PassLeader Valid 220-902 Dumps with VCE and PDF (Question 1171 – Question 1180)

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An IT manager needs to reimage 30 computers in a lab. The image has already been created and is ready to be deployed via the network. Which of the following tasks should be completed FIRST?

A.    Boot from PXE.
B.    Install Windows using DVD.
C.    Reboot computers with USB drive.
D.    Press F8 while rebooting.

Answer: A

A technician has successfully completed a gpupdate from a CMD box of a user’s PC and is ready to move to the next user. Which of the following is the appropriate NEXT step? (Select TWO.)

A.    View the CMD process in Task Manager
B.    Type EXIT at the command prompt and press Enter
C.    Minimize the CMD box to the taskbar
D.    Click the “x” in the top right of the CMD window
E.    Select Switch User on the PC

Answer: BD

Which of the following would a technician use to search for a specific string within a file name?

A.    grep
B.    chmod
C.    wget
D.    sudo

Answer: A

A customer’s Windows 7 Home Premium computer displays a stop error and automatically reboots. Which of the following system utilities can a support technician use to find more information about the cause of the error?

A.    Action Center
B.    Event Viewer
C.    File Explorer
D.    Disk Management

Answer: B

Which of the following prevention methods is considered to be digital security?

A.    RFID badge
B.    Mantrap
C.    Biometrics
D.    Firewalls
E.    ID badge

Answer: D

A technician needs to install a clean Windows OS on several laptops in the office. The office is running a 100 Base-T network. The owner would like the installations completed as soon as possible. Which of the following installation methods should the technician use?

A.    FireWire External Hard Drive
B.    PXE-based Network Installation
C.    USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Answer: C

Joe, a user, states he is unable to use his Android phone after updating the OS. Joe is in a hurry and would like a quick solution that would most likely fix the issue. Which of the following methods can the technician use?

A.    Initiate a factory reset
B.    Perform a hard reset
C.    Remove the MicroSD card
D.    Rollback the OS update

Answer: B

The system administrator is tasked with installing Windows to 100 computers over the network. The systems administrator needs to remove system-specific identifiers. Which of the following would the system administrator use to accomplish this?

A.    Windows Deployment Services
B.    Remote Installation Services
C.    System Preparation Tool
D.    Unattended Installation

Answer: C

A Google account on an Android device by default will synchronize to which of the following locations?

A.    Cloud
B.    SSD
C.    PC desktop
D.    MicroSD

Answer: A

After installing a critical update from Windows Update, a user accidentally types an incorrect URL into the browser and malware is automatically installed. The malware disables the computer’s antivirus software and Internet connection. Which of the following would be the BEST tool to remove the malware without risking loss of the user’s data?

A.    Run System Restore
B.    Reinstall Windows with the Repair Option
C.    Reinstall Windows on top of itself
D.    Run System File Checker

Answer: A

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