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Which of the following items are MOST important to include on an evaluation form for an asynchronous course? (Select THREE.)

A.    The instructor’s response time
B.    The number of breaks permitted
C.    The Internet connection speed
D.    The success of meeting course objectives
E.    The ease of use of the course’s interface
F.    The quality of the testing environment
G.    The instructor’s attendance record

Answer: ADE

At the beginning of a course, an instructor suspects that a student has not grasped the information covered in a prerequisite course. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A.    Direct the student to additional resources.
B.    Consult the student’s transcript.
C.    Suggest that the student drop the course.
D.    Contact the student’s advisor for an explanation.

Answer: A

A company is hosting a training event at their location. The instructor has started the training, and one of the learners indicates that a page is missing from the handout. Which of the following should the instructor do NEXT?

A.    Ask the learner to get a copy from another learner.
B.    Inform the company of the issue.
C.    Continue with the training and provide the missing page after the next break.
D.    Inform the learner that it was an error by their quality control department.

Answer: C

A business curriculum that begins with a web-based learning module, followed by traveling to the corporate training center for classroom instruction, and a final instructor-led review via online conference is BEST defined as ____.

A.    blended learning
B.    synchronous learning
C.    structured experience learning
D.    asynchronous learning

Answer: A

An instructor asks a learner a question. The learner’s response confuses some of the other learners. Which of the following would be the BEST action for the instructor to take?

A.    Ask the learner to repeat the response.
B.    Ask other learners what they think about the response.
C.    Restate the question again to the same learner.
D.    Ask clarifying questions about the response.

Answer: D

In an economics lecture, the instructor wants to illustrate that, theoretically, a situation could never happen. Which of the following hand gestures would be MOST effective in making this point?

A.    Right hand moving parallel to the floor.
B.    A fist with the index finger extended upward.
C.    Using both hands out front, palm to palm and spreading them slowly apart.
D.    A closed fist.

Answer: A

An instructor has just discussed several topics. Which of the following should the instructor do NEXT before moving on to discuss other topics? (Select TWO.)

A.    Review the content and ask if there are any questions.
B.    Conduct practical applications to assess learning.
C.    Ask the learners to evaluate the instructor.
D.    Ask closed-ended questions to assess learner knowledge.
E.    Select partners and conduct peer reviews.
F.    Tell learners to conduct research if they have any questions.

Answer: AB

Which of the following are reasons trainers compile an end-of-class report? (Select TWO.)

A.    To document any disciplinary issues that arose with training personnel.
B.    To document any modifications the trainer made from course design.
C.    To evaluate the success of course design.
D.    To protect the trainer from participant formal complaints.
E.    To evaluate the competence of the course designer.

Answer: BC

There are several students in a class with similar special needs. Which of the following would be LEAST likely to be considered proper accommodations for their needs?

A.    Read the directions and questions aloud to those students.
B.    Allow an aide to stay with and encourage the student.
C.    Allow the student to take the test with the student’s textbook and notes.
D.    Give the test over several short periods.

Answer: C

During the morning session of a class, a student’s cell phone rang repeatedly causing multiple interruptions. Which of the following should the trainer do FIRST to address the issue?

A.    Talk to the student and ask them to turn the ringer off.
B.    Tell the student not to return after lunch due to their interruptions.
C.    Report the student to the client for disciplinary actions.
D.    Take the student’s phone and return it after the class.

Answer: A

Using every available feature of a computer-based graphic presentation is ____.

A.    abenefit to the visual learner
B.    distracting to the learner
C.    an excellent use of training materials
D.    acreative use of resources

Answer: B

A trainer has been tasked with developing a safety course for workers in a manufacturing plant. Which of the following learning styles would be used MOST often?

A.    Kinesthetic
B.    Auditory
C.    Mathematic
D.    Visual

Answer: A

A student constantly interrupts the presentation to show their knowledge of the subject matter to impress their boss who is also in the class. Which of the following shows how the trainer should handle the situation?

A.    When the student makes a mistake point it out to the class to embarrass them.
B.    Publicly announce that the interruptions will not be tolerated.
C.    Ask the student’s boss to leave the class in order to stop the interruptions.
D.    On a break talk to the student and ask them to limit their interruptions.

Answer: D

At the beginning of a course that the trainer is presenting for the first time, the trainer should ____.

A.    explain the mandated courseware is not the trainer’s choice
B.    ask the students to fill out the trainer evaluation
C.    ask the students to introduce themselves
D.    ask the students to return the next day because the trainer is not prepared

Answer: C

In a virtual classroom, prior to the start of class, the trainer should ____.

A.    contact the students to establish a social presence
B.    start all communication at the pre-defined time to set expectations
C.    meet with the students in person to cover the format of the training
D.    ensure the students’ environment is conducive to learning

Answer: A

A student asks a relevant question about the material for which the instructor does not know the answer. Which of the following is the BEST response?

A.    The instructor should admit lack of knowledge and report back after the next break.
B.    The instructor should not admit lack of knowledge and should tell the student the question is irrelevant to the class.
C.    The instructor should not admit lack of knowledge and should provide an answer that sounds accurate.
D.    The instructor should admit lack of knowledge, but tell the student it is irrelevant to the class.

Answer: A

While preparing to teach a course at an organization, the trainer sees that part of the contract is the ability for students to contact the trainer with questions after the conclusion of the training. Which of the following is the BEST support information to provide to the students?

A.    The trainer’s home phone number.
B.    The trainer’s email address.
C.    The company representative’s phone number.
D.    The trainer’s company website address.

Answer: B

In preparation for a class that requires many devices to be plugged into a power outlet, which of the following is the BEST way to proceed?

A.    Quickly plug in the cords to minimize the required setup time.
B.    Plug the cords into the nearest outlet available to shorten cord length.
C.    Consolidate cords into one outlet to minimize the number of outlets needed.
D.    Plug in the cords, arranging them to minimize the tripping hazard.

Answer: D

An instructor is leading a class that has multiple purposes in the industry. The learners come from different disciplines and technical backgrounds. Which of the following will BEST assist the instructor in conducting a successful course?

A.    Treat the learners as a homogenous group to avoid any bias.
B.    Follow the syllabus as closely as possible.
C.    Inquire as to the learners’ objectives and expectations.
D.    Separate learners into different groups aligned with their particular disciplines.

Answer: C

Before instructing a class, the instructor receives information on the students’ experience levels and realizes there are several experienced students along with several beginner students. Which of the following would be the BEST way to arrange student seating?

A.    Mix in the more experienced students with the less experienced students.
B.    Keep the more experienced students together.
C.    Disregard the experience level and arrange students alphabetically.
D.    Make sure the less experienced students are in the back of the classroom.

Answer: A

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