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The administrator at a SaaS provider wants to improve security of the systems hosting the SaaS application. The administrator has created a script that monitors malware research sites and automatically creates and uploads signatures when new vulnerabilities are announced. To which of the following security services is the script MOST likely to upload these signatures?

A.    Proxy
B.    VPN
C.    Firewall
D.    IDP

Answer: D

A new company policy requires all data stored in a private cloud to be encrypted at rest. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to achieve this requirement with the least performance impact?

A.    Enable encryption of the file systems in VM templates.
B.    Enable encryption on the hypervisor side.
C.    Enable encryption on storage arrays.
D.    Enable encryption using the host’s TPM.

Answer: C

A CSA needs to migrate 200TB of on-premises SAN data to a private cloud located in the same region. Which of the following should the CSA analyze? (Choose two.)

A.    VPN restrictions.
B.    DNS settings.
C.    Network bandwidth.
D.    SSO settings.
E.    Maintenance windows.
F.    Legal restrictions.

Answer: CE

A cloud administrator wants to make a web application on the company’s private cloud available to multiple remote sites. Which of the following protocols BEST provides IP packet encapsulation?

A.    L2TP
B.    GRE
C.    PPTP
D.    SIP

Answer: B

A company is migrating a website to a CSP to improve availability and performance. After testing the application, the systems engineer realizes the website stores the session state in a database system. Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure a successful migration?

A.    Configure the new website to use the database system.
B.    Migrate to a DBaaS and keep the session state.
C.    Implement a new database system to store the session state.
D.    Deploy a load balancer to store the session state.

Answer: A

The access control department creates a process to grant elevated administrator privileges for only a certain amount of time for a specific administrator task in an IaaS-hosted VM resource. Which of the following access control method is used?

A.    SSO.
B.    Policy-based.
C.    Two-factor authentication.
D.    RBAC.

Answer: B

A CSA needs to apply new OS security patches to the application cluster server farm in a public cloud provider. The CSA wants to ensure the security patch and configuration are consistent for all members of the server farm. Which of the following deployment practices is the BEST approach to do this?

A.    Update and validate the runbook procedures prior to the patch rollout.
B.    Leverage the infrastructure as code and replace each server farm member.
C.    Configure and patch each server individually and take an OS differential backup.
D.    Snapshot all existing server farm members before installing the patch.

Answer: D

A cloud administrator is building a company’s payment system in the public cloud. Which of the following security standards is the cloud administrator MOST likely to apply to comply with industry standards?

A.    PKI
B.    PCI
C.    PII
D.    PSK

Answer: B

A technician uses a workflow to create new virtual servers in a private cloud. The workflow reports that the process was successful, but the virtual servers do not appear in the cloud dashboard. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the servers were not created?

A.    Job validation issue.
B.    Location changes.
C.    Version feature mismatch.
D.    Bandwidth limitations.

Answer: A

Several of an organization’s mobile applications are hosted in a cloud environment, and the risk team requires cross-site scripting protection to ensure availability. Which of the following is the MOST efficient security tool to implement?

A.    IPSec
B.    WAF
C.    VPN
D.    HIPS

Answer: B
A web application firewall or WAF helps protect a web application against malicious HTTP traffic. By placing a filtration barrier between the targeted server and the attacker, the WAF is able to protect against attacks like cross site forgery, cross site scripting and SQL injection.

A cloud administrator is managing a VPC within an IaaS service model and needs to install quarterly updates. Which of the following cloud components should the administrator update? (Choose three.)

A.    Network switches.
B.    Hypervisor.
C.    Storage array.
D.    Storage switches.
E.    Operating system.
F.    Application.
G.    Antivirus.
H.    Load balancer.

Answer: BEG

The end users of a SaaS application use multiple services from the same application. A unique login ID and password are required for each user to access each service. Which of the following access control methods should be implemented by the SaaS application vendor to simplify the access to its services?

A.    RBAC
B.    SAML
C.    SSO
D.    MFA

Answer: B

A consumer is performing a comparison between different IaaS providers for upcoming cloud migrations. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate option to make a comparison for the selection process?

A.    Hardware technology used.
B.    Virtualization platform.
C.    Backup services.
D.    SLA offerings.

Answer: D

A company decided to move an event-driven application, which processes complex data, to the public cloud. The current datacenter is becoming expensive to maintain because the application only runs when an event occurs and is idle most of the time. The scale and complexity of the events vary. Which of the following is the MOST optimal solution?

A.    Mainframe compute environment.
B.    Dedicated compute environment.
C.    Serverless compute environment.
D.    High-performance compute environment.

Answer: C

During troubleshooting of a performance problem with an all-flash array that is used to store the primary production data of multiple virtualization clusters in a private cloud, the storage vendor wants to perform an upgrade of the array firmware. Which of the following should be done NEXT?

A.    Open a change request and ask for approval.
B.    Establish a plan of action and implement it.
C.    Download the array firmware and apply it on the affected array.
D.    Document the findings.

Answer: B

A cloud engineer was recently hired at a company. The IT manager has tasked the cloud engineer to perform server maintenance in its public cloud. The cloud engineer is unaware of the process to perform the routine maintenance. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A.    Request training.
B.    Refer to previous documentation.
C.    Perform updates in the test environment.
D.    Refer to the SOP.

Answer: C

A cloud administrator is moving a healthcare application to the public cloud. The application needs to be secured while data is being stored. Which of the following technologies should be deployed to BEST meet the requirements?

A.    Self-encrypting drives.
B.    Data masking.
C.    Deduplication.
D.    Data compression.

Answer: D


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