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Which of the following will help to protect an organization from further data exposure AFTER a list of user passwords has already been leaked due to policy breach? (Select TWO.)

A.    Use multi-factor authentication
B.    Require strong passwords
C.    Enable file encryption
D.    Educate end users
E.    Restrict user permissions

Answer: AD

A user needs to shrink the partition size of a hard drive encrypted with BitLocker. Which of the following is the BEST option to modify the size of the partition?

A.    Credential Manager
B.    Computer Management
C.    Device Manager
D.    TPM Manager

Answer: B

A technician has imported a .dll to fix a missing .dll issue on a PC. The application still does not run correctly and is reporting that the .dll is missing. Which of the following tools would the technician use to complete the import of the .dll?

A.    gpresult
B.    msconfig
C.    regedit
D.    gpupdate
E.    regsrv32

Answer: E

A technician troubleshooting a computer finds a faulty video card and needs to replace it. Which of the following safety procedures should be used to prevent damaging the new part?

A.    Ground the computer and remove jewelry.
B.    Self ground and handle the new card by the edges.
C.    Place the computer on an ESD mat.
D.    Attach an ESD strap to the new card during handling.

Answer: B

A user is experiencing a software application error. The user contacts a technician for support. Which of the following will allow the user to issue an invitation to the technician in this scenario?

A.    Remote desktop
B.    Remote assistance
C.    Telnet
D.    FTP

Answer: B

A customer reports that a smartphone is experiencing a very short battery life. The user has been using this phone for a short time and has installed several apps recently. Which of the following might be the cause of the issue?

A.    Slow data speeds
B.    Defective SD card
C.    Unauthorized root access
D.    Signal drop or weak signal

Answer: C

Which of the following Windows utilities would MOST likely be used to identify system errors?

A.    System Restore
B.    Event Viewer
C.    Security Center
D.    Windows Defender

Answer: B

A technician has been notified that recent vulnerabilities have been discovered related to a type of SOHO router. The technician has verified that all connections and settings are appropriate. Which of the following actions should the technician take NEXT?

A.    Change the router firewall settings
B.    Check for and apply a firmware update
C.    Reconfigure the QoS settings
D.    Change router user-names and passwords

Answer: B

Joe, a user, just downloaded a game onto his company phone. When he is not using the device, it unexpectedly dials unrecognized numbers and downloads new content. Joe is the victim of which of the following?

A.    Trojan horse
B.    Spyware
C.    Social engineering
D.    Worms

Answer: A

Which of the following tools is used to type or paste recovery commands directly into a Linux box?

A.    Shell/terminal
B.    Backup/time machine
C.    Command/cmd
D.    Restore/snapshot

Answer: A

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