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A customer wants a computer for performing a single-threaded task as quickly as possible. Which of the following CPU characteristics is the MOST important?

A.    Clock speed
B.    Hyperthreading
C.    Fan speed
D.    Number of cores

Answer: A

A technician connects a second monitor to a desktop. It is physically located to the right of the existing monitor, but the mouse pointer can only get to the second monitor by moving to the left edge of the screen of the first monitor. Which of following display settings needs to be adjusted to get the pointer to move with the physical placement of the monitor?

A.    Scaling
B.    Rotation
C.    Position
D.    Resolution

Answer: C

Which of the following wireless technologies is LEAST likely to be intercepted by a third party?

A.    NFC
B.    Bluetooth
C.    WiFi
D.    Cellular

Answer: A

A user is trying to use an external hard drive with an incompatible file system. Which of the following tools will allow the user to change the file system on the hard drive?

A.    format
B.    defrag
C.    bootrec
D.    chkdsk

Answer: A

A user notices the printer that is used for printing global shipper’s labels is missing columns in the printed labels. The special label stock is new and appears to be fine. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST when troubleshooting this problem?

A.    Remove any stuck labels from the paper path
B.    Clean the pickup rollers and check them for wear
C.    Clean the print head with approved materials
D.    Replace and realign the print head

Answer: C

A network printer is online and ready. The accounting group is unable to print to this network printer, but other departments can. Which of the following would the technician use to resolve the problem?

A.    Replace the printer’s network cable
B.    Modify the security setting of the print spooler
C.    Restart the TCP/IP print spooler service
D.    Use the manufacturer’s maintenance kit

Answer: B

A user is reporting toner smudging on paper after printing. Which of the following should the technician inspect?

A.    Print spooler
B.    Fuser
C.    Rollers
D.    Maintenance kit

Answer: B

A technician needs to run a diagnostic DVD on a laptop running Windows 8.1. After setting the boot order in the UEFI BIOS to the internal DVD-RW drive, the laptop still boots into Windows. Which of the following settings needs to be adjusted in order for the laptop to boot from the DVD-RW drive?

A.    TPM
B.    Virtualization
C.    Secure boot
D.    UEFI BIOS password

Answer: C

Which of the following ports is typically used for sending email?

A.    21
B.    22
C.    23
D.    25

Answer: D

A user opens a service ticket for a laser printer that has paper jams. Lately, jamming has become more frequent. The technician recreates the problem and checks the printer logs for more information about the printer. Which of the following choices are MOST likely fixes to this problem? (Select TWO.)

A.    Clean and inspect the laser drum assembly
B.    Clean and inspect the entire paper path
C.    Use the printer maintenance kit to replace parts
D.    Replace the paper exit assembly switch
E.    Clean and replace the paper out sensor
F.    Clean the fuser cold roller and verify fuser operation

Answer: BC

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