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After a phishing scam for a user’s credentials, the red team was able to craft a payload to deploy on a server. The attack allowed the installation of malicious software that initiates a new remote session. Which of the following types of attacks has occurred?

A.    Privilege escalation.
B.    Session replay.
C.    Application programming interface.
D.    Directory traversal.

Answer: A

A security analyst notices several attacks are being blocked by the NIPS but does not see anything on the boundary firewall logs. The attack seems to have been thwarted. Which of the following resiliency techniques was applied to the network to prevent this attack?

A.    NIC Teaming.
B.    Port mirroring.
C.    Defense in depth.
D.    High availability.
E.    Geographic dispersal.

Answer: C

A network administrator at a large organization Is reviewing methods to improve the security of the wired LAN Any security improvement must be centrally managed and allow corporate-owned devices to have access to the intranet but limit others to Internet access only. Which of the following should the administrator recommend?

A.    802.1X utilizing the current PKI infrastructure.
B.    SSO to authenticate corporate users.
C.    MAC address filtering with ACLs on the router.
D.    PAM for user account management.

Answer: A

An organization is having difficulty correlating events from its individual AV. EDR. DLP. SWG. WAF. MOM. HIPS, and CASB systems. Which of the following is the BEST way to improve the situation?

A.    Remove expensive systems that generate few alerts.
B.    Modify the systems to alert only on critical issues.
C.    Utilize a SIEM to centralize togs and dashboards.
D.    Implement a new syslog/NetFlow appliance.

Answer: C

A security an alyst needs to implement security features across smartphones. laptops, and tablets. Which of the following would be the MOST effective across heterogeneous platforms?

A.    Enforcing encryption.
B.    Deploying GPOs.
C.    Removing administrative permissions.
D.    Applying MDM software.

Answer: D

A external forensics investigator has been hired to investigate a data breach at a large enterprise with numerous assets. It is known that the breach started in the DMZ and moved to the sensitive information, generating multiple logs as the attacker traversed through the network. Which of the following will BEST assist with this investigation?

A.    Perform a vulnerability scan to identity the weak spots.
B.    Use a packet analyzer to Investigate the NetFlow traffic.
C.    Check the SIEM to review the correlated logs.
D.    Require access to the routers to view current sessions.

Answer: C

The human resources department of a large online retailer has received multiple customer complaints about the rudeness of the automated chatbots It uses to interface and assist online shoppers. The system, which continuously learns and adapts, was working fine when it was installed a few months ago. Which of the following BEST describes the method being used to exploit the system?

A.    Baseline modification.
B.    A fileless virus.
C.    Tainted training data.
D.    Cryptographic manipulation.

Answer: C

An organization’s corporate offices were destroyed due to a natural disaster, so the organization is now setting up offices in a temporary work space. Which of the following will the organization MOST likely consult?

A.    The business continuity plan.
B.    The disaster recovery plan.
C.    The communications plan.
D.    The incident response plan.

Answer: A

An organization recently recovered from a data breach. During the root cause analysis, the organization determined the source of the breach to be a personal cell phone that had been reported lost. Which of the following solutions should the organization implement to reduce the likelihood of future data breaches?

A.    MDM
B.    MAM
C.    VDI
D.    DLP

Answer: A

An organization relies on third-party video conferencing to conduct daily business. Recent security changes now require all remote workers to utilize a VPN to corporate resources. Which of the following would BEST maintain high-quality video conferencing while minimizing latency when connected to the VPN?

A.    Using geographic diversity to have VPN terminators closer to end users.
B.    Utilizing split tunneling so only traffic for corporate resources is encrypted.
C.    Purchasing higher-bandwidth connections to meet the increased demand.
D.    Configuring QoS properly on the VPN accelerators.

Answer: D

A company just developed a new web application for a government agency. The application must be assessed and authorized prior to being deployed. Which of the following is required to assess the vulnerabilities resident in the application?

