New CompTIA A+ 220-901 Practice Test with VCE and PDF from PassLeader (Question 1251 – Question 1260)

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A user wants to quickly share pictures between mobile devices. The devices will be in close proximity so the necessity of a third party service and/or another networking device is not required. Which of the following is the BEST option for this scenario?

A.    NFC
B.    USB
C.    IR
D.    WiFi

Answer: A

A technician has upgraded the BIOS of a system that is running with multiple hard drives. Afterward, the system will not boot and displays an error message “Operating system not found”. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the technician should inspect?

A.    The hard drive type settings in the BIOS
B.    The power supply connections to the hard drives
C.    The boot sequence settings in the BIOS
D.    The motherboard SATA connectors

Answer: C

A PC has been randomly rebooting several times a day. The technician checks the case for overheating and finds the fans appear to be operating normally. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

A.    The motherboard for any sign of swollen capacitors
B.    The disk drive to determine if it is defragmented and operating properly
C.    The embedded NIC to ensure it has the latest firmware and drivers
D.    The RAM to confirm it is the correct type for the motherboard being used

Answer: A

A user is reporting that a desktop monitor backlighting is very dim. Which of the following should be performed FIRST when troubleshooting the problem?

A.    Update drivers
B.    Reseat the video card
C.    Use OSD tools
D.    Replace the monitor

Answer: C

A technician has just installed a new SOHO router. There are four people sharing the Internet connection, and whenever one specific user comes online and begins streaming media, browsing slows down for the other users. Which of the following settings can the technician adjust so the experience is universal for all users?

A.    DSL
B.    QoS
C.    VNC
D.    WAN

Answer: B

A finance officer has submitted a request for a new wireless access point. The technician has set up the physical equipment and powered it on, but the router will not recognize it. Which of the following should the technician do to correct the problem?

A.    Install firmware updates
B.    Run Windows updates
C.    Perform RPM updates
D.    Use apt-get for updates

Answer: A

A customer signed up for the mobile pay service to use with their first generation smartphone but it does not work at any place that supports the mobile pay service. Which of the following is missing from the customer’s smartphone?

A.    RFID
B.    IMSI
C.    NFC chip
D.    Bluetooth

Answer: C

A small office would like to offer Internet access to customers while onsite. However, customers should not be able to access any corporate data. Which of the following networking features would BEST enable this?

A.    Configure a guest wireless network
B.    Implement a DMZ
C.    Disable NAT on the wireless network
D.    Disable the SSID
E.    Assign static IPs for all devices

Answer: A

There are 20 laptops in a room and they all need to connect wirelessly to the network. Which of the following would be the BEST device to use?

A.    Switch
B.    Router
C.    Access point
D.    Hub

Answer: C

For which of the following types of printers should a technician obtain a maintenance kit containing a fuser, transfer roller, and pickup rollers?

A.    Thermal
B.    Impact
C.    Inkjet
D.    Laser

Answer: D

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