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A technician needs to improve a workstation’s overall response time for frequently used applications and data without removing the current hard drive. Which of the following storage devices should the technician install to BEST accomplish the objective?

A.    M.2
B.    SAS
C.    HDD
D.    SCSI

Answer: A

Which of the following cloud computing concepts allows a provider to bill a client for the amount of resources the client uses?

A.    Measured service.
B.    Private cloud.
C.    Rapid elasticity.
D.    Hybrid cloud.

Answer: A

A user is looking for a top-of-the-line gaming computer but is prone to motion sickness. The user wants to be able to talk to players and participate the game without using a keyboard. Which of the following should a technician recommend? (Choose two.)

A.    Speakers.
B.    VR headset.
C.    Headset.
D.    Protector.
E.    Game controller.
F.    Microphone.

Answer: CE

A hardware technician is configuring a laptop, and the network administrator requires the network settings to be static. The technician successfully pings the servers by IP address but cannot ping the UNC path. Which of the following is the cause of this issue?

A.    Domain Name System.
B.    Gateway.
C.    Subnet.
D.    IP address.

Answer: A

Which of the following network components is used to connect devices and can efficiently route data to specific destination addresses to minimize packet collisions and improve throughput?

A.    Modem.
B.    Repeater.
C.    Switch.
D.    Hub.

Answer: C

A company just bought a printer capable of automatically printing on both sides of the paper. After installation, however, the technician can only print on both sides of the paper manually. Which of the following should the technician do to fix the issue?

A.    Install the most recent firmware upgrade available for the printer.
B.    Contact the vendor for a hardware replacement.
C.    Reinstall the printer software and drivers, and then restart the printer.
D.    Read the installation manual and configure duplex settings.

Answer: D

A network administrator receives a ticket following a power outage that states the wireless network is down. The administrator discovers the SSID is broadcasting, but data is not being transmitted. Which of the following should the network administrator do FIRST?

A.    Restart the access point.
B.    Reset the access point to default.
C.    Change the access point’s frequency.
D.    Replace the access point’s patch cable.

Answer: A

Users all over campus are calling the help desk to report issues connecting to the Internet. The help desk follows a script to ask questions about their issues. All the users answer the questions similarly. A help desk technician confirms no environmental changes have taken place and is currently looking through multiple system and application logs. Which of the following steps in the troubleshooting methodology is the technician currently performing?

A.    Testing the theory to determine cause.
B.    Identifying the problem.
C.    Documenting findings, actions, and outcomes.
D.    Establishing a plan of action to resolve the issue.

Answer: B

A user is performing an ipconfig but does not see the expected IP address. The user wants to perform a release and renew of the IP to see if that will fix the issue. Which of the following is the user utilizing?

A.    VLAN
B.    NAT
C.    DNS
D.    DHCP

Answer: D

A technician needs to install a printer on the network. Which of the following must the technician configure? (Choose three.)

A.    PCL.
B.    Dots per inch.
C.    Gateway.
D.    Subnet mask.
E.    MAC address.
F.    IMEI.
G.    IP address.
H.    Drivers.

Answer: CDG

A systems administrator at a school is setting up computing devices with keyboards. All the devices need to have an identical build. The administrator knows from prior experience that students often spill food or drinks on their devices. Which of the following is the BEST option for the administrator to use?

A.    Thick clients.
B.    Thin clients.
C.    Laptops.
D.    Workstations.

Answer: D

A user asks a technician for recommendations for building a gaming computer. The user has already ordered a high-end power supply, motherboard, and CPU. Which of the following recommendations would the technician MOST likely make for this configuration? (Choose three.)

A.    NVMe drive.
B.    Gigabit NIC.
C.    Webcam.
D.    Dual monitors.
E.    Graphics processing unit.
F.    RAM.
G.    Virtual reality headset.
H.    Hybrid SSD/HDD drive.

Answer: AEF

A user brings in an older laptop to the help desk and reports issues with the keyboard. Upon inspection, the technician does not see any external damage but notices that many keystrokes do not register in a word processor. The laptop works fine when the technician tests it with an external keyboard. Which of the following actions would MOST likely resolve the issue?

A.    Disable the Sticky Keys feature.
B.    Clean the keyboard.
C.    Reset the BIOS settings to default.
D.    Charge the laptop.

Answer: B


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