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During a training class on increasing productivity, the client requests suggestions on how to motivate their employees upon returning to work. Which of the following methods should the trainer suggest to BEST motivate the client’semployees?

A.    Dismiss the employee with the lowest increase in productivity.
B.    Reward the employee with the highest increase in productivity.
C.    Provide a bonus to the trainer if productivity increases.
D.    Provide a bonus to all employees that increase productivity.

Answer: D

In each asynchronous learning session, the trainer needs to ____.

A.    review all the materials in all the previous sessions
B.    outline the material to be covered in that session
C.    set up the students’ computers
D.    ask the students to introduce themselves

Answer: B

A trainer has just finished delivering the theory and steps to perform a task. Which of the following would be the BEST way to assess if the learners have grasped the information?

A.    Look for eye contact from the learners.
B.    Ask hypothetical questions to the class.
C.    Point out students to summarize each step.
D.    Determine if the learners have questions.

Answer: B

A trainer has just completed instruction on a seven-step process. Which of the following questions test for learner understanding? (Select TWO.)

A.    How many steps are in the process?
B.    What are the steps in alphabetical order?
C.    What would be the eighth step?
D.    What is your favorite step?
E.    What is the fourth step of the process?
F.    Why are there not nine steps?

Answer: AE

Which of the following represents an objective evaluation of a learner?

A.    A multiple-choice exam
B.    An essay exam
C.    A five-page annotated paper
D.    A short-answer exam

Answer: A

A client needs content to be delivered in a shorter timeframe than the trainer had planned for. Which of the following should the trainer do to ensure the class will meet the new time constraints?

A.    Work with the client to remove material they believe is not needed.
B.    Do not allow any questions from students to save time.
C.    Skip covering the course objectives; they will be covered in the material.
D.    Talk faster to allow more material to be covered.

Answer: A

Creating a topic “parking lot” is an effective method of ____.

A.    enhancing and engaging learners through appropriate anecdotes stories and analogies
B.    opening a training session and facilitating group activity in a positive way
C.    handling relevant learner inquiries on topics for which the trainer has less expertise
D.    using activities and media to support learning objectives to handle minor problems

Answer: C

During a pre-class meeting with the training manager, the instructor is informed that two of the participants are foreign learners and have difficulty with the English language. The class to be presented is an advanced topic. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate course of action?

A.    Suggest that someone be brought in to assist these learners.
B.    Ask other learners to assist during the course.
C.    Slow the pace of the course even if all the material is not covered.
D.    Try to translate any sections that might be difficult.

Answer: A

After completing instruction on a topic, which of the following tasks would the instructor perform to evaluate learner retention? (Select TWO.)

A.    Give the students a break to absorb the information.
B.    Watch for non-verbal communication from the students.
C.    Create a hypothetical scenario.
D.    Generate a skills inventory on the next subject.
E.    Perform a teach-back through role play.
F.    Ask probing questions to select students.

Answer: CE

Which of the following BEST explains why a trainer needs to evaluate student performance?

A.    To determine improvements that need to be made.
B.    To provide intrinsic motivation to the students through grades.
C.    To gauge the amount of training that occurred over the course.
D.    To measure the amount of learner participation throughout the course.

Answer: A

Prior to delivering a course, a trainer should consider which of the following? (Select TWO.)

A.    Ways to take shortcuts in the delivery of the course
B.    Areas that may cause confusion or resistance
C.    Areas to sell the learner on more training
D.    Real world examples of the content
E.    Challenges with the development of the instructional materials
F.    A way to rewrite the content of the course

Answer: BD

Which of the following is MOST appropriate for a trainer to use to regain students’ focus?

A.    Take a short break to come up with an interactive discussion
B.    Stop lecturing until the class regains focus
C.    Create a loud noise to get students’ attention
D.    Turn the lights on and off to increase students’ awareness

Answer: A

An instructor asks a learner a question. The learner’s response confuses some of the other learners. Which of the following would be the BEST action for the instructor to take?

A.    Ask the learner to repeat the response.
B.    Ask other learners what they think about the response.
C.    Restate the question again to the same learner.
D.    Ask clarifying questions about the response.

Answer: D

Why would it be important to rotate learners into different groups when performing group activities?

A.    To encourage all learners to get to know each other and build rapport.
B.    To slow down the pace of the class when there is limited content.
C.    To allow the trainer to see which learners work best with each other to create a group of the best students.
D.    To allow learning without building self-confidence.

Answer: A

During a corporate training event, the trainer is covering all the course objectives and skills the managers have described in the course outcomes. Which of the following can the trainer do to ensure that the students can apply the skills?

A.    Have the students take a quiz on the outcomes to test their knowledge.
B.    Have the students explain how they would utilize the skills on their job.
C.    Have the students write the outcomes in their own words to submit to their managers.
D.    Have the managers speak to the students to ensure the outcomes were covered.

Answer: B

Which of the following instructional delivery methods will assist in easing the learners’ comfort level during participatory activities? (Select TWO.)

A.    Group centered games
B.    Board writing activities
C.    Role playing
D.    Learner-led discussions
E.    Learner demonstrations

Answer: AC

A student points out an error in the training materials during a class. Which of the following is the BEST course of action the trainer should take?

A.    Ignore the error and follow the material as designed.
B.    Verify the error and acknowledge it during the class.
C.    During the class, call the designer to make the correction to the material.
D.    Continue presenting the material and correct the course designers after class.

Answer: B

While teaching a block of content, the instructor notices several students who appear to be confused. Which of the following is the BEST way to confirm the observation?

A.    Ask questions about the material
B.    Start the lesson over
C.    Review the objectives
D.    Ask the assistant instructor to review the material

Answer: A

The trainer reaches a portion of the course that is not as captivating as the rest of the course. Which of the following would be the BEST method to motivate students?

A.    Use real world examples that relate to the information.
B.    Give a writing assignment on the information.
C.    Give the class a pop quiz on the information.
D.    Tell the class to pay attention.

Answer: A

A trainer is reluctant to teach a virtual course because the classroom course has interaction and sharing of ideas between students. Which of the following virtual tools should the trainer use to provide interaction?

A.    Online quiz
B.    Online discussion
C.    Emails
D.    Recorded lecture

Answer: B

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