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An organization that uses SPF has been notified emails sent via its authorized third-party partner are getting rejected A security analyst reviews the DNS entry and sees the following:
“v=spfl ip4: ip4: include: robusmail.com -all”
The organization’s primary mail server IP is 180.10 6.6, and the secondary mail server IP is The organization’s third-party mail provider is “Robust Mail” with the domain name robustmail.com. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the rejected emails?

A.    The wrong domain name is in the SPF record.
B.    The primary and secondary email server IP addresses are out of sequence.
C.    SPF version 1 does not support third-party providers.
D.    An incorrect IP version is being used.

Answer: A

A newly appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has completed a risk assessment review of the organization and wants to reduce the numerous risks that were identified. Which of the following will provide a trend of risk mitigation?

A.    Risk response.
B.    Risk analysis.
C.    Planning.
D.    Oversight.
E.    Continuous monitoring.

Answer: A

A host is spamming the network unintentionally. Which of the following control types should be used to address this situation?

A.    Operational
B.    Corrective
C.    Managerial
D.    Technical

Answer: B

A cybersecurity analyst needs to determine whether a large file named access log from a web server contains the following loC:
Which of the following commands can be used to determine if the string is present in the log?

A.    echo access.log | grep “../../../../bin/bash”
B.    grep “../../../../bin/bash” 1 cat access.log
C.    grep “../../../. ./bin/bash” < access.log
D.    cat access.log > grep “../../../ ../bin/bash”

Answer: C

A security team identified some specific known tactics and techniques to help mitigate repeated credential access threats, such as account manipulation and brute forcing. Which of the following frameworks or models did the security team MOST likely use to identify the tactics and techniques?

A.    Kill chain.
B.    Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis.
D.    ITIL.

Answer: C

A security analyst receives a CVE bulletin, which lists several products that are used in the enterprise. The analyst immediately deploys a critical security patch. Which of the following BEST describes the reason for the analyst’s immediate action?

A.    A known exploit was discovered.
B.    There is an insider threat.
C.    Nation-state hackers are targeting the region.
D.    A new zero-day threat needs to be addressed.
E.    A new vulnerability was discovered by a vendor.

Answer: E

Portions of a legacy application are being refactored to discontinue the use of dynamic SQL. Which of the following would be BEST to implement in the legacy application?

A.    Multifactor authentication.
B.    Web-application firewall.
C.    SQL injection.
D.    Parameterized queries.
E.    Input validation.

Answer: C

A small marketing firm uses many SaaS applications that hold sensitive information. The firm has discovered terminated employees are retaining access to systems for many weeks after their end date. Which of the following would BEST resolve the issue of lingering access?

A.    Configure federated authentication with SSO on cloud provider systems.
B.    Perform weekly manual reviews on system access to uncover any issues.
C.    Implement MFA on cloud-based systems.
D.    Set up a privileged access management tool that can fully manage privileged account access.

Answer: D

A security analyst receives an alert to expect increased and highly advanced cyberattacks originating from a foreign country that recently had sanctions implemented. Which of the following describes the type of threat actors that should concern the security analyst?

A.    Hacktivist.
B.    Organized crime.
C.    Insider threat.
D.    Nation-state.

Answer: C

An organization recently discovered some inconsistencies in the motherboards it received from a vendor. The organization’s security team then provided guidance on how to ensure the authenticity of the motherboards it received from vendors. Which of the following would be the BEST recommendation for the security analyst to provide?

A.    The organization should evaluate current NDAs to ensure enforceability of legal actions.
B.    The organization should maintain the relationship with the vendor and enforce vulnerability scans.
C.    The organization should ensure all motherboards are equipped with a TPM.
D.    The organization should use a certified, trusted vendor as part of the supply chain.

Answer: D

A company wants to outsource a key human-resources application service to remote employees as a SaaS-based cloud solution. The company’s GREATEST concern should be the SaaS provider’s:

A.    DLP procedures.
B.    logging and monitoring capabilities.
C.    data protection capabilities.
D.    SLA for system uptime.

Answer: A

A remote code execution vulnerability was discovered in the RDP. An organization currently uses RDP for remote access to a portion of its VDI environment. The analyst verified network-level authentication is enabled. Which of the following is the BEST remediation for this vulnerability?

A.    Verify the latest endpoint-protection signature is in place.
B.    Verify the corresponding patch for the vulnerability is installed.
C.    Verify the system logs do not contain indicator of compromise.
D.    Verify the threat intelligence feed is updated with the latest solutions.

Answer: A

Legacy medical equipment, which contains sensitive data, cannot be patched. Which of the following is the BEST solution to improve the equipment’s security posture?

A.    Move the legacy systems behind a WAF.
B.    Implement an air gap for the legacy systems.
C.    Implement a VPN between the legacy systems and the local network.
D.    Place the legacy systems in the DMZ.

Answer: A

While investigating an incident in a company’s SIEM console, a security analyst found hundreds of failed SSH login attempts, which all occurred in rapid succession. The failed attempts were followed by a successful login on the root user Company policy allows systems administrators to manage their systems only from the company’s internal network using their assigned corporate logins. Which of the following are the BEST actions the analyst can take to stop any further compromise? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure /etc/sshd_config to deny root logins and restart the SSHD service.
B.    Add a rule on the network IPS to block SSH user sessions.
C.    Configure /etc/passwd to deny root logins and restart the SSHD service.
D.    Reset the passwords for all accounts on the affected system.
E.    Add a rule on the perimeter firewall to block the source IP address.
F.    Add a rule on the affected system to block access to port TCP/22.

Answer: AE

An organization’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has asked department leaders to coordinate on communication plans that can be enacted in response to different cybersecurity incident triggers. Which of the following is a benefit of having these communication plans?

A.    They can help to prevent the inadvertent release of damaging information outside the organization.
B.    They can quickly inform the public relations team to begin coordinating with the media as soon as a breach is detected.
C.    They can help to keep the organization’s senior leadership informed about the status of patching during the recovery phase.
D.    They can help to limit the spread of worms by coordinating with help desk personnel earlier in the recovery phase.

Answer: C

A security analyst needs to identify possible threats to a complex system a client is developing. Which of the following methodologies would BEST address this task?

A.    Open Source Security Information Management (OSSIM)
B.    Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM)
C.    Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

D.    Spoofing, Tampering. Repudiation, Information disclosure. Denial of service, Elevation of privileges (STRIDE)

Answer: C

An organization’s network administrator uncovered a rogue device on the network that is emulating the charactenstics of a switch. The device is trunking protocols and inserting tagging va the flow of traffic at the data link layer. Which of the following BEST describes this attack?

A.    VLAN hopping.
B.    Injection attack.
C.    Spoofing.
D.    DNS pharming.

Answer: A

Which of the following is the BEST security practice to prevent ActiveX controls from running malicious code on a user’s web application?

A.    Configuring a firewall to block traffic on ports that use ActiveX controls.
B.    Adjusting the web-browser settings to block ActiveX controls.
C.    Installing network-based IPS to block malicious ActiveX code.
D.    Deploying HIPS to block malicious ActiveX code.

Answer: D


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