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An analyst is investigating behavior on a corporate-owned, corporate-managed mobile device with application whitelisting enabled, based on a name string. The employee to whom the device is assigned reports the approved email client is displaying warning messages that can launch browser windows and is adding unrecognized email addresses to the “compose” window. Which of the following would provide the analyst the BEST chance of understanding and characterizing the malicious behavior?

A.    Reverse engineer the application binary.
B.    Perform static code analysis on the source code.
C.    Analyze the device firmware via the JTAG interface.
D.    Change to a whitelist that uses cryptographic hashing.
E.    Penetration test the mobile application.

Answer: B

A security appliance vendor is reviewing an RFP that is requesting solutions for the defense of a set of web-based applications. This RFP is from a financial institution with very strict performance requirements. The vendor would like to respond with its solutions. Before responding, which of the following factors is MOST likely to have an adverse effect on the vendor’s qualifications?

A.    The solution employs threat information-sharing capabilities using a proprietary data model.
B.    The RFP is issued by a financial institution that is headquartered outside of the vendor’s own country.
C.    The overall solution proposed by the vendor comes in less that the TCO parameter in the RFP.
D.    The vendor’s proposed solution operates below the KPPs indicated in the RFP.

Answer: D

A vulnerability was recently announced that allows a malicious user to gain root privileges on other virtual machines running within the same hardware cluster. Customers of which of the following cloud-based solutions should be MOST concerned about this vulnerability?

A.    Single-tenant private cloud
B.    Multitenant SaaS cloud
C.    Single-tenant hybrid cloud
D.    Multitenant IaaS cloud
E.    Multitenant PaaS cloud
F.    Single-tenant public cloud

Answer: E

Company leadership believes employees are experiencing an increased number of cyber attacks; however, the metrics do not show this. Currently, the company uses “Number of successful phishing attacks” as a KRI, but it does not show an increase. Which of the following additional information should be the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) include in the report?

A.    The ratio of phishing emails to non-phishing emails.
B.    The number of phishing attacks per employee.
C.    The number of unsuccessful phishing attacks.
D.    The percent of successful phishing attacks.

Answer: D

An organization’s network security administrator has been using an SSH connection to manage switches and routers for several years. After attempting to connect to a router, an alert appears on the terminal emulation software, warning that the SSH key has changed. After confirming the administrator is using the typical workstation and the router has not been replaced, which of the following are the MOST likely s for the warning message? (Choose two.)

A.    The SSH keys were given to another department.
B.    A MITM attack is being performed by an APT.
C.    The terminal emulator does not support SHA-256.
D.    An incorrect username or password was entered.
E.    A key rotation has occurred as a result of an incident.
F.    The workstation is not syncing with the correct NTP server.

Answer: BE

Following a recent outage, a systems administrator is conducting a study to determine a suitable bench stock on server hard drives. Which of the following metrics is MOST valuable to the administrator in determining how many hard drives to keep-on hand?

A.    TTR
B.    ALE
C.    MTBF
D.    SLE
E.    RPO

Answer: C

A school contracts with a vendor to devise a solution that will enable the school library to lend out tablet computers to students while on site. The tablets must adhere to string security and privacy practices. The school’s key requirements are to:
– Maintain privacy of students in case of loss
– Have a theft detection control in place
– Be compliant with defined disability requirements
– Have a four-hour minimum battery life
Which of the following should be configured to BEST meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    Remote wiping
B.    Geofencing
C.    Antivirus software
D.    TPM
E.    FDE
F.    Tokenization

Answer: AD

A project manager is working with a software development group to collect and evaluate user scenarios related to the organization’s internally designed data analytics tool. While reviewing stakeholder input, the project manager would like to formally document the needs of the various stakeholders and the associated organizational compliance objectives supported by the project. Which of the following would be MOST appropriate to use?

A.    Roles matrix
B.    Peer review
C.    BIA
D.    SRTM

Answer: D

A laptop is recovered a few days after it was stolen. Which of the following should be verified during incident response activities to determine the possible impact of the incident?

A.    Full disk encryption status.
B.    TPM PCR values.
C.    File system integrity.
D.    Presence of UEFI vulnerabilities.

Answer: D

A new database application was added to a company’s hosted VM environment. Firewall ACLs were modified to allow database users to access the server remotely. The company’s cloud security broker then identified abnormal from a database user on-site. Upon further investigation, the security team noticed the user ran code on a VM that provided access to the hypervisor directly and access to other sensitive data. Which of the following should the security do to help mitigate future attacks within the VM environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Install the appropriate patches.
B.    Install perimeter NGFW.
C.    Configure VM isolation.
D.    Deprovision database VM.
E.    Change the user’s access privileges.
F.    Update virus definitions on all endpoints.

Answer: AB

A penetration testing manager is contributing to an RFP for the purchase of a new platform. The manager has provided the following requirements:
– Must be able to MITM web-based protocols
– Must be able to find common misconfigurations and security holes
Which of the following types of testing should be included in the testing platform? (Choose two.)

A.    Reverse engineering tool
B.    HTTP intercepting proxy
C.    Vulnerability scanner
D.    File integrity monitor
E.    Password cracker
F.    Fuzzer

Answer: BC

An incident responder wants to capture volatile memory comprehensively from a running machine for forensic purposes. The machine is running a very recent release of the Linux OS. Which of the following technical approaches would be the MOST feasible way to accomplish this capture?

A.    Run the memdump utility with the -k flag.
B.    Use a loadable kernel module capture utility, such as LiME.
C.    Run dd on/dev/mem.
D.    Employ a stand-alone utility, such as FTK Imager.

Answer: D

A firewall specialist has been newly assigned to participate in red team exercises and needs to ensure the skills represent real-world threats. Which of the following would be the BEST choice to help the new team member learn bleeding-edge techniques?

A.    Attend hacking conventions.
B.    Research methods while using Tor.
C.    Interview current red team members.
D.    Attend web-based training.

Answer: A

A company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) is concerned about the potential for competitors to infer proprietary information gathered from employees’ social media accounts. Which of the following methods should the company use to gauge its social media threat level without targeting individual employees?

A.    Utilize insider threat consultants to provide expertise.
B.    Require that employees divulge social media accounts.
C.    Leverage Big Data analytical algorithms.
D.    Perform social engineering tests to evaluate employee awareness.

Answer: A


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