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After migrating a network-based print queue to a new server, users are reporting that documents are not printing correctly and print jobs will error out or print garbled text. Which of the following actions will BEST resolve this issue for the affected users?

A.    Install the correct drivers on the server.
B.    Delete and reconnect to the print queue on the client machine.
C.    Restart the print queues on the print server.
D.    Reinstall the printer drivers on the client desktops.

Answer: A

A user reports the cursor jumps around when typing in documents on a new laptop. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?

A.    Touchpad settings
B.    Screen calibration
C.    Incompatible software
D.    Unsigned hardware

Answer: A

A customer wants the thinnest laptop possible. Which of the following display technologies typically allows for thinner devices?

A.    IPS
B.    OLED
C.    LCD
D.    DisplayPort

Answer: B

A user is attempting to print a color document but it will not print in color. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to fix the problem?

A.    Reset printer IP address.
B.    Change color toner cartridge.
C.    Check grayscale setting.
D.    Reinstall printer driver.

Answer: C

A technician has been tasked with setting up email on a user’s phone. The user also wants the email to remain on the server. Which of the following ports would be BEST for setting up the phone?

A.    80
B.    110
C.    143
D.    443

Answer: C

A technician is installing a network-enabled security system that features IP-based cameras. To access the system remotely, which of the following capabilities is MOST likely to require configuration?

A.    VPN passthrough
B.    QoS
C.    Static IPs
D.    Port forwarding

Answer: D

A customer wants to copy a database that is 97 GB in size for multiple uses. Which of the following format specifications should the customer use?

A.    BD-RE DL
B.    BDXL
C.    BD-RE
D.    BD-R

Answer: A

Which of the following ports is used when accessing a website with SSL encryption?

A.    22
B.    80
C.    110
D.    443

Answer: D

A user reports the inability to access a company server using the FTP protocol. A technician finds other ports to the server seem to work normally. The technician has determined the problem is an incorrectly configured software firewall on the user’s machine. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A.    Incoming connections on port 445 are blocked.
B.    Outgoing connections on port 443 are blocked.
C.    Incoming connections on port 143 are blocked.
D.    Outgoing connections on port 80 are blocked.
E.    Outgoing connections on port 21 are blocked.

Answer: E

A customer is reporting that after removing a laptop from the docking station and bringing it home, the cursor occasionally jumps around the screen while the customer is typing. Which of the following should the technician do to mitigate this issue?

A.    Disable the touch pad on the laptop
B.    Install new keyboard drivers for the laptop
C.    Install new drivers for the docking station
D.    Disable the keyboard on the laptop

Answer: A

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