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The security administrator is worried about possible SPIT attacks against the VoIP system. Which of the following security controls would MOST likely need to be implemented to detect this type of attack?

A.    SIP and SRTP traffic analysis
B.    QoS audit on Layer 3 devices
C.    IP and MAC filtering logs
D.    Email spam filter log

Answer: A

A security administrator has been conducting a security assessment of Company XYZ for the past two weeks. All of the penetration tests and other assessments have revealed zero flaws in the systems at Company XYZ. However, Company XYZ reports that it has been the victim of numerous security incidents in the past six months. In each of these incidents, the criminals have managed to exfiltrate large volumes of data from the secure servers at the company. Which of the following techniques should the investigation team consider in the next phase of their assessment in hopes of uncovering the attack vector the criminals used?

A.    Vulnerability assessment
B.    Code review
C.    Social engineering
D.    Reverse engineering

Answer: C

A newly-appointed risk management director for the IT department at Company XYZ, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, needs to conduct a risk analysis regarding a new system which the developers plan to bring on-line in three weeks. The director begins by reviewing the thorough and well-written report from the independent contractor who performed a security assessment of the system. The report details what seems to be a manageable volume of infrequently exploited security vulnerabilities. The likelihood of a malicious attacker exploiting one of the vulnerabilities is low; however, the director still has some reservations about approving the system because of which of the following?

A.    The resulting impact of even one attack being realized might cripple the company financially.
B.    Government health care regulations for the pharmaceutical industry prevent the director from approving a system with vulnerabilities.
C.    The director is new and is being rushed to approve a project before an adequate assessment has been performed.
D.    The director should be uncomfortable accepting any security vulnerabilities and should find time to correct them before the system is deployed.

Answer: A

Which of the following displays an example of a XSS attack?

A.    <SCRIPT>
B.    Checksums-Sha1:7be9e9bac3882beab1abb002bb5cd2302c76c48d 1157 xfig_3.2.5.b-1.dsc
e0e3c9a9df6fac8f1536c2209025577edb1d1d9e 5770796 xfig_3.2.5.b.orig.tar.gz d474180fbeb6955e79bfc67520ad775a87b68d80 46856 xfig_3.2.5.b-1.diff.gz ddcba53dffd08e5d37492fbf99fe93392943c7b0 3363512 xfig-doc_3.2.5.b-1_all.deb 7773821c1a925978306d6c75ff5c579b018a2ac6 1677778 xfig-libs_3.2.5.b-1_all.deb b26c18cfb2ee2dc071b0e3bed6205c1fc0655022 739228 xfig_3.2.5.b-1_amd64.deb
C.    <form action=”/cgi-bin/login” method=post>
Username: <input type=text name=username>
PassworD. <input type=password name=password>
<input type=submit value=Login>
D.    #include
char *code = “AAAABBBBCCCCDDD”; //including the character ‘\0’ size = 16 bytes void main()
{char buf[8];
strcpy(buf, code);

Answer: A

A user reports that the workstation’s mouse pointer is moving and files are opening automatically. Which of the following should the user perform?

A.    Unplug the network cable to avoid network activity.
B.    Reboot the workstation to see if problem occurs again.
C.    Turn off the computer to avoid any more issues.
D.    Contact the incident response team for direction.

Answer: D

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