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A systems administrator is troubleshooting a database server on a company LAN. Users are unable to run any database applications, but all workstations can ping the server with normal latency. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to resolve the issue while adhering to best practices?

A.    Review the system and application logs.
B.    Document the findings.
C.    Perform a full backup.
D.    Reboot the server.

Answer: A

A technician is implementing a virtual lest environment for a lab and needs to fulfill the following requirements:
– All instances must have a single virtual processor.
– All instances must not be able to access the Internet.
– All instances must be able to talk to other instances to test application communications.
Which of the following must the technician also consider when implementing this configuration? (Choose three.)

A.    Resource requirements.
B.    Network requirements.
C.    Hardware requirements.
D.    User requirements.
E.    Emulator requirements.
F.    Performance requirements.
G.    Security requirements.
H.    Hypervisor requirements.

Answer: BEF

A customer is expe iencing issues connecting to a server over the network during normal business hours. Histo ically, the connection has worked fine, but it has become intermittent over the past 24 hours. Sometimes the share is available, and sometimes the customer gets an error. A technician researches the issue and discovers a new IT vendor visited the customer’s site and installed some new computer equipment without consulting the internal team. Which of the following represents the MOST likely reason the customer is having issues connecting to the server?

A.    There is an IP address conflict on the network.
B.    A server was taken offline for routine maintenance.
C.    A firewall is blocking the SMB ports.
D.    Disabled legacy protocols need to be updated.

Answer: B

A customer is experiencing difficulty understanding VoIP calls when copying large files from a computer to the office server. Which of the following settings should be adjusted to resolve the issue?

A.    QoS
B.    NIC duplex
C.    MAC filtering
D.    NAT

Answer: D

A technician is selling up a router at a remote location. The technician must be able to connect to the router through a console router in the event the broadband connection fails. Which of the following Internet connections should be implemented?

A.    Dial-up
B.    Fiber
C.    Cable
D.    DSL

Answer: A

A technician creates a VM in a public cloud to test a new application and then deletes the VM when finished. Which of the following BEST describes this type of cloud environment?

A.    Community
B.    Elastic
C.    Hybrid
D.    On-demand

Answer: D

A technician just installed a basic wireless router in a home office. The client now wants a smart voice assistant speaker to be added to the network. Which of the following technologies would the speaker MOST likely use for Internet access?

A.    Bluetooth
B.    802.11ac
C.    Near-field communication
D.    PoE

Answer: D

A customer accidentally dropped a laptop while it was charging. The next day. the customer noticed the laptop would not turn on and called a technician to investigate. The technician confirmed the laptop would not turn on even though it is connected to the power adapter. Which of the following components was the MOST likely cause of this behavior?

A.    The power adapter.
B.    The battery.
C.    The DC jack.
D.    The hard drive.

Answer: C

A technician receives a smartphone that has been experiencing screen-related issues. The display is barely visible, and the battery indicates the charge level is very low. The technician connects the device to a power source, but the screen remains dim. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST to resolve the issue?

A.    Enable airplane mode on The smartphone.
B.    Reset the smartphone to factory settings.
C.    Manually restart the smartphone.
D.    Remove and reinsert the smartphone’s battery.

Answer: B

Which of the following can be used to connect multiple devices within a network without broadcasting to every network port?

A.    Unmanaged switch
B.    Hub
C.    Firewall
D.    Cable modem

Answer: A

A small business owner purchased an MFP and would like customers to be able to print from their mobile devices. However, customers should not be granted access to the wireless network. Which of the following should the business owner enable? (Choose two.)

A.    AirPrint
B.    Parallel
C.    NFC
D.    Serial
E.    USB
F.    Bluetooth

Answer: BE

An application developer has a high-end Windows 10 laptop, but the VM crashes when multiple applications are opened within it. Which of the following should a technician configure to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Ethernet
B.    Memory
C.    USB
D.    CPU
E.    Processes
F.    Gateway
G.    Startup

Answer: BG


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