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Which of the following components acts as an intermediary device between the internal user’s PC and external web servers to provide caching services that save on Internet bandwidth resources?

A.    Firewall
B.    Proxy server
C.    IDS
D.    Load balancer

Answer: B

Which of the following should a network administrator deploy to control all preventive security measures?

A.    UTM
B.    Firewall
C.    IDS
D.    Proxy

Answer: A

Which of the following steps is a network technician MOST likely to take to secure a new network printer? (Choose two.)

A.    Change the default credentials.
B.    Disable unnecessary services.
C.    Secure the physical access.
D.    Generate new encryption keys.
E.    Enable HTTPS access.
F.    Turn on WPS.

Answer: AB

A network technician is working on a new wireless project. The network manager has a primary requirement of achieving speeds of at least 1 Gbps when connected. Which of the following standards would be appropriate for the technician to implement?

A.    802.11a
B.    802.11ac
C.    802.11b
D.    802.11n

Answer: B

A company needs to implement a fault-tolerant server configuration after the failure of its database server. The company decides to implement load-balancing redundant servers. Which of the following should be used for file storage for the servers?

A.    IDE
B.    Cloud storage
C.    SAN
D.    iSCSI

Answer: C

A network technician is segmenting a network to allow for unauthenticated public connections to a server. Which of the following devices would BEST safeguard the internal network from the public-facing server?

A.    Router
B.    Layer 3 switch
C.    Proxy server
D.    Firewall
E.    Intrusion detection system

Answer: D

A technician recently ran a new cable over fluorescent lighting. Assuming the technician used the appropriate cables, which of the following connectors should be used to terminate it?

A.    RJ11
B.    LC
C.    BNC
D.    F-type

Answer: B

A security manager asks a technician to install a network device that will provide information about attacks against the network but will not stop them. Which of the following devices is MOST suited for this task?

A.    IDS
B.    IPS
C.    Layer 7 firewall
D.    RADIUS server

Answer: A

Which of the following services describes a distribution model in which applications are hosted by a service provider and made available to users?

A.    PaaS
B.    SaaS
C.    IaaS
D.    MaaS

Answer: B

A company’s receptionist hands out slips of paper with access codes to visitors each day. A recent internal audit revealed the current method of guest access needs to be improved. Which of the following would improve the security of the guest network?

A.    Implement WPA2-PSK.
B.    Implement a captive portal.
C.    Implement certificate-based 802.1X.
D.    Implement MAC filtering.

Answer: B

A consulting company was hired to project and deploy a new datacenter in a different city. This new facility must have the same components installed as the current datacenter to be ready to take over all the network services as soon as the primary site becomes unavailable. Which of the following describes what will be deployed in the new location?

A.    Cold site
B.    Hot site
C.    Warm site
D.    Off-site backup
E.    Infrastructure as a service

Answer: B

A company is redesigning its office to remove the divider walls between desks and create an open collaboration area. All network cables are run through the divider walls, and a new wireless network will be installed. Which of the following sets of documents will need to be revised based on the new configuration?

A.    Standard operating procedures and rack diagrams.
B.    Inventory management forms and MDF inventory forms.
C.    Work instructions and performance baselines.
D.    Physical network layout and port locations.

Answer: D

A senior technician is reconfiguring the company’s firewall because a number of additional devices have been added to the network. The company has acquired a new VoIP phone system, and a group of junior technicians has set up an experimental lab with access to the Internet. Management has given the team latitude for research and development, but would like the company network to be secure and the performance to remain consistent with existing baselines. Which of the following would be the BEST method to reconfigure the network?

A.    The technician should put the junior team’s lab in a VLAN and the phone system in the DMZ.
B.    The technician should put the junior team’s lab in a DMZ and the phone system in a VLAN.
C.    The technician should put the junior team’s lab in the LAN and the phone system in the WAN.
D.    The technician should put the junior team’s lab in the WAN and the phone system in a WLAN.

Answer: B

A network technician discovers there is no connectivity on a T1 line even though the cable connection appears to be in place. The router shows there is no active connection on the port. The issue is occurring between the demarcation point and the router port. The router cable tests fine and is terminated at the demarcation panel. Which of the following tools should be used to fix the issue?

A.    Punchdown tool
B.    Crimper
C.    OTDR
D.    Loopback adapter

Answer: A

A new datacenter is being created, and management is trying to control access to that area. Which of the following are the BEST choices for providing access to the new datacenter? (Choose two.)

A.    Captive portal
B.    Wireless IP camera
C.    Biometrics
D.    Key fob
E.    Private key infrastructure
F.    Access control list

Answer: CD

A security manager asks the network administrator to block VoIP protocols using the default ports on the corporate firewall. Which of the following ports should be blocked to prevent this type of traffic from going outside the company’s network? (Choose three.)

A.    67
B.    68
C.    161
D.    636
E.    1720
F.    5060
G.    5061

Answer: EFG

A network technician is helping an end user who is working on a spreadsheet for a very important client. The client can see the file on the remote share but is not able to open the document to print it. This issue is associated with which of the following OSI layers?

A.    Layer 2
B.    Layer 3
C.    Layer 6
D.    Layer 7

Answer: D

A network device compares a computed value of its major software components against a stored value. While the network device is loading, the device halts and alerts the administrator that the values are different. Which of the following is the name of the value in use, and what does this process provide? (Choose two.)

A.    A snapshot
B.    A hash
C.    A password service
D.    A key
E.    Provides authentication
F.    Provides integrity
G.    Provides confidentiality
H.    Provides availability

Answer: BF

Management asks a network technician to install a new connection between two main locations. Management requests that the connection be the fastest possible for data replication. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate type?

A.    PRI
B.    ADSL
C.    T3/E3
D.    ISDN

Answer: C

A wireless technician needs to deploy a single 802.11 standard that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies with up to 40MHz channel widths. Which of the following wireless standards should the technician configure?

A.    ac
B.    b
C.    g
D.    n

Answer: D

A network technician is investigating a device that has been reported as responding slowly. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST?

A.    Power status
B.    Traffic analysis
C.    Logical diagram
D.    Utilization

Answer: D

A document outlining the types of actions allowed on the corporate network would be BEST defined as an ____.

A.    AUP
B.    NDA
C.    MOU
D.    MOA

Answer: A

Which of the following may state: “Employees may not browse social media websites from company-owned computers?”

A.    AUP
B.    BYOD
C.    NDA
D.    SLA

Answer: A

A company recently completed construction of a new remote office. The network administrator needs to set up new network devices, such as printers and a local file server, at the remote location. The new devices need to be configured on the same Layer 2 network as the main office. Which of the following should the network administrator configure?

A.    Remote desktop gateway
B.    Transport mode IPSec
C.    SSH tunneling

Answer: D


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