A.    Repository transaction logs.
B.    Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.
C.    Static code analysis.
D.    Non-credentialed scans.

Answer: C

A user must introduce a password and a USB key to authenticate against a secure computer, and authentication is limited to the state in which the company resides. Which of the following authentication concepts are in use?

A.    Something you know, something you have, and somewhere you are.
B.    Something you know, something you can do, and somewhere you are.
C.    Something you are, something you know, and something you can exhibit.
D.    Something you have, somewhere you are, and someone you know.

Answer: A

A company’s help desk received several AV alerts indicating Mimikatz attempted to run on the remote systems. Several users also reported that the new company flash drives they picked up in the break room only have 512KB of storage. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A.    The GPO prevents the use of flash drives, which triggers a false positive AV indication and restricts the drives to only 512KB of storage.
B.    The new flash drives need a driver that is being blocked by the AV software because the flash drives are not on the application’s allow list, temporarily restricting the drives to 512KB of storage.
C.    The new flash drives are incorrectly partitioned, and the systems are automatically trying to use an unapproved application to repartition the drives.
D.    The GPO blocking the flash drives is being bypassed by a malicious flash drive that is attempting to harvest plaintext credentials from memory.

Answer: D

A security analyst is reviewing a penetration-testing report from a third-party contractor. The penetration testers used the organization’s new API to bypass a driver to perform privilege escalation on the organization’s web servers. Upon looking at the API, the security analyst realizes the particular API call was to a legacy system running an outdated OS. Which of the following is the MOST likely attack type?

A.    Request forgery.
B.    Session replay.
C.    DLL injection.
D.    Shimming.

Answer: A

Which of the following utilize a subset of real data and are MOST likely to be used to assess the features and functions of a system and how it interacts or performs from an end user’s perspective against defined test cases? (Choose two.)

A.    Production
B.    Test
C.    Research and Development
D.    PoC
E.    UAT
F.    SDLC

Answer: BE

A network administrator is concerned about users being exposed to malicious content when accessing company cloud applications. The administrator wants to be able to block access to sites based on the AUP. The users must also be protected because many of them work from home or at remote locations, providing on-site customer support. Which of the following should the administrator employ to meet these criteria?

A.    Implement NAC.
B.    Implement an SWG.
C.    Implement a URL filter.
D.    Implement an MDM.

Answer: B

An information security officer at a credit card transaction company is conducting a framework- mapping exercise with the internal controls. The company recently established a new office in Europe. To which of the following frameworks should the security officer map the existing controls? (Choose two.)

A.    ISO
C.    SOC
D.    GDPR
E.    CSA
F.    NIST

Answer: BD

Several large orders of merchandise were recently purchased on an e-commerce company’s website. The totals for each of the transactions were negative values, resulting in credits on the customers’ accounts. Which of the following should be implemented to prevent similar situations in the future?

A.    Ensure input validation is in place to prevent the use of invalid characters and values.
B.    Calculate all possible values to be added together and ensure the use of the proper integer in the code.
C.    Configure the web application firewall to look for and block session replay attacks.
D.    Make sure transactions that are submitted within very short time periods are prevented from being processed.

Answer: A

To mitigate the impact of a single VM being compromised by another VM on the same hypervisor, an administrator would like to utilize a technical control to further segregate the traffic. Which of the following solutions would BEST accomplish this objective?

A.    Install a hypervisor firewall to filter east-west traffic.
B.    Add more VLANs to the hypervisor network switches.
C.    Move exposed or vulnerable VMs to the DMZ.
D.    Implement a zero-trust policy and physically segregate the hypervisor servers.

Answer: B

A nationwide company is experiencing unauthorized logins at all hours of the day. The logins appear to originate from countries in which the company has no employees. Which of the following controls should the company consider using as part of its IAM strategy? (Choose two.)

A.    A complex password policy.
B.    Geolocation.
C.    An impossible travel policy.
D.    Self-service password reset.
E.    Geofencing.
F.    Time-based logins.

Answer: AB


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