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Which of the following are security components provided by an application security library or framework? (Select THREE.)

A.    Authorization database
B.    Fault injection
C.    Input validation
D.    Secure logging
E.    Directory services
F.    Encryption and decryption

Answer: CDF

A security manager is concerned about performance and patch management, and, as a result, wants to implement a virtualization strategy to avoid potential future OS vulnerabilities in the host system. The IT manager wants a strategy that would provide the hypervisor with direct communications with the underlying physical hardware allowing the hardware resources to be paravirtualized and delivered to the guest machines. Which of the following recommendations from the server administrator BEST meets the IT and security managers’ requirements? (Select TWO.)

A.    Nested virtualized hypervisors
B.    Type 1 hypervisor
C.    Hosted hypervisor with a three layer software stack
D.    Type 2 hypervisor
E.    Bare metal hypervisor with a software stack of two layers

Answer: BE

An intruder was recently discovered inside the data center, a highly sensitive area. To gain access, the intruder circumvented numerous layers of physical and electronic security measures. Company leadership has asked for a thorough review of physical security controls to prevent this from happening again. Which of the following departments are the MOST heavily invested in rectifying the problem? (Select THREE.)

A.    Facilities management
B.    Human resources
C.    Research and development
D.    Programming
E.    Data center operations
F.    Marketing
G.    Information technology

Answer: AEG

A court order has ruled that your company must surrender all the email sent and received by a certain employee for the past five years. After reviewing the backup systems, the IT administrator concludes that email backups are not kept that long. Which of the following policies MUST be reviewed to address future compliance?

A.    Tape backup policies
B.    Offsite backup policies
C.    Data retention policies
D.    Data loss prevention policies

Answer: C

An organization would like to allow employees to use their network username and password to access a third-party service. The company is using Active Directory Federated Services for their directory service. Which of the following should the company ensure is supported by the third-party? (Select TWO.)

B.    SAML
C.    NTLM
E.    Kerberos

Answer: BE

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