with credentials obtained by phishing.
B.    Generate a list of domains similar to the company’s own and implement a DNS sinkhole for each.
C.    Disable POP and IMAP on all Internet-facing email servers and implement SMTPS.
D.    Use an automated tool to flood the phishing websites with fake usernames and passwords.

Answer: C

As part of a security compliance assessment, an auditor performs automated vulnerability scans. In addition, which of the following should the auditor do to complete the assessment?

A.    User behavior analysis.
B.    Packet captures.
C.    Configuration reviews.
D.    Log analysis.

Answer: D

After multiple on premises security solutions were migrated to the cloud, the incident response time increased. The analyst are spending a long time to trace information on different cloud consoles and correlating data in different formats. Which of the following can be used to optimize the incident response time?

A.    CASB
B.    VPC
C.    SWG
D.    CMS

Answer: A

Which of the following is the MOST relevant security check to be performed before embedding third-parry libraries in developed code?

A.    Check to see if the third party has resources to create dedicated development and staging environments.
B.    Verify the number of companies that downloaded the third-party code and the number of contributions on the code repository.
C.    Assess existing vulnerabilities affecting the third-parry code and the remediation efficiency of the libraries’ developers.
D.    Read multiple penetration-testing reports for environments running software that reused the library.

Answer: D

Certain users are reporting their accounts are being used to send unauthorized emails and conduct suspicious activities. After further investigation, a security analyst notices the following:
– All users share workstations throughout the day.
– Endpoint protection was disabled on several workstations throughout the network.
– Travel times on logins from the affected users are impossible.
– Sensitive data is being uploaded to external sites.
– All user account passwords were forced to be reset and the issue continued.
Which of the following attacks is being used to compromise the user accounts?

A.    Brute-force
B.    Keylogger
C.    Dictionary
D.    Rainbow

Answer: B

Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for securing an air-gapped laboratory HVAC system?

A.    To avoid data leakage.
B.    To protect surveillance logs.
C.    To ensure availability.
D.    To restrict remote access.

Answer: A

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) requested a report on potential areas of improvement following a security incident. Which of the following incident response processes is the CISO requesting?

A.    Lessons learned.
B.    Preparation.
C.    Detection.
D.    Containment.
E.    Root cause analysis.

Answer: A

While reviewing an alert that shows a malicious request on one web application, a cybersecurity analyst is alerted to a subsequent token reuse moments later on a different service using the same single sign-on method. Which of the following would BEST detect a malicious actor?

A.    Utilizing SIEM correlation engines.
B.    Deploying Netflow at the network border.
C.    Disabling session tokens for all sites.
D.    Deploying a WAF for the web server.

Answer: D

An administrator is experiencing issues when trying to upload a support file to a vendor. A pop-up message reveals that a payment card number was found in the file, and the file upload was blocked. Which of the following controls is most likely causing this issue and should be checked FIRST?

A.    DLP.
B.    Firewall rule.
C.    Content filter.
D.    MDM.
E.    Application whitelist.

Answer: A

After returning from a conference, a user’s laptop has been operating slower than normal and overheating, and the fans have been running constantly. During the diagnosis process, an unknown piece of hardware is found connected to the laptop’s motherboard. Which of the following attack vectors was exploited to install the hardware?

A.    Removable media.
B.    Spear phishing.
C.    Supply chain.
D.    Direct access.

Answer: A

Which of the following policies establishes rules to measure third-party work tasks and ensure deliverables are provided within a specific time line?

A.    SLA
B.    MOU
C.    AUP
D.    NDA

Answer: A

Which of the following in a forensic investigation should be priorities based on the order of volatility? (Choose two.)

A.    Page files.
B.    Event logs.
C.    RAM.
D.    Cache.
E.    Stored files.
F.    HDD.

Answer: AD

A security forensics analyst is examining a virtual server. The analyst wants to preserve the present state of the virtual server, including memory contents. Which of the following backup types should be used?

A.    Snapshot
B.    Differential
C.    Cloud
D.    Full
E.    Incremental

Answer: A

A security manager needs to assess the security posture of one of the organization’s vendors. The contract with the vendor does not allow for auditing of the vendor’s security controls. Which of the following should the manager request to complete the assessment?

A.    A service-level agreement.
B.    A business partnership agreement.
C.    A SOC 2 Type 2 report.
D.    A memorandum of understanding.

Answer: A


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