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A wireless client is having issues staying connected to the wireless network even though the client is less than 20ft (6m) from the access point. Which if the following is MOST likely the cause?

A.    Distance limitations
B.    Latency
C.    Security type mismatch
D.    Absorption

Answer: D

A technician has received a report that details the need for a patch and a complete list of the affected systems. Which of the following activities MOST likely generated the report?

A.    Port enumeration
B.    Baseline review
C.    Vulnerability scanning
D.    Packet analysis

Answer: C

A network technician is installing and configuring a new router for the sales department. Once the task is complete, which of the following needs to be done to record the change the technician is masking to the company network?

A.    Change management
B.    Network diagrams
C.    Inventory report
D.    Labeling report

Answer: A

A network topology requires a switch to be placed in an unsecured location. Which of the following techniques should be used to prevent unauthorized access? (Choose two.)

A.    Disabling unused ports
B.    Upgrading firmware
C.    Using secure protocols
D.    File hashing
E.    MAC filtering
F.    Configuring a honeypot

Answer: AE

A wireless access point that was working in a large warehouse last week is now offline. The technician observes there is no power to the device. The technician verifies PoE is working on the switchport, and then confirms the wireless access point is still not powering up. Which of the following is the MOST likely issue?

A.    Attenuation
B.    Incorrect pin-out
C.    Damaged cable
D.    Switch configuration

Answer: C

A network engineer is trying to determine where to place a firewall based on the flow of traffic. Which of the following types of documentation would assist the engineer in doing this?

A.    Change management
B.    Rack diagram
C.    Network configuration
D.    Network diagram

Answer: D

Which of the following protocols is used by Active Directory for authentication?

A.    SSH
B.    SFTP
C.    LDAP
D.    TLS

Answer: C

Log files show the admin user has logged into a public-facing device on several occasions in the evening. None of the technicians admit to doing any after-hours work, and the password has been changed several times but failed to prevent the logins. Which of the following should be the NEXT step to attempt to harden the device?

A.    Disable unused ports.
B.    Reset the two-factor token.
C.    Disable virtual ports.
D.    Upgrade the firmware.

Answer: A

Which of the following BEST describes the characteristics of a differential backup solution?

A.    Backs up files with the creation or modified date as the current date.
B.    Backs up all files and sets the archive bit.
C.    Backs up files with a date earlier than today’s date with a clear archive bit.
D.    Backs up files with the archive bit set but does not clear the bit.

Answer: A

Users report that the network is slow. Upon investigation, the technician notices all users are on one large subnet. Which of the following devices should be used to break up broadcast domains?

A.    Layer 2 switch
B.    Layer 3 switch
C.    Signal repeater
D.    Bridge
E.    Domain server

Answer: B

A network technician has been asked to create secure private networks between a company’s headquarters and several branch locations. The company has provided the on-premises equipment, but each branch has a different ISP. Which of the following technologies should the technician consider using to accomplish this?

A.    Site-to-site
B.    Client-to-site
C.    Point-to-point
D.    Point-to-multipoint

Answer: A

A shop owner wants to ensure that only a specified group of devices can access the wireless network. Which of the following methodologies will BEST ensure unauthorized devices cannot consume the shop owner’s limited Internet bandwidth?

A.    Disable the SSID broadcast.
B.    Implement WEP authentication.
C.    Change the WiFi password.
D.    Activate MAC address filtering.

Answer: D

A network administrator wants to ensure all traffic is inspected and abides by the AUP, and that malicious traffic is stopped. Which of the following features should be enabled on a firewall to meet this requirement?

A.    Intrusion detection
B.    Proxy service
C.    Dynamic DNS
D.    Content filtering

Answer: D

A technician is configuring a new email server and needs to modify DNS records. Which of the following records should the technician update to ensure email functions as expected?

A.    MX
C.    AAAA
D.    SRV

Answer: A

A network administrator is adding a new WAN circuit from the ISP to a new building. In which of the following locations would the network administrator find the utility entry point?

A.    DMZ
B.    Data tier
C.    IDF
D.    Demarc

Answer: D


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