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A law firm wants to limit log retention to the minimum required by law and regulation. Which of the following is the engineer most likely to do FIRST?

A.    Create a 2GB external hard drive to log all activities.
B.    Configure all systems in scope to log activities in support of company policies.
C.    Configure a daily rotation on all workstations to limit the logs’ discovery scope.
D.    Deduplicate, compress, and encrypt all logs before archiving them.

Answer: B

Cloud developers are experiencing a delay caused by the static code review before each deployment. The security operator and developer must address the issue without cutting corners with security testing. Which of the following would BEST address the delay issue?

A.    Replace the static code analysis with hardening techniques.
B.    Perform the static code analysis earlier in the SDLC.
C.    Perform a penetration test instead of a static code analysis.
D.    Replace the static code analysis with a vulnerability analysis.

Answer: A

All the virtual server instances within an organization’s private cloud environment are having trouble logging into the Kerberos realm. Upon investigation, the CSA notices the time stamps are different on the server virtual instances. Which of the following should be the CSA’s NEXT step to resolve this issue?

A.    Check the Kerberos token time stamp.
B.    Check the NTP server to see when it last rebooted.
C.    Check the NTP server synchronization.
D.    Check the virtual server time display format.

Answer: C

A company provides IaaS services. Which of the following disk provisioning models for creating standard template should the company use to provision virtual instances?

A.    Thin disk
B.    SCSI disk
C.    SATA disk
D.    Thick disk

Answer: A

A company wants to set up a new department using private cloud resources. The new department needs access to sales and financial data, but it should be prohibited from accessing human resources data. Which of the following is the BEST option to configure on the virtual (software-defined) network to meet these requirements?

A.    VSAN
B.    VLAN
C.    GRE
D.    VPN

Answer: B

An engineer is responsible for managing a private cloud environment at a software company. Company developers perform all programming in the cloud environment. There are two departments working on a highly classified product that now requires dedicated resources, which cannot be viewed or accessed by other departments in the cloud environment. Which of the following should the engineer perform to ensure the requirements are met? (Choose three.)

A.    Create a baseline
B.    Assign an ACL
C.    Verify segmentation
D.    Use thin provisioned storage
E.    Automate patch deployments
F.    Create a tenant
G.    Deploy a PKI solution

Answer: BCG

A company is in the process of evaluating cloud service providers, as it is planning to move all of its on- premises IT services to the cloud. Most of the applications are mission critical with four 9s and five 9s uptime. The area where the company is located is also prone to natural disasters. One of the main requirements is that IT services need to survive local outages as well as regional outages. One of the company’s main customers is a government entity. Which of the following is the BEST way for a cloud engineer to address these requirements?

A.    Select a cloud service provider with local, regional, and international failure zones.
B.    Select a cloud service provider with local, national, and international failure zones.
C.    Select a cloud service provider with local, regional, and national failure zones.
D.    Select a cloud service provider with regional, national, and international failure zones.

Answer: C

A cloud administrator is troubleshooting a network issue that was raised after the introduction of a CASB solution. The administrator attempts different ideas during troubleshooting but is unable to resolve the issue. In which of the following steps of the troubleshooting process is the administrator experiencing an issue?

A.    Identifying the problem.
B.    Establishing a theory of probable cause.
C.    Testing the theory to determine the cause.
D.    Documenting the findings and actions.

Answer: C

A large law firm is migrating all of its systems to the cloud to meet growing business needs. The firm wants to reduce IT staff while maintaining day-to-day operations, such as user provisioning, folder management, and permissions. Which of the following MUST the cloud provider and cloud customer implement to ensure user non-repudiation?

A.    Server certificate
B.    Client-to-site VPN
C.    Two-factor authentication
D.    Single sign-on

Answer: B

An administrator is using a script to create ten new VMs in a public cloud. The script runs and returns no errors. The administrator confirms that all ten VMs show up in the dashboard, but only the first eight reply to pings. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A.    Workflow credential errors
B.    API request limitations
C.    IP address depletion
D.    Batch job scheduling issue

Answer: C

A company has hired a technician to build a cloud infrastructure for a massively parallel application. Which of the following should the technician consider doing FIRST?

A.    Add a GPU to the VMs.
B.    Configure the VMs to scale up automatically.
C.    Allocate maximum bandwidth to the VMs.
D.    Select the most compute cores for the VMs.

Answer: B

Below is the output from a troubleshooting activity:
1. SaaS application is unavailable to a set of users at a single site.
2. WAN connectivity was considered to be the cause of the problem.
3. Upon testing, it seemed the WAN connectivity was up, but the default gateway was unreachable from the internal users.
4. The faulty switch was replaced to bring up the connectivity.
5. The incident was documented.
Based on the methodology, which of the following steps was overlooked during the activity?

A.    Problem identification.
B.    Establish theory of probable cause.
C.    Verify full system functionality.
D.    Establish a plan of action and implement the solution.

Answer: C

A production IaaS database server contains PCI data and is a critical business capability. The CAB approved a normal code change release for QA and PROD to occur 30 minutes apart and to last a maximum of one hour. The cloud DBA team is 45 minutes behind schedule, so they miss the start time on QA. As the cloud DBA, which of the following is the BEST course of action to apply the code change?

A.    Skip QA and apply the code change to PROD to meet time requirements.
B.    Resubmit another change request for another time for approval.
C.    Submit an emergency CAB approval to change the time to after business hours.
D.    Change the time in the CAB request and apply the code change at a more convenient time.

Answer: C

A customer wants to remove a user’s access to the SaaS CRM system. Which of the following methods should be executed FIRST?

A.    User account removal.
B.    User account lockout.
C.    User account password change.
D.    User account disablement.

Answer: D

Since the hypervisors were upgraded to the latest version, each new deployment results in an error being displayed at the orchestrator. To troubleshoot the issue, which of the following should be done FIRST?

A.    Verify the domain account is not locked.
B.    Upgrade the orchestrator to the latest version.
C.    Confirm the compatibility matrix.
D.    Upgrade the VMs to the latest version.

Answer: C

The IT department receives a client request to build multiple file server instances. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way for a cloud systems administrator to fulfill this request?

A.    Build file server instances with the OEM DVD.
B.    Restore a file server base image from backup.
C.    Use the file server template to build the file server instances.
D.    Build the server instances using a boot from a SAN image.

Answer: D

A cloud administrator is securing data-at-rest and data-in-transit featured on an IaaS cloud platform. The volume to be secured is mounted storage from the same region and availability zone. The data is transferred via FTP to another Linux server in a secure manner in another availability zone, with the same data-at-rest requirements. Given this scenario, which of the following security tools, services, and/or protocols would satisfy these requirements in the MOST secure manner? (Choose three.)

A.    Ensure SSHv1 remote connection protocol is enabled.
B.    Ensure SSHv2 remote connection protocol is enabled.
C.    Ensure SSLv3 transport protocol is enabled.
D.    Ensure TLSv1.2 transport protocol is enabled.
E.    Ensure AES encryption is enabled.
F.    Ensure 3DES encryption is enabled.
G.    Ensure MD5 hashing is enabled.

Answer: BDE

Which of the following provides the BEST approach for deploying multiple new firewalls into an IaaS cloud environment with minimal errors?

A.    Manual deployment configuration.
B.    Cloud provider installation.
C.    Automated and orchestrated deployment.
D.    Firewall configuration clone.

Answer: C

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