PassLeader 220-901 Exam Dumps Collection with VCE and PDF (Question 1301 – Question 1310)

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A technician is responsible for setting up laptops in a room for a small conference. The laptops need to communicate with each other as well as a workstation in the room. The workstation has a wireless expansion card. A switch is not available for the laptops and they cannot access the corporate network. Which of the following does the technician need to implement?

A.    Adhoc network
B.    Bluetooth network
C.    Serial network
D.    USB network

Answer: A

Which of the following monitor technologies provide the widest viewing angle with rich colors and consistent backlighting? (Select TWO.)

A.    Light Emitting Diode
B.    In-Plane Switching
C.    Plasma
D.    Twisted Nematic
E.    Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

Answer: AB

Which of the following types of media connectors carries digital video as well as audio?

A.    DVI-D
B.    DVI-A
C.    HDMI
D.    VGA

Answer: C

The technician is troubleshooting a connection issue between the switch and the wall jack. The user is plugged into the jack; however, there is no connection. The technician goes into the switch room to see if the cable is plugged into the switch, but none of the cables are labeled. Which of the following tools would the technician MOST likely use to find this cable?

A.    WiFi analyzer
B.    Loopback plug
C.    Multimeter
D.    Tone generator

Answer: D

A network technician has been tasked with deploying new VoIP phones on a network. When the technician plugs the Ethernet cable for the phone into the wall port, the phone fails to turn on. When the technician plugs the Ethernet cable directly into the computer, the computer is able to access the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A.    The network switch does not support PoE
B.    The technician is connecting the phone to the wrong type of port
C.    The firewall on the network is blocking access to the DHCP server
D.    The Ethernet cable is the wrong type

Answer: A

Which of the following Internet connection types is known to have a significantly higher latency than the others?

A.    Cable
B.    Satellite
C.    DSL
D.    Fiber

Answer: B

Which of the following display technologies provides the BEST range of visible colors?

A.    CRT
B.    LCD
C.    Plasma
D.    OLED

Answer: D

A technician cannot communicate with one particular IP address and needs to narrow down where the traffic is stopping. Which of the following commands would be used to determine this?

A.    nslookup
B.    ipconfig
C.    nbtstat
D.    ping
E.    tracert

Answer: E

A user, Ann, reports that her company laptop cannot pick up a wireless connection in certain areas of a building. However, users working on their laptops in the common areas have Internet connectivity. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    Weak RF signals
B.    Out of date Ethernet driver
C.    Enabled MAC filtering
D.    Duplicate IP addresses

Answer: A

The loud clicking noise coming from a faulty hard drive is MOST likely created by ____.

A.    the coil reversing polarity in an endless loop
B.    one or more bad spindle motor bearings
C.    repeated motion of the read/write head armature parallel to the platter
D.    the solid state read/write head scratching the platter surface

Answer: C

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