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A systems analyst is responsible for generating a new digital forensics chain-of-custody form. Which of the following should the analyst Include in this documentation? (Choose two.)

A.    The order of volatility.
B.    A checksum.
C.    The location of the artifacts.
D.    The vendor’s name.
E.    The date and time.
F.    A warning banner.

Answer: AE

Which of the following is the BEST reason to maintain a functional and effective asset management policy that aids in ensuring the security of an organization?

A.    To provide data to quantity risk based on the organization’s systems.
B.    To keep all software and hardware fully patched for known vulnerabilities.
C.    To only allow approved, organization-owned devices onto the business network.
D.    To standardize by selecting one laptop model for all users in the organization.

Answer: B

An attacker was easily able to log in to a company’s security camera by performing a baste online search for a setup guide for that particular camera brand and model. Which of the following BEST describes the configurations the attacker exploited?

A.    Weak encryption.
B.    Unsecure protocols.
C.    Default settings.
D.    Open permissions.

Answer: C

The process of passively gathering information poor to launching a cyberattack is called ____.

A.    tailgating
B.    reconnaissance
C.    pharming
D.    prepending

Answer: B

An attacked is attempting to exploit users by creating a fake website with the URL www.validwebsite.com. The attacker s intent is to imitate the look and feel of a legitimate website to obtain personal information from unsuspecting users. Which of the following social-engineering attacks does this describe?

A.    Information elicitation.
B.    Typo squatting.
C.    Impersonation.
D.    Watering-hole attack.

Answer: D

An attacker is trying to gain access by installing malware on a website that is known to be visited by the target victims. Which of the following is the attacker MOST likely attempting?

A.    A watering-hole attack.
B.    A spear-phishing attack.
C.    Typo squatting.
D.    A phishing attack.

Answer: A

Which of the following types of controls is a CCTV camera that is not being monitored?

A.    Detective
B.    Deterrent
C.    Physical
D.    Preventive

Answer: B

A cybersecurity administrator is using iptables as an enterprise firew ll. The administrator created some rules, but the network now seems to be unresponsive All connections are being dropped by the firewall. Which of the following would be the BEST option to remove the rules?

A.    # iptables -t mangle -X
B.    # iptables -F
C.    # iptables -Z
D.    # iptables -P INPUT -j DROP

Answer: D

A privileged user at a company stole several proprietary documents from a server. The user also went into the log files and deleted all records of the incident. The systems administrator has Just informed investigators that other log files are available for review. Which of the following did the administrator MOST likely configure that will assist the investigators?

A.    Memory dumps.
B.    The syslog server.
C.    The application logs.
D.    The log retention policy.

Answer: B

A security engineer at an offline government facility is concerned about the validity of an SSL certificate. The engineer wants to perform the fastest check with the least delay to determine if the certificate has been revoked. Which of the following would BEST these requirement?

A.    RA
B.    OCSP
C.    CRL
D.    CSR

Answer: C

A company was recently breached Part of the company’s new cybersecurity strategy is to centralize the logs from all security devices. Which of the following components forwards the logs to a central source?

A.    Log parser.
B.    Log aggregation.
B.    Log enrichment.
C.    Log collector.

Answer: A

A security analyst needs to perf rm periodic vulnerability scans on production systems. Which of the following scan types would produce the BEST vulnerability scan report?

A.    Port.
B.    Intrusive.
C.    Host discovery.
D.    Credentialed.

Answer: D

Which of the following will MOST likely cause machine learning and Al-enabled systems to operate with unintended consequences?

A.    Stored procedures.
B.    Buffer overflows.
C.    Data bias.
D.    Code reuse.

Answer: B

An organization blocks user access to command-line interpreters but hackers still managed to invoke the interpreters using native administrative tools. Which of the following should the security team do to prevent this from Happening in the future?

A.    Implement HIPS to block Inbound and outbound SMB ports 139 and 445.
B.    Trigger a SIEM alert whenever the native OS tools are executed by the user.
C.    Disable the built-in OS utilities as long as they are not needed for functionality.
D.    Configure the AV to quarantine the native OS tools whenever they are executed.

Answer: C

An analyst has determined that a server was not patched and an external actor exfiltrated data on port 139. Which of the following sources should the analyst review to BEST ascertain how the Incident could have been prevented?

A.    The security logs.
B.    The vulnerability scan output.
C.    The baseline report.
D.    The correlation of events.

Answer: A

A cloud administrator is configuring five compute instances under the same subnet in a VPC. Three instances are required to communicate with one another, and the other two must he logically isolated from all other instances in the VPC. Which of the following must the administrator configure to meet this requirement?

A.    One security group.
B.    Two security groups.
C.    Three security groups.
D.    Five security groups.

Answer: B

A security architect at a large, multinational organization is concerned about the complexities and overhead of managing multiple encryption keys securely in a multicloud provider environment. The security architect is looking for a solution with reduced latency to allow the incorporation of the organization’s existing keys and to maintain consistent, centralized control and management regardless of the data location. Which of the following would BEST meet the architect’s objectives?

A.    Trusted Platform Module
B.    laaS
C.    HSMaaS
D.    PaaS
E.    Key Management Service

Answer: E


